Videocassette List:
English Language

Class PE Videocassette List
Call Number Title
PE140 .Y68 2001
You can write anything! Reports.
PE1065 .N48 2002
New interchange : teacher training.
PE1067 .V53 1990
Video in the English class.
PE1068.H6 L574 2002
Literature circles in the English as a second/foreign language classroom.
PE1072 .E57 sup
Video 2.
PE1072 .E57 v.1
An A to Z of English.
PE1072 .E57 v.2
An English accent.
PE1072 .E57 v.3
English only in America?
PE1072 .E57 v.4
Animated English : the 'creature comforts' campaign.
PE1072 .E57 v.5
The golden thread : English and other languages.
PE1072 .E57 v.6
An English education.
PE1072 .E57 v.7
News stories.
PE1072 .E57 v.8
English, English everywhere.
PE1072 .L362/cst.4
The Black English case.
PE1072 .S76
The story of English.
PE1075 .H57 1995
History of the English language : over a thousand years.
PE1075 .L544 1997
A light history of the English language.
PE1114 .E54 1989
English language video test.
PE1115 .A38
PE1115 .B44
The Bellcrest story.
PE1115 .B52
Bid for power.
PE1115 .C375 1989
Business assignments.
PE1115 .C74 1995
Creating opportunities.
PE1115 .E34 1996
Effective meetings.
PE1115 .E53/cst.1
Not by jeans alone.
PE1115 .E53/cst.2
Dogfight over New York.
PE1115 .E53/cst.3
All in the game.
PE1115 .E53/cst.4
Boeing vs the world.
PE1115 .E53/cst.5
The Buck stops in Brazil.
PE1115 .E535
English for business writing.
PE1115 .F87 1997
Further ahead video.
PE1115 .J684 1992
International business English.
PE1115 .K67 1989
Functioning in business.
PE1115 .M375 1992
Managing with English.
PE1115 .P6833 1989
English for career advancement : course two.
PE1115 .P6834 1989
English for social occasions : course three.
PE1115 .P6835 1989
English for the office : course one.
PE1115 .P6952 2004
New business matters.
PE1115 .S73 1995
Staying ahead.
PE1115 .V57
Visitron : the language of presentation.
PE1115 .V58
Visitron : the language of meetings and negotiations.
PE1116.J6 J68
PE1128.A2 A678 1994
The art of teaching kids : a training video.
PE1128.A2 A784 1993
The art of teaching ESL.
PE1128.A2 A785 1994
The art of teaching the natural approach.
PE1128.A2 C66 1993
Cooperative learning.
PE1128.A2 E54 1989
English as a second language.
PE1128.A2 M48 1986
Methodological issues for E.S.L. teachers.
PE1128.A2 T435 1992
Teacher training through video : ESL techniques.
PE1128.A2 U535 1987
Under observation : from practice to theory in the language classroom.
PE1128 .A75 1992
PE1128 .B754 1994
Britain in view.
PE1128 .B873 1994
PE1128 .C46
Central news.
PE1128 .C678 1994
Troubled waters.
PE1128 .C854 1995
PE1128 .E373 1994
PE1128 .E446 1997
Effective socializing.
PE1128 .F633 1993
Focus on American culture.
PE1128 .F634 1992
Focus on business.
PE1128 .F635 1993
Focus on health.
PE1128 .F636 1993
Focus on innovators and innovations.
PE1128 .F637 1993
Focus on the environment.
PE1128 .H43 1994
PE1128.H6 H655 1997
English. Key Stage 2.
PE1128 .H88 1992
Project video.
PE1128 .I56 1996
PE1128 .I86 1992
ITN world news.
PE1128 .L67 1993
The lost secret.
PE1128 .M68 1996
Mosaic one.
PE1128 .N65 1987
Success at first certificate : the interview.
PE1128 .R33 1993
PE1128 .S643 1995
Spectrum video.
PE1128 .T455 1985
Television English.
PE1128 .T56 1992
The New Cambridge English course. Video 1.
PE1128 .T564 1987
PE1128 .T564 1987
PE1128 .T564 1987
PE1128 .T564 1987
PE1128 .T564 1987
PE1128 .T564 1987
PE1128 .T564 1987
PE1128 .T64 1992
TOEFL review / Video Aided Instruction, Inc.
PE1128 .V52
Video English.
PE1128 .V53 1987
Video review for the TOEFL.
PE1128 .V534 1996
Video file.
PE1128 .V535 1991
Video generation.
PE1128 .V56 1992
PE1128 .V65 1997
Voices : seven documentaries for comprehension and discussion.
PE1131 .C33 1980
Follow me to San Francisco.
PE1137 .P474 1991
Perfect English pronunciation.
PE1155 .A47 1995
Alphabet soup.
PE1345 .G73 1979
Grammar rules.
PE1408 .E356 2001
Effective writing skills.
PE1408 .L36 1983
Language in action.
PE1408 .W75 1995
A writer's exchange.
PE1421 .R48 1981
Revising prose.
PE1421 .W37 1998
The way it was.
PE1431 .T35 2000
Take a stand.
PE1449 .E37
Effective communication : better choice of words.
PE1471 .E87 1990
Essay writing techniques for English studies.
PE1475 .C375 1986
The Carsat crisis.
PE1478 .L47
Letter and report writing.
PE1478 .R47 2000
Report writing.
PE1711 .W55 1995
Which English?
PE2808 .M38 1991
Men, women and language.
PE2815 .M39 1995
Master spoken English : feeling phonics.