Videocassette List:

Class R Videocassette List
Call Number Title
R131 .D57 1995
Disease and health.
R133 .L58 1999
Living longer, 1954.
R154.B43 W55 1976
William Beaumont.
R601 .Z46 1996
R697.P45 M56 1979
Mind, body, and spirit.
R723.5 .P66/cst.1
The challenge of judgement.
R723.5 .P66/cst.10
Legal standards.
R723.5 .P66/cst.11
The getting of judgement.
R723.5 .P66/cst.2
Policy : capturing models.
R723.5 .P66/cst.3
Data-base aids.
R723.5 .P66/cst.4
Knowledge-based systems.
R723.5 .P66/cst.5
Structuring decisions.
R723.5 .P66/cst.6 pt.1
Assessing chances.
R723.5 .P66/cst.6 pt.2
Assessing chances : reflections.
R723.5 .P66/cst.7
Evaluating outcomes.
R723.5 .P66/cst.8
Resource constraints.
R723.5 .P66/cst.9
Ethical principles.
R724 .T55 2000
Think bombs : bioethics.
R726 .E98 1989
R726 .R54 1989
The right to die.
R726.5 .C65
Communication and compliance.
R726.5 .H4322 1993
Healing and the mind.
R726.8 .B73
Breaking bad news.
R726.8 .Q35 1992
Quality of time : an introduction to hospice.
R726.8 .T55
Time for caring.
R727.3 .H36
Handling difficult questions.
R727.3 .M42
Measuring human interaction.
R727.3 .S88 2000
Successful trauma therapies II : reclaiming life.
R733 .P56 1997
Pins and noodles.
R856 .M43 1984
Bio-medicine rebuilds the human anatomy.
R856 .N49 1987
New technologies in biomedical engineering.
R857.B54 B563 1990
R858 .C654 1990
Computers in medicine.
R859.7.A78 B83 1986
Expert systems, constraint satisfaction and protein structure determination.
R859.7.A78 H39 1989
The BB-ICU system for monitoring intensive care patients .
R859.7.A78 S54 1986
Computed-based medical consultation system.
R859.7.A78 S56 1989
Graphical knowledge acquisition for medical expert systems .
R860 .E44 1999
Effective use of biochemistry laboratory services.
R895 .D73 1990
Dr. Watson's x-ray.
RA390.U6 S77 1990z
Strong medicine.
RA393 .G732 1994
The great health care debate.
RA395.A3 H413 1994
Health care consumerism : improving quality, decreasing cost.
RA413.5.U5 H38 1996
Health & pharmaceuticals.
RA425 .H42/cst.10
The Primary health care team.
RA425 .H42 cst.18
First steps in autonomy.
RA425 .H42/cst.7
A Cancer in the family.
RA566.24 .E58 1992
Environmental issues and impact to engineers.
RA569 .D43 1999
Death on the Silk Road.
RA577.5 .A47 1988
Air pollution : indoors.
RA577.5 .C3 1995
Can buildings make you sick?
RA638 .I46 1993
Immunisation : the safest way to protect your child.
RA643 .P74 1994
Preventing communicable diseases : colds, flu, AIDS, STDs.
RA644.A25 A25 1996
AIDS : biological perspective.
RA644.A25 A334 2000
愛滋病知多 D.
RA644.A25 D35 1991
RA644.A25 G44 1990z
RA644.C3 C46 1992
RA644.I6 I64 1998
RA644.M2 M35 1995
RA644.M2 O84 1994
The other white powder.
RA644.M5 M43 1986
Measles : why worry?
RA644.R8 R83 1987
Rubella : a preventable tragedy.
RA644.V4 S49 1989
Sexually transmitted diseases.
RA644.W47 M67 2002
Mosquito nightmare : West Nile virus.
RA645.D5 D53 1993
Diabetes : blood sugar, sweat and tears.
RA645.T62 S66 1999
Smokeless tobacco : a wad of trouble.
RA645.5 .E67 1996
EMS : the street saviors.
RA651 .N33 2001
The next plague:.
RA776 .C66 1986
Contemporary health issues.
RA776 .L58 1993
Living with health.
RA776 .P73 2001
Practicing proactive consumerism : healthcare.
RA777 .S34 1994 v.6
Eating disorders.
RA777 .S34 1994 v.9
RA777 .S34 1994 v.14
Teen pregnancy.
RA777 .S34 1994 v.15
Teen sexuality.
RA777.6 .H43 1983
Health in the later years.
RA780.5 .S66 1997
Sports massage to win : prevention is better than cure.
RA781 .A97 1996
The Australian fitness series.
RA781 .B35 2001
Beginning pilates : evolved mat exercise.
RA781 .F54 1997
Flex ring toner : introductory workout.
RA781 .I47 2001
Intermediate pilates : evolved mat exercise.
