Videocassette List:

Class QL Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QL45.2 .B38 v.1
Polar bear = 北極熊.
QL45.2 .B38 v.2
Eagle = 鷹族.
QL45.2 .B38 v.3
Wolf = 狼.
QL45.2 .B38 v.4
Crocodile = 鱷魚.
QL45.2 .B38 v.5
Humpback whale = 鬚鯨.
QL45.2 .B38 v.6
Leopard = 花豹.
QL46 .A55 1992
Anima mundi.
QL46 .W55 1994
Wildlife symphony.
QL47.2 .K56 1993
The kingdom of animals : from simple to complicated.
QL49 .A55 1986
The animal kingdom.
QL60 .L544 1994
Life in the wild.
QL70.U62 M66 1988
Monterey Bay aquarium.
QL77.S29 S26 1986
San Diego Zoo : it's a wild life!
QL82 .A75 1995
QL82 .K44 1990
The Keepers of Eden.
QL85 .L57 1981
Listening in.
QL89.2.L6 L623 1994
Loch Ness discovered.
QL92.1 .O24 1986
Ocean desert--the Sargasso Sea.
QL104 .W55 1990z
Wildlife of the ice.
QL121 .C79 1992
Cryptic fauna of marine sand.
QL121 .F33 1986
The face of the deep.
QL121 .L44 1996
Life at the sea's edge.
QL122.2 .L54 1995
Life in the sea.
QL134.5 .S65 1992
Splendors of the sea.
QL345.G2 O34 1998
Oceanlife : Eastern Pacific.
QL362 .I58 1988
Introduction to the invertebrates.
QL366 .P76 1980
The protozoa.
QL366 .W67 1993
The world of the protozoa.
QL368.A5 A46 1988
Amoeba proteus.
QL369 .I58 1993
Introduction to the protozoans.
QL371 .S53 1985
Simple multicellular animals : sponges, coelenterates and flatworms.
QL377.H9 P67 1986
The Portuguese man-of-war.
QL384.A8 A53 1991
The Anatomy of the starfish.
QL391.A6 B56 2000
The biology of annelids.
QL391.P7 B56 2000
The biology of flatworms.
QL430.3.O2 I537 1995
Incredible suckers.
QL430.4 .S63 1990z
Snails : backyard science.
QL430.6 .A53 1991
The anatomy of the freshwater mussel.
QL444.M33 A53 1991
The Anatomy of the crayfish.
QL458.4 .S65 1992
Spiders : backyard science.
QL463 .A55 1997
Animals that fly.
QL463 .I57 1982
The Insect challenge.
QL463 .T47 1984
Threatened insects.
QL467 .I57 1999
Insect orders, classification & identification.
QL496 .A58 1989
Ants in your plants : a delicate co-existence.
QL496 .C65 1990
Company of ants and bees.
QL496 .F554 1985
Flights of fancy.
QL496 .R58 1988
Rivals--the mating game.
QL496 .S63 1982
The social insects.
QL508.G8 C75 1992
Crickets : backyard science.
QL537.D76 I58 1978
Introduction to drosophila genetics.
QL537.M8 H687 1998
Housefly : an everyday monster.
QL562.2 .C38 1988
The caterpillar's psyche.
QL568.A6 B43 1992
Bees : backyard science.
QL568.F7 A565 1998
Ants and their behavior.
QL568.F7 A57 1992
Ants : backyard science.
QL568.F7 C85 1981
Culture on a leash? : Edward O. Wilson on sociobiology.
QL573 .B45 1992
Beetles : backyard science.
QL573 .I56 1983
An Inordinate fondness for beetles.
QL615 .F58 1994
Fish : a first inquiry.
QL621.6 .O23 1981
Oceanic fish of the tropical Atlantic.
QL638.L26 M97 1992
Mystery of the coelacanth.
QL638.9 .S36 1993
Sand tigers.
QL638.9 .S55 1993
Sharks on the brink of extinction.
QL666.C5 F38 1999
Fate of the sea turtle.
QL666.C5 T35 1999
Talking about the sea turtles.
QL666.C5 T87 1988
The turtle family.
QL666.L29 K66 1999
QL666.O6 K66 1994
Know your snakes : venomous snakes of the Southeastern United States.
QL666.O64 C62 1998
Cobra : king of snakes.
QL666.O64 R37 1998
QL666.O64 T46 1998
Ten deadliest snakes.
QL668.E2 A53 1990
The Anatomy of the frog.
QL668.E2 D68 1987
A double life.
QL668.E227 C364 1987
Cane toads : an unnatural history.
QL668.E265 F76 1999
From egg to tadpole : early morphogenesis in Xenopus.
QL673 .A33 1969
Adaptations for survival : birds.
QL676 .C455 1992
A celebration of birds.
QL677.5 .B57 1990
Birds and birding : backyard science.
QL681.A972 1985
Audubon Society's videoguide to the birds of North America .
QL683.N73 B33 1997
Backyard birds of the Northeast.
QL683.S6 B335 1998
Backyard birds of the Southeast.
QL696.A52 O27 1998
Observing behavior.
QL696.P264 B57 2000z
Birds of a feather.
QL698.3 .L49 1999
The life of birds.
QL713.5 .F577 v.1
Spotted dolphin ; Sea otter.
QL713.5 .F577 v.2
Harbor seal ; Gray whale.
QL713.5 .F577 v.3
Killer whale ; Manatee.
QL719.Y45 Y45 1989
Yellowstone in winter.
QL731.A1 U58 1996
The untamed wild.
QL737.C214 S43 1995
Secrets of the wild Panda.
QL737.C214 Y4 1990
QL737.C23 J34 1995
Jaguar : year of the cat.
QL737.C4 B58 1989
The blue whale.
QL737.C4 W53 1993
Whales of the Pacific Northwest.
QL737.C5 B37 1995
Bats : rain forest allies.
QL737.C5 B38 1985
Bats : myth and reality.
QL737.C5 B395 1990z
Bats of America.
QL737.C52 C66 1993
Controlling vampire bats & bovine rabies.
QL737.M35 K364 1997
Kangaroos : faces in the mob.
QL737.M384 W67 1998
World of the koala.
QL737.P64 C384 1998
Cathedral in the sea ; surival in the sea.
QL737.P64 C578 1998
City in the sea ; star gardens.
QL737.P64 G743 1998
The great whales ; Sharks.
QL737.P64 M686 1998
Mountain in the sea ; filming secrets.
QL737.P64 V466 1998
Venom ; creatures of darkness.
QL737.P96 F36 1987
The family of chimps.
QL737.P96 O73 1989
Orangutans of the rain forest.
QL737.P98 E44 1994
The elephants of Timbuktu.
QL737.P98 E444 1994
QL737.R666 R37 1997
QL737.U53 A47 1990
Africa's great migration.
QL739.2 .S87 1988
Super scents.
QL751 .A63 1998
Animal adaptations in a northern environment.
QL751 .K66
Konrad Lorenz : of geese and men.
QL751 .T75 1992
The trials of life : a natural history of behavior.
QL756 .A55 1997
Animal architecture.
QL756 .D47 1997
Designed for living.
QL756 .D84 1986
QL758 .S87 1995
The super predators.
QL759 .A55 1998
Animal camouflage.
QL761 .N37 1993
The nature of sex.
QL763.2 .I47 1984
QL776 .S68 1988
Sound sense.
QL781 .M35 1988
Making sense.
QL785 .A55 1992
Animal psychology.
QL813.G73 A53 1991
The Anatomy of the grasshopper.
QL955 .H35 1975
Hans Spemann.
QL959 .I57 1983
Introduction to development.