Videocassette List:
Sculpture. Drawing. Design. Illustration. Painting

Class NB-ND Videocassette List
Call Number Title
NB137.S64 S645 1992
Smithson and Serra : beyond modernism.
NB212 .H96 2001
Hyper-realist sculpture.
NB237.O42 C72 1996
Claes Oldenburg.
NB497.C35 A58 1994
Anthony Caro.
NB497.M6 H46 1999
Henry Moore : carving a reputation.
NB553.L55 J33 1977
Jacques Lipchitz.
NB553.R7 A885 1999
Auguste Rodin : sculptor.
NB623.B9 M533 1992
Michelangelo : the early years.
NB623.B9 M534 1992
Michelangelo : the later years.
NB623.D7 D66 1986
Donatello : the first modern sculptor.
NB623.M49 G85 1990z
Guido Mazzoni : the master of ecclesiatical lifesize statuary groups.
NB813.C45 C55 1985
NB1043 .F325 2000
Faces of compassion.
NB1059 .I724 1990z
Isamu Noguchi.
NB1185 .H363 1994
Handbuilt clay sculpture.
NC703 .V56 1989
Visual design : elements and principles, line, form, light, colour, texture, space.
NC710 .R42
Reality is too much.
NC730 .D73 1993
Drawing methods.
NC730 .F86 1994
Fundamentals of drawing.
NC750 .M37 1991
Masters of illusion.
NC765 .F56 1994
Figure drawing.
NC773 .P677 1994
Portrait drawing.
NC890 .P46 1993
Pencil drawing.
NC905 .P46
Pen and ink.
NC1429.P59 A4 1999
Mondo Plympton : the incredibly strange animation of Bill Plympton.
NC1729.A54 N25 1999
Naji al-Ali : an artist with vision.
NC1766.U5 B44 1999
Before Walt.
NC1766.U52 F59343 2002
Max Fleischer's Ko-Ko song car-tunes : with the famous bouncing ball.
NC1766.U52 F594 1999
Max and Dave Fleischer : the fathers of movie animation.
NC1766.U52 J6638 2000
Chuck Jones : extremes & inbetweens, a life in animation.
ND196.A2 C74 1996
Creating non-objective paintings.
ND230 .P355 1989
Painters painting : the New York art scene, 1940-1970.
ND237.B76 M358 1994
The man who drew bug-eyed monsters.
ND237.E15 T46 1986
Thomas Eakins : a motion portrait.
ND237.H75 E39 1994
Edward Hopper : the silent witness.
ND237 .L524 1991
Roy Lichtenstein.
ND237.M24 F56 1996
Films by Jim Davis. Volume #2.
ND237.M58 J62 1993
Joan Mitchell : portrait of an abstract painter.
ND237.P73 J33 1987
Jackson Pollock.
ND259.K33 F753 1983
Frida Kahlo (1910-1954).
ND259.R5 D544 1990z
Diego Rivera : the age of steel.
ND450 .N38/cst.10
Baroque in France & Italy.
ND450 .N38/cst.12
The road to modern art.
ND450 .N38/cst.3
Early Renaissance in Italy.
ND450 .N38/cst.4
The Northern Renaissance.
ND450 .N38/cst.5
The age of Titian.
ND450 .N38/cst.6
The age of Leonardo and Raphael.
ND450 .N38/cst.8
The age of Rembrandt.
ND450 .N38/cst.9
El Greco to Goya.
ND466 .E54 2000
The English masters.
ND497.B16 F74 1985
Francis Bacon.
ND497.H53 P38 1986
Patrick Heron.
ND497.H665 H69 1998
Howard Hodgkin.
ND497.N58 B46 1985
Ben Nicholson, 1894-1982.
ND497.R35 P38 1992
Paula Rego.
ND497.R4 S57 1986
Sir Joshua : artist of the portrait.
ND547.5.I4 I47 1990
ND547.5.I4 I472 1986
Impressionism in art and music.
ND547.5.I4 I477 1996
Impressionism : shimmering vision.
ND548.M3 M38 1987
Matisse, voyages.
ND553.B65 I63 1984
In search of pure colour : Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947.
ND553.C33 C592 1999
ND553.C33 C593 1985
Cezanne : the man and the mountain.