RA781 .K43 2000
Keeping fit.
RA781 .M37 2001
Mat exercise program.
RA781 .M38 1999
Mat exercises with small apparatus.
RA781 .P59 1983
Physical fitness in the later years.
RA781 .P63 2001
Pilates "mini-ball" workout.
RA781 .P68 2000
Preparation for Balanced Body's Pilates mat program.
RA781 .T68 2000
The total fitness workout.
RA781.15 .K38 1992
The Kathy Kaehler fitness system.
RA781.15 .K66 1993
Knockout workout, aerobic boxing.
RA781.15 .S67 1993
Sprint aqua aerobics.
RA781.15 .S67 1997
Sprint aqua aerobics.
RA781.15 .S74 1992
Step into fitness : the aerobic step workout : advanced step aerobics.
RA781.17 .F58 1993
Fitness Over 50.
RA781.17 .P69 1993
P.O.W. : pounds off with water.
RA781.17 .W38 1995
Water works.
RA781.63 .F548 1997
Flexibility for sport and fitness.
RA781.63 .T433 1997
Teaching flexibility.
RA781.7 .L554 1993
Lilias! alive with yoga : beginner.
RA781.7 .L555 1993
Lilias! alive with yoga : intermediate.
RA781.7 .L556 1993
Lilias! energize with yoga.
RA781.7 .L557 1995
Lilias! yoga for better health.
RA784 .D35 1994
Daily food choices for healthy living : a unit of study.
RA784 .E38 2000
Eating for optimal health.
RA784 .N877 1998
The nutty, nougat-filled world of human nutrition.
RA785 .R46 1989
Relaxation techniques for people with special needs : breaking the barriers.
RA785 .S768 2001
Stress, health and coping.
RA790 .M46 1988
Mental wellness : making it happen.
RA790.5 .M98 1999
Myths about madness : challenging stigma and changing attitudes.
RA967 .H42
Healthcare '84 : the integrated approach.
RA969 .S86 1998
RA1000.5.C6 C55 1999
The Chinese hospice.
RA1057.55 .G46 1999
The gene squad.
RA1063.45 .B84 2002
The bug detectives.
RA1223.B54 F86 1994
The fundamentals of biological monitoring.
RA1231.A8 A84 1980z
Asbestos : mineralogical and medical aspects.
RA1242.D55 D56 1988
Dioxin : a toxic mystery.
RA1242.H4 H47 1988
Heroin and human physiology.
RA1242.S53 S63 1992
Snake bite in Australia : prevention & first aid.
RA1242.T6 T63 1986
Tobacco and human physiology.
RA1520 .P467 1998
RB46.5 .M34 1983
Magic bullet.
RB150.C6 G52 1998
Giant steps.
RB155 .E84 1999
Ethics and implications of medical genetics.
RB155 .H47 1982
Heredity, health, and genetic disorders.
RB155.8 .B74 1997
Breaking the code : applying genetic techniques to human disease.
RB155.8 .E63 1997
End of evolution.
RB155.8 .G47 1990z
Gene therapy.
RB155.8 .H57 1999
A history of gene therapy.
RC49 .C68
The Counselling role in psychosomatic illness.
RC49 .I563 1994
The inner healer.
RC71.3 .A87 1972
Aspects of basic electrophoresis.
RC71.3 .B37 1973
Basic spectrophotometry in the clinical laboratory.
RC71.3 .I58 1988
An introduction to ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy.
RC78.7.D53 M45 1993
Medical imaging.
RC81 .Y56 2001
RC81 .Y56 2001
[精神健康] ; [過度活躍症 ; 自閉症 ; 焦慮症 ; 厭食症, 暴食症].
RC86.7 .A54 1990
American Red Cross emergency test.
RC86.7 .C66 1992
Confined space rescue.
RC86.7 .R43 1988
Recognizing sudden illness.
RC87.9 .C67 1992
CPR for rescuers.
RC87.9 .P37 2002
Pass CPR! : for the healthcare provider.
RC123 .A53 1989
Anabolic steroids : bound to lose.
RC123 .S74 1988
Steroids : shortcut to make-believe muscles.
RC124.5 .C55 1995
Chlamydia : the hidden disease.
RC128 .N625 1992
No more headaches.
RC152.7 .L45 1997
Legionnaires' disease.
RC168.P15 H85 2000
HPV : issues and answers.
RC204 .W46 1998
Whooping cough.
RC261.A7 C32 1997
Cervical cancer : a warning to women.
RC261 .U52
Understanding cancer.
RC263 .H38 1998
A harvest of hope.
RC263 .M572 1998
A miracle for cancer?
RC268.4 .C367 1985
Cancer, the genetic connection.
RC268.42 .O5 1997
RC269.5 .C35 1997
Cancer and metastasis.
