Videocassette List:
Science (General)

Class Q Videocassette List
Call Number Title
Q101 .W64 2000
World Academicians Conference 1999.
Q115 .F5 1999
F=ma physical concepts video series.
Q127.C5 Z569 1995
Q127.E8 R573 cst.1
Copernicus and his world.
Q127.E8 R573 cst.4
The scientific community in 17th century England.
Q127.E8 R573 cst.5
The Newtonians.
Q143.P2 L68 1994
Louis Pasteur proves germs cause disease.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.1
Motion and Newton's Laws.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.2
Density and viscosity in mineral processing.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.3
Thermodynamics in action.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.4
The Periodic table of elements.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.5
A Solution of salt.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.6
Magnetic circuit.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.7
Electromagnetic induction.
Q158.5 .B37/cst.8
The Optical lens.
Q158.5 .B54
Big science.
Q158.5 .D572 v.1
The birth of liquid crystals.
Q158.5 .D572 v.2
Science of climate.
Q158.5 .D572 v.3
A formidable foe.
Q158.5 .D572 v.4
Sickle cell disease : a lethal advantage.
Q158.5 .D572 v.5
Lost worlds.
Q158.5 .D572 v.6
A thread of quicksilver.
Q158.5 .D572 v.7
Uncertain principles.
Q158.5 .D572 v.8
Q158.5 .D572 v.9
Hidden visions.
Q158.5 .D572 v.10
Making contact.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.1
The Planet earth : a scientific model.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.10
Measuring electrons and atoms.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.11
Steel, stars and spectra.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.12
Elements discovered.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.13
Elements organised : the periodic table.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.14
Equilibrium rules, OK?
Q158.5 .S34/cst.15
Energy and rockets.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.2
Measuring the Earth and the moon.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.29
Quantum theory : electrons and photons.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.3
Motion : Newton's laws.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.30
Quantum theory : standing waves and energy levels.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.31
Particle physics : hadrons, quarks and charm.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.32
Energy : closing the gap.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.8
Energy : a question of balance.
Q158.5 .S34/cst.9
Light : in search of a model.
Q160.2 .S344/cst.25
Rabbits and chalk grassland.
Q171 .A166 2006
2006 當代傑出華人科學家公開講座 = Distinguished Chinese scientists lecture series.
Q172.5.C45 C43 1988
Chaos : the new science.
Q175 .A83 1973
The Ascent of man : a personal view.
Q175 .E488 2000
The environment : scientific spin doctors.
Q175 .G69 1982
The Great horseshoe crab field trip.
Q175 .P45 1997
The philosophy of science.
Q175 .R524 1993
Richard Feynman : take the world from another point of view.
Q175 .S349 1988
The scientific method.
Q175 .S35 1993
The scientific method and scientific measurement : a unit of study.
Q175 .S354 1995
Scientific methods and values.
Q175 .S363 2002
Scientific method.
Q175 .T487 1999
Thinking scientifically : top 10 1/2 tips.
Q175.32.R45 S34 2002
The scientific method.
Q175.32.R45 S35 1999
The scientific method.
Q175.5 .S343/cst.1
Taking risks.
Q175.5 .S343 cst.2
ATCG spells human?
Q175.5 .S343 cst.4
Does science matter?
Q175.55 .S345 2001
Science & society : global issues of the 21st century.
Q179 .W75 1999
Writing scientifically : top 10 1/2 tips.
Q181 .C43 1987
Q181 .C44 1994
Chen Ning Yang : scientific study : East versus West.
Q181 .P764 1987
Problem solving in science.
Q182.3 .H69 1988
How to prepare a science fair project.
Q182.3 .L43 1992
Learning how scientists work : preparing a successful science fair project.
Q183.A1 F53 1993
Flammables and explosives.
Q183.A1 H36 1993
Handling compressed gas cylinders.
Q183.A1 L323 1993
Laboratory hoods.
Q183.A1 L33 1993
Laboratory ergonomics.
Q183.A1 M38 1993
Material safety data sheets.
Q183.A1 O75 1993
Orientation to laboratory safety.
Q183.A1 O84 1993
The OSHA formaldehyde standard.
Q183.A1 P53 1993
Planning for laboratory emergencies.
Q183.A1 S24 1993
Safety showers and eyewashes.
Q183.A1 S243 1993
Safe handling of laboratory glassware.
Q183.A1 W673 1995
Workshop on laboratory safety.
Q183.A1 W674 1996
Workshop on laboratory safety.
Q183.A1 W675 1996
Workshop on laboratory safety.
Q295 .W673/cst.1
Traps and how to get out of them.
Q295 .W673/cst.2
Q295 .W673/cst.3
Of fish and people : modelling a muddle.
Q295 .W673/cst.4
Coping with queues.
Q310 .C934 1992
Q320 .B5 1991
Biotechnology, on the cutting edge : an interview with geneticist Richard Burgess.
Q325.5 .D54 1990
Overview of inductive machine learning.
Q325.5 .G65 1990
SOAR as a unified framework for learning.
Q325.5 .R86 1990
Connectionist learning.
Q325.5 .R87 1990
Using prior knowledge in learning.
Q334 .F69 1991
Introduction to artificial intelligence and expert systems .
Q334 .I57252 1989
Eleventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence : 1989 videotape program.
Q334 .I57252 1991
Twelth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence : 1991 video program.
Q335 .A67 1993
Approximate reasoning systems : fuzzy expert systems and fuzzy logic control.
Q335 .D78 1990
Planning. Parts I and II.
Q335 .K66 1990
Nonmonotonic reasoning. Parts I and II.
Q335 .Z33 1990
Truth maintenance systems : Parts I and II.
Q335.5 .F55 1987
Reasoning in frame-based knowledge representation system .
Q335.5 .F57 1987
Representation and reasoning in machine vision.
Q335.5 .G46 1986
Events, causality, and the frame problem.
Q335.5 .H35 1986
Belief, awareness, and limited reasoning.
Q335.5 .L38 1989
Compromising among preferences in a planner : applications to manufacturing.
Q335.5 .M33 1986
Some expert systems need common sense.
Q335.5 .M56 1990
Using explanation-based learning to improve problem solving performance .
Q335.5 .M58 1986
Learning apprentice system.
Q335.5 .R67 1986
Developing expert systems in an architecture for general intelligence .
Q335.5 .S36
Stanford computer science video journal : artificial intelligence research lectures.
Q335.5 .W56 1986
Computerized understanding of language.
Q336 .G76 1990
Learning and non-monotonic reasoning.
Q336 .M37 1990
Case-based learning.
Q387 .H39 1987
Knowledge representation.
Q387 .S74 1990
Knowledge representation. Parts I and II.