RC270.8 .H578 2001
A history of cancer treatment.
RC270.8 .I559 1995
In my own time : diary of a cancer patient.
RC270.8 .M35 1998
Malignant growth.
RC271.P79 H417 2000
Heart, soul & research in psychotherapy : an interview with Scott Miller, Ph.D.
RC280.B8 B74 1994
Breast cancer.
RC280.B8 C36 1991
Cancers that threaten women.
RC280.O8 O8 1997
Ovarian cancer : the silent killer.
RC280.P7 P75 2002
Prostate cancer.
RC280.P7 P77 1993
Prostate cancer.
RC280.U8 C47 1987
Cervical cancer.
RC311 .O34 1994
Officer survival : airborne pathogens : tuberculosis.
RC311 .T33 2002
TB prevention and control : the new challenges.
RC337 .G47 2000
Generating research : an interview with Mary Gergen.
RC337 .S63 2000
Social constructionist ideas about research : an interview with Sheila McNamee.
RC339.52.E75 M55 1993
Milton H. Erickson, M.D. : explorer in hypnosis and therapy.
RC372 .E65 1993
RC376 .D53 1999
Diagnosing meningitis and encephalitis.
RC386.2 .W4 1992
When the brain goes wrong : seven short films about brain disorders.
RC394.P7 A59 1987
Alzheimer's disease.
RC406.Q33 M57 1985
The Miracle man.
RC422.C26 C37 1990
Carpal tunnel.
RC424 .S78 1993
RC425 .R35 2000
Rehabilitation perspectives : aphasia.
RC439 .A26
Abnormal behavior : a mental hospital.
RC439 .H85
The Human brain : madness.
RC448.5 .B75 1995
Brief solution oriented therapy.
RC448.5 .C66 1994
Constructivist therapy.
RC448.5 .C68 1994
Couples therapy.
RC448.5 .D46 1992
Demonstrations with couples in counseling.
RC448.5 .H68 1995
Hot monogamy.
RC448.5 .R45 1994
Relationship enhancement therapy.
RC451.4.A5 O83
Over the hill and far away.
RC451.4.A5 P747 1996
Principles of geropsychology : assessment & consultation.
RC451.4.M45 M45 1992
Men in crisis.
RC451.4.W6 I87 1992
Issues in recovery.
RC454 .U53 2001
Understanding psychological disorders.
RC455.2.C4 P793 1980
Psychopathologies : descriptions & interventions.
RC455.2.E8 E84 1998
Ethics in action.
RC455.2.T45 V52
Video on video.
RC455.4.C65 A547 1995
The angry couple : conflict-focused treatment.
RC455.4.E46 E464 1992
Emotion and illness.
RC455.4.F3 D96 1999
Dynamics of healthy families.
RC455.4.L67 G75 2003
Grief takes a holiday : different kinds of conversations about bereavement and legacy : excerpts from interviews with Lorraine Hedtke.
RC455.4.L67 K5 1995
Helping people grieve : the role of the health worker.
RC455.4.L67 L44 1996
The legacy of unresolved loss : a family systems approach.
RC455.4.S87 M98 1988
The myths of mental illness.
RC466 .A63 1994
APA psychotherapy videotape series.
RC480 .C65
A Conversational model of psychotherapy.
RC480 .G54 2002
The gift of therapy : a conversation with Irvin Yalom, M.D.
RC480 .H42 1998
Healing trauma through conversation : a live interview with Scott Miller, Ph. D.
RC480 .I56 2002
Integrative counselling with Jeffrey Kottler.
RC480 .P78
RC480 .T46/pt.2
Three approaches to psychotherapy, II.
RC480.5 .A328 2003
Adlerian parent consultation.
RC480.5 .A329 2003
Adlerian play therapy.
RC480.5 .A33 1998
Adlerian therapy.
RC480.5 .A35 1998
Adlerian therapy with Dr. Jon Carlson.
RC480.5 .E96 1992
Expanding the moment : a consultation with David Epston.
RC480.5 .H37 2000
Harm reduction therapy for addictions.
RC480.5 .I58 1998
Integrative therapy with Dr. Allen E. Ivey.
RC480.5 .M85 2003
Multimodal child therapy.
RC480.5 .P764 1977
Progressive relaxation training.
RC480.5 .T725 2002
Trance and the transformation of identity : a model for change.
RC480.5 .V58 2000z
Virginia Satir revisited : a new way to understand her genius.
RC480.54 .R44 1999
Reflecting elder stories : an interview with Tom Andersen and Anna.
RC480.55 .B75 1998
Brief counseling in action.
RC480.55 .C53 2000
Challenging therapeutic interactions : demonstration video.
RC480.55 .C654 1995
Coming through the ceiling.
RC480.55 .M67 2000
Motivational interviewing for addictions.
RC480.55 .S64 1998
Solutions step by step : substance abuse treatment demonstrations.
RC480.55 .T6 1997
Time sensitive therapy : ten principles for practice.
RC480.7 .I57 1998
Interviewing in action : process and practice.
RC480.7 .P76 1986
Problem based interviewing.
RC480.8 .S46 1997
Separateness or connectedness : a family's struggle.
RC481 .C365 2003
Carl Rogers and the person-centered approach.
RC481 .C37 2000
Carl Rogers : the essence of client-centered therapy : a summary and re-interpretation of the Rogerian approach.
RC481 .P47 1998
Person centered therapy with Dr. Natalie Rogers.
RC483 .P79 1991
Psychoactive prescription drugs and human physiology.
RC488 .A67 1996
APA psychotherapy videotape series II : psychotherapies for specific problems and populations.
RC488 .U53 1990
Understanding group psychotherapy.
RC488.5 .A33 2003
Adolescent family therapy.
RC488.5 .B49 1994
"The best of friends" : a live interview with Michael White.
RC488.5 .B673 1998
Bowenian therapy.
RC488.5 .C6356 2000z
The congruent marriage.
RC488.5 .C668 1993
Conversation with a blended family : a burning question.
RC488.5 .D48 1998
Dialogues and post-modern connections with Tom Anderson and Harlene Anderson.
RC488.5 .E65 1998
Empowerment therapy.
RC488.5 .F352/cst.1
Blended family with a troubled boy.
RC488.5 .F352/cst.3
A step along the way.
RC488.5 .F352/cst.4
Of rocks and flowers.
RC488.5 .F352/cst.5
The essence of change.
RC488.5 .F354 2001
Family counseling using reality therapy.
RC488.5 .F3545 2003
Family-run business.
RC488.5 .F355
Family therapy skill training.
RC488.5 .F36 1998
Family systems therapy with Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy.
RC488.5 .I28 1996
I love my kids : an introduction to solution building.
RC488.5 .I58 1993
Inter-generational gender-focused therapy.
RC488.5 .I583 1998
Internal family systems therapy.
RC488.5 .I587 2002
An intimate history of family therapy, Lynn Hoffman interviewed by Harlene Anderson.
RC488.5 .M33 1986
The major theories of family therapy.
RC488.5 .N325 2000
Narrative counseling for schools.
RC488.5 .N326 2000
Narrative counseling for schools.
RC488.5 .N33 2000
Narrative counseling in schools : pain, passsion & possibilities : conversations with counselors and supervisors.
RC488.5 .N35 1997
Narrative therapy.
RC488.5 .N36 1998
Narrative therapy.
RC488.5 .N37 1993
Narrative therapy using a reflecting team.
RC488.5 .N65 1997
No more lectures : working with challenging adolescents and their parents.
RC488.5 .P37 1996
Partners in strength : a consultation with Jill Freedman & Gene Combs of the Evanston Family Therapy Center.
RC488.5 .R39 1999
Reauthoring relationships through stories of caring.
RC488.5 .R424 1992
Reflecting processes : dialogues and dialogues about the dialogues.
RC488.5 .S26 2000
Satir family therapy.
RC488.5 .S265 2002
Satir systemic (brief) therapy.
RC488.5 .S266 2002
Satir systemic (brief) therapy. The Steven session.
RC488.5 .S266 2002
Satir systemic (brief) therapy. The Steven session.
RC488.5 .S28 1989
Families and relationships.
RC488.5 .S283/cst.1
Temperature reading.
RC488.5 .S283/cst.3
The Origin and transformation of survival copings.
RC488.5 .S283/cst.4
The Dynamics of a parts party.
RC488.5 .S283/cst.5
Communication stances.
RC488.5 .S53 2000
Social constructionist ideas about psychotherapy.
RC488.5 .S66 1993
Solution focused brief therapy.
RC488.5 .S775 1998
Structural therapy.
RC488.5 .S9 1994
Supervision as collaborative inquiry : a live interview with Harlene Anderson.
RC488.5 .T63 1997
Together, in the middle of the bed : brief treatment of a couple.
RC488.5 .T66 1999
Tools & techniques for family therapy.
RC488.5 .Y83 1998
與華人家庭工作初探 : 個案硏釋.
RC488.55 .A36 2002
About writing : creating multiple voices.
RC488.55 .C384 1992
The case of a couple of friends.
RC488.55 .G72 1993
Grandma's ghost spirits away family violence : a unique reauthoring with David Epston.
RC489.A7 A77
Art therapy.
RC489.B4 B44 1998
Behavioral couples therapy.
RC489.B4 T64
Token economy : behaviorism applied.
RC489.C63 B45 2000
Interview with Aaron T. Beck.
RC489.C63 C6425 2000
Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
RC489.C63 C648 2000
Cognitive therapy for addictions.
RC489.C63 C65 1998
Cognitive-behavior therapy with Dr. John Krumboltz.
RC489.E24 A78 1996
The art of integrative psychotherapy.
RC489.E24 I57 1997
Integrative therapy.
RC489.E93 E94 1995
Existential-humanistic psychotherapy in action : a demonstration.
RC489.E93 E95 1998
Existential-humanistic therapy with Dr. James Bugental.
RC489.E96 E96 1998
Experiential therapy with Dr. Gus Napier.
RC489.F45 F46 1998
Feminist therapy with Dr. Lenore Walker.
RC489.G4 P43 1994
Peeling the onion : an introduction to Gestalt therapy.
RC489.M53 C63 2001
Co-creating healing narratives.
RC489.M53 C66 2002
A conversation with Melissa Griffith.
RC489.M53 M56 1998
Mind-body therapy wth Dr. Ernest Rossi.
RC489.M84 M85 1998
Multimodal therapy with Dr. Arnold Lazarus.
RC489.O25 O24 2003
Object relations child therapy.
RC489.O25 O25 1998
Object relations therapy with Dr. Jill Savege Scharff.
RC489.O25 O26 1998
Object relations therapy with Drs. Jill and David Scharff .
RC489.R3 D435 1996
Dealing with addictions.
RC489.R3 E87
The Essence of rational-emotive therapy.
RC489.R3 R384 1982
Rational emotive therapy.
RC489.R37 R43 1998
Reality therapy.
RC489.R37 R44 2003
Reality therapy with children.
RC489.S43 D46 2000
Demonstrating the principles and practices of self-relations psychotherapy.
RC489.S65 P73 1999
The practice of solution-oriented hypnotherapy : a two- part series.
RC489.S65 S33 1994
Scaling a marriage is not like scaling a mountain, or is it? : a live interview with Insoo Kim Berg.
RC489.S65 S64 2003
Solution-focused child therapy.
RC489.S65 S643 1994
A solution-focused consultation with a violent couple : a live interview with Eve Lipchik.
RC489.S65 S648 1996
Solution-focused group therapy : live group sessions with Mark Mitchell.
RC489.S65 S658 1998
Solution-oriented therapy.
RC489.S65 W56 1995
"What's been helpful? What's been different?" : a solution-focused consultation with a couple, a live interview with John Walter, L.C.S.W.
RC489.S76 S773 1998
Strategic therapy.
RC489.T67 T437 1994
Therapeutic issues in mental health.
RC489.T7 M43
Meet your parent, adult, child.
RC489.T7 T68 2000
Transactional analysis.
RC495 .H859 1998
Hypnosis and exploring options.
RC495 .H86
Hypnosis and healing.
RC495 .H995 1998
Hypnotically generating therapeutic possibilities.
RC495 .S96 1974
Symbolic hypnotherapy : hypnotherapy session conducted by Milton Erickson.
RC512 .P79 1995
Psychotic disorders : new diagnostic issues.
RC512 .U67 1999
Untangling the mind : the legacy of Dr. Heinz Lehmann.
RC514 .L42 1988
RC514 .P37
The Pathway from madness.
RC514 .S3363 1999
Schizophrenia : new definitions.
RC514 .T34
Talking to the relatives of schizophrenic patients.
RC516 .M35 1994
RC523 .A37925 1997
Alzheimer's disease : how families cope.
RC523 .L574 1991
Losing it all : the reality of Alzheimer's disease.
RC523 .W54 2000
When the mind fails.
RC530 .N48
Neurotic behavior : a psychodynamic view.
RC531 .A593 1995
Anxiety disorders : new diagnostic issues.
RC531 .M59 1996
Mixed anxiety and depression : a cognitive-behavioral approach.
RC533 .H66 1999
Hooked : the addiction trap.
RC533 .O264 1997
Obsessive compulsive disorder : the hidden epidemic.
RC533 .R45 1990
Relationship styles : compulsive, apathetic, and healthy.
RC535 .C67 1993
Coping with phobias.
RC535 .P3546 2000
Panic attack.
RC535 .P56 1991
Phobias : overcoming the fear.
RC535 .S43 1998
Secret fears.
RC537 .B676 1995
RC537 .B73 1999
Breaking patterns of depression : hypnosis and building resources.
RC537 .D433 2002
Depression : fighting the dragon.
RC537 .D4438 2000
Depression : moving on.
RC537 .D45
Depression : understanding and helping.
RC537 .D46
Depression : a study in abnormal behavior.
RC537 .D466 1983
Depression, beating the blues.
RC537 .D47
Depression : blahs, blues, and better days.
RC537 .D473 1995
RC537 .M55 1995
Mood disorders : new diagnostic issues.
RC537 .T44 1991
Teen and child depression.
RC540 .M46 1997
Men and emotions : a psychoeducational approach.
RC547 .S5185 2000
Sleep disorders/deprivation.
RC548 .I57 1991
RC550 .L48 1985
Let there be light.
RC552.A5 A56 1991
Anorexia and bulimia.
RC552.A5 P89 1989
Psychomotor therapy with anorexia nervosa patients.
RC552.B84 S4 1993
The secret life of Mary-Margaret : portrait of a bulimic.
RC552.E18 D94 2000
Dying to be thin.
RC552.P67 A287 1995
The abused woman : a survivor therapy approach.
RC552.P67 C69 1995
Counting the cost : the lasting impact of childhood trauma.
RC552.P67 P66 2002
Post traumatic stress disorder.
RC552.P67 P673 1991
Post-traumatic stress disorder.
RC552.P67 S47 1995
Severe early trauma.
RC552.P67 U53 1990
Understanding psychological trauma.
RC552.R44 C66 1986
Compulsive relationships : the players and personalities.
RC553.A88 A33 1992
A is for autism.
RC553.A88 N69 2001
Nowhere you are.
RC553.N36 C567 1995
Closet narcissistic disorders : the Masterson approach.
RC553.S34 O88 1994
Out of my mind.
RC555 .P4 2001
Personality disorders : antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic.
RC555 .P78 1996
The psychopathic mind.
RC556 .S325 1987
Sexual addiction.
RC560.C46 G66 1992
Good things can still happen.
RC560.C46 R47
Response child sexual abuse : the clinical interview.
RC560.I53 I54 1991
Incest : speaking the deadly secret.
RC564 .A333 1993
Addictive behavior.
RC564 .C635 1993
Collaborative conversation with a couple : tales from the "big book" : a live interview with Harry Goolishian.
RC564 .E86 2002
Everyday addictions.
RC564 .I54 1991
Inhalants : the silent epidemic.
RC564 .I56 2000
Integration with 12-step program.
RC564 .L53 1996
RC564 .P79 1998
Psychology of addiction.
RC564 .S65 1992
The sniffing bear = L'Ours renifleur.
RC564 .S83 1993
Substance abuse.
RC564 .S833 1987
Substance abuse.
RC564 .W67 1997
Working with the mandated client : a solution-focused approach : an interview with John Walter, LCSW.
RC564.68 .A43 1997
Addictions & mental illness.
RC565 .A4456 2002
Alcoholism as a social construction.
RC565 .T43 1998
Teaching about alcoholism : specialist productions for higher education in health for staff and students.
RC566 .D79 1995
Drug addiction : specialist productions for higher education in health for the teacher or the student.
RC566 .R43 1991
Recovery and human physiology : drug abuse.
RC567 .M687 1995
RC567 .U63 2000
Understanding the risks of tobacco and caffeine.
RC568.C6 D47 1989
Designer drugs and human physiology. Crack cocaine, methamphetamine .
RC569 .C79 2001
A cry for help : how to help a friend who is depressed or suicidal.
RC569 .H46 1999
Helping people at risk of suicide.
RC569 .S75 2000
RC569 .W37 2001
Warning signs : how to help someone who is suicidal.
RC569.5.A28 H43 1994
Healing from childhood sexual abuse.
RC569.5.B67 B49 1995
Beyond the borderline.
RC569.5.B67 B69 1990
Borderline syndrome : a personality disorder of our time.
RC569.5.C55 H85 1999
Human development : the vulnerable young child.
RC569.5.G35 S62 1996
Spare time, spare cash.
RC569.5.M8 M57 1999
Mistaken identity.
RC569.5.M8 M85 2000
The multiple personality puzzle.
RC569.5.P75 H87 1997
Hurting with words : understanding emotional violence and abuse.
RC569.5.P75 U53 1999
Understanding the six forms of emotional child abuse.
RC569.5.W67 M37 1991
Married to the job.
RC570 .D53 1983
Diagnosis and assessment.
RC570 .M28 1982
May's miracle.
RC570 .M43 1983
Medical ethics; Attitude and management.
RC570 .P73 1983
RC571 .S63/cst.1
A Dependent future : just one of those things.
RC571 .S63/cst.2
A Dependent future : a life of their own.
RC571 .S63/cst.6
All Down history.
RC591 .A88 1995
RC596 .F66 2000
Food sensitivities : allergy & intolerance.
RC607.A26 A2
AIDS : facts over fears.
RC607.A26 A32
AIDS : a stranger and deadly virus.
RC607.A26 A33
AIDS : facts and fears, crisis and controversy.
RC607.A26 A34 1981
AIDS & work.
RC607.A26 A365 1991
AIDS : what do we tell our children?
RC607.A26 A366 1988
AIDS : the workplace and the law.
RC607.A26 A53 1988
AIDS : everything you should know.
RC607.A26 A534 1987
AIDS : jigsaw.
RC607.A26 A535 1993
AIDS update.
RC607.A26 F33 1989
Facts about AIDS.
RC607.A26 I56 1992
In the midst of winter.
RC607.A26 I8 1992
It won't happen to me.
RC607.A26 L57 1992
Listen up!.
RC607.A26 M5 1992
The Microbiology of AIDS.
RC607.A26 N69 1991
Now that you know : living healthy with HIV.
RC607.A26 O75 1999
The origin of AIDS : mystery of the chimpanzees.
RC628 .F38 1998
Fat of the land.
RC628 .T57 1981
Tipping the scales.
RC681 .C66 1991
Congestive heart failure.
RC685.H8 H79 2000
Hypertension : the facts.
RC772.S37 S37 2003
SARS : the true story.
RC775.A8 A82
Asbestosis : a fight for life.
RC822 .E63 1998
An end to ulcers : a journey of discovery.
RC848.H425 H47 1996
Hepatitis C : silent scourge.
RC848.H43 C37 2001
Case studies in clinical infection : hepatitis.
RC848.H44 H47 2000
Hepatitis B : the enemy within.
RC848.I6 H46 1997
Hepatitis A.
RC889 .T788 1998
The truth about impotence.
RC931.O73 O85 1985
RC933 .A63 2002
RC952.5 .C37 1987
Caring for the elderly.
RC952.5 .S773 1983
Stress in the later years.
RC954.3 .T34
Talking with the elderly.
RC965.V53 V2
VDU health and safety.
RC967 .H43 1987
Health and the workplace.
RC967 .H94 1994
Hygiene and health at work.
RC1210 .S667 1994
Sports injury : check it out!
RC1235 .N48 1997
The new science of sports ; Rock and roll physics.
RC1235 .P497 1995
The physics and physiology of sports.
RD71 .M44 2000
Medical robots.
RD91 .A85 2001
Aseptic technique : an essential strategy for infection control.
RD97 .B43 1997
Be prepared.
RD97 .S34 1987
Safety and injury in sport.
RD97 .S66 1996
Sports taping basics.
RD97.6 .R47 1996
Repetitive strain injuries.
RD118 .M43 2000
Medical joinery.
RD119 .G853 1997
A guide to affordable cosmetic surgery.
RD130 .T582 1999
Tissue engineering : custom made organs on demand.
RD132 .T47 1995
Test tube bodies.
RD563 .F66 2000
Foot care in diabetes.
RD621 .S75 1990
A stitch in time.
RD768 .B34 1982
Backache : causes and prevention.
RD768 .P67 1984
Posture & pain.
RD771.B217 B33 1997
RD771.B217 Y53 1994
YMCA healthy back video.
RE51 .E93 1989
Eye safety.
RF293.5 .H43 1989
Hearing safety.
RF361 .C65 2002
Cold & flu.
RG133.5 .D39 1998
Dawn of the clone age.
RG135 .T63 1990
To have and to hold.
RG186 .L58 1987
Living with menopause.
RG186 .M46 1996
Menopause : passage to paradise.
RG186 .W66 1996
Women at midlife.
RG201 .I54 1991
RG524 .U57
An Unremarkable birth.
RG551 .J68 1994
Journey into life.
RG559 .H43 1995
Healthy mother healthy baby.
RG572 .F64 1995
Foetal attraction.
RG600 .C45 1994
Child development : prenatal to birth.
RG616 .F48 1988
Fetal development : a nine-month journey.
RG627.6.D79 D78 1990
Drug babies.
RG648 .D43 1900z
A death in the family.
RG734 .A263 1991
The abortion experience.
RG851 .P67
Post partum depression.
RG852 .P67 1987
Postpartum depression.
RJ131 .E44 1980
The eight stages of human life. Prenatal to late childhood .
RJ131 .H863 1991
Human development : the first 2 1/2 years.
RJ131 .H864 1992
Human development : 2 1/2 to 6 years.
RJ131 .H865 1994
Human development : enhancing social & cognitive growth in children.
RJ131 .P48
Physical development.
RJ133 .B33 1995
Baby's first workout : the Gerard method.
RJ134 .B35 1980
Behavioural development : birth to six months.
RJ137 .S64 1984
The special child : maximizing limited potential.
RJ251 .B33 1994
A baby's world.
RJ251 .N49 1978
RJ387.A25 M53 1997
RJ399.P5 P546 2001
RJ456.C9 S43 1990
Second wind.
RJ496.C4 C475 1991
Cerebral palsy : what every parent should know.
RJ496.C4 C66 1993
Conductive education in cerebral palsy.
RJ496.E6 T48
This time on my own.
RJ496.S7 S98 1980z
A survey of children's speech disorders.
RJ503.3 .M43 2003
Medical child therapy.
RJ504 .C424 1996
Center of the storm : a control-mastery approach to child and family therapy.
RJ504 .C68 1999
Counseling children : a microskills approach.
RJ505.A7 S68 2003
Solution-oriented art therapy with children and adolescents .
RJ505.C63 C63 2003
Cognitive behavioral child therapy.
RJ505.G47 G476 2003
Gestalt therapy with children.
RJ505.P6 C45 1997
Child-centered play therapy : a clinical session.
RJ505.P6 R45 1997
Relationship play therapy : a clinical session.
RJ505.R33 R37 1996
Rational-emotive therapy with children and adolescents.
RJ505.S75 L66 1998
The long road home : a narrative consultation with Zoy Kazan.
RJ505.S75 N379 2002
Narrative therapy with a young boy : Hannah is in my heart now.
RJ505.S75 N38 2003
Narrative therapy with children.
RJ506.A9 A98 1990
Autism : a strange, silent world.
RJ506.A9 B44 1988
Behavioral treatment of autistic children.
RJ506.A9 B743 1998
Break throughs : how to reach students with autism.
RJ506.A9 C45 1994
The child that you do have : a new approach to autism.
RJ506.A9 T35 1992
Take a giant step.
RJ506.A9 U53 1993
Understanding autism.
RJ506.B44 B73 1996
Breaking the cycle.
RJ506.D4 S77 1989
RJ506.D4 T44 2000
Teen depression : you are not alone.
RJ506.D68 L55 1990z
Lily : a story about a girl like me.
RJ506.D68 L552 1990z
Lily : a sequel.
RJ506.D68 L553 1990z
Lily at thirty.
RJ506.D68 Q256 2001
RJ506.E18 W56 2000
When food is the enemy.
RJ506.H9 A38 1994
Adults with attention deficit disorder.
RJ506.H9 A552 1990
All about attention deficit disorder.
RJ506.H9 A883 1994
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : ADHD in adults.
RJ506.H9 A885 1992
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : what can we do?
RJ506.H9 A886 1992
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : what do we know?
RJ506.H9 A889 1995
Attention deficit disorder : children.
RJ506.H9 N483 2000
A new look at ADHD : inhibition, time, self-control.
RJ506.H9 O87 2001
Out of control kids : living with A.D.H.D.
RJ506.H9 R47 1998
Restless minds, restless kids : attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents.
RJ506.O25 T67 1990z
The touching tree.
RJ506.O66 M36 1997
Managing oppositional youth / Arthur L. Robin and Sharon K. Weiss.
RJ506.P63 B73
Breaking in children.
RJ506.V56 W37 2000
Warning signs : a look at teenage violence.
RJ507.A29 E87 1998
Essentials of play therapy with abused children = 受虐兒童的遊戲治療.
RJ507.A29 W53 1989
What hurts? : emotional abuse.
RK361 .G86 2001
Gum disease.
RL105 .S65 2001
Skin and soft tissue infections.
RM171 .B56 1990
Blood transfusion and blood groups.
RM171.4 .U74 1983
Uses of blood.
RM222.2 .F58 1991
Fit or fat for the '90s.
RM222.2 .K44 1993
Keep your balance.
RM222.2 .M36 2001
Managing your weight.
RM267 .A58 1989
Antibiotics and you.
RM267 .F35 1993
A fair hearing.
RM267 .H57 2001
A history of antibiotics.
RM301.55 .D78 1989
Drugs : how they affect body chemistry.
RM301.55 .D785 1992
Drug danger.
RM301.55 .M38 1998
Matter of balance.
RM315 .B73 1999
The brain and drug addiction.
RM319 .P35 1988
Pain killers.
RM324.8 .H35 1994
Hallucinogens and human physiology.
RM666.P49 D47 1989
Designer drugs and human physiology. PCP, ecstasy, fentanyl .
RM721 .H43 1985
Healthy massage.
RM721 .M37 1988
The massage therapy video library sports massage series .
RM725 .W27 1986
RM727.H8 A78 1993
Aqua exercises for multiple sclerosis.
RM727.H8 A785 1993
Aquatic exercise for back pain.
RM727.H8 A79 1993
Arthritis aquatic exercise.
RM727.H8 L68 1994
Lower body.
RM727.H8 U67 1994
Upper body.
RM755 .W53 1986
Wheelercise : beginners workout.
RM871 .V58 1986
Vital force.
RS175.B72 W42 1998
Web of life.
RS420 .M65 1994
Molecular modeling : the small-molecule approach.
RT4 .N87 1990
Nursing shortage : level three: reports from the frontlines.
RT23 .Y57
You can't be told : teaching communication skills.
RT85 .C63 1983
Code gray : ethical dilemmas in nursing.