ND553.C33 P38 1998
Paul Cezanne, 1839-1906.
ND553.D3 E44 1998
Edgar Degas, 1834-1917.
ND553.D33 R47 1980
The restless eye : Eugène Delacroix, a film based on his paintings and his journal.
ND553.D443 D44 1996
Degas : beyond Impressionism.
ND553.I5 P67 1999
Portraits by Ingres : image of an epoch.
ND553.M3 E36 1989
Edouard Manet.
ND553.M3 M36 1992
Manet : the heroism of modern life.
ND553.M7 C53 1998
Claude Monet, 1840-1926.
ND553.M7 M66 1995
Monet : legacy of light.
ND553.P5 M87 1990z
Musee Grimaldi : Picasso a antibes = La joie de vivre.
ND553.P5 P533 1968
Picasso : the sculptor.
ND553.P5 P534 1986
ND553 .P52 1986
Picasso, war, peace, love.
ND553.R45 P54 1998
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919.
ND553.S5 P6 1979
Point counterpoint : the life and work of Georges Seurat, 1859-1891.
ND588.D58 O77 1989
Otto Dix : the painter is the eyes of the world.
ND613 .I73 1989
Italian painting before 1400.
ND623.B39 F43 1990
The feast of the gods.
ND623.B67 N49 1993
A new vision : the life and work of Botticelli.
ND623.B9 M525 1996
Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel.
ND623.B9 M53 1994
Michelangelo : artist and man.
ND623.C2 V465 1998
Venice through Canaletto's eyes.
ND623.C26 C37 1991
ND623.G6 G56 1986
Giotto and the pre-renascence.
ND623.L55 L46 1991
Leonardo da Vinci : The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and St. John the Baptist : the restoration 1987-1989.
ND623.R2 R37 1993
ND623.R2 R378 1986
Raphael, legend and legacy.
ND623.R2 R38 1986
Raphael, the apprentice years.
ND623.R2 R382 1986
Raphael, the prince of painters.
ND623.T7 T58 1989
ND623.T7 T584 1991
Titian : the Venetian colorist.
ND623.V5 B47 1993
Between art and inquisition : the world of the painter, Paolo Veronese (1528-1588).
ND651.U88 M37 1998
Masters of light : Dutch painting from Utrecht in the Golden Age.
ND653.B65 D88 2000
The Dutch masters. Bosch.
ND653.G7 I5 1984
In a brilliant light : van Gogh in Arles.
ND653.G7 V35 2000
Van Gogh.
ND653.H34 F73 1988
Frans Hals of Antwerp.
ND653.M76 M577 1995
Mister boogie woogie man : Mondrian.
ND653.R4 D88 2000
The Dutch masters. Rembrandt.
ND653.R4 R46 1995
Rembrandt and his paints : unravelling a mystery.
ND653.V5 D88 2000
The Dutch masters. Vermeer.
ND673.B73 D88 2000
The Dutch masters. Bruegel.
ND673.D9 D88 2000
The Dutch masters. Van Dyck.
ND673.E87 V365 1989
Van Eyck. Part 2. The mystery of painting.
ND673.M35 M34 1999
Magritte : la tentative de l'impossible.
ND673.R9 D88 2000
The Dutch masters. Rubens.
ND688 .R86 2000
Russian avant garde : a romance with revolution.
ND699.C5 C43 1985
ND773.M8 M5394 1992
Edvard Munch : the frieze of life.
ND813.M5 M67 1994
Miro constellations.
ND813.M57 M57 1978
Miro : theatre of dreams.
ND813.V4 M46 2001
Las meninas = The maids of honor.
ND1040 .O75 1987
Oriental art.
ND1049.C4275 H43 2000
Heart of China = 淸明上河圖.
ND1049.L456 L5 1990z
ND1049.L458 K8 1990z
ND1049.6 .Q25 1990z
ND1105.B7 A77 1986
Arthur Boyd.
ND1143 .A66
Appreciating the world's great art : masterworks of painting.
ND1143 .M355 1997 v.1
Making masterpieces. Vol.1.
ND1143 .M355 1997 v.2
Making masterpieces. Vol.2.
ND1143 .M355 1997 v.3
Making masterpieces. Vol.3.
ND1143 .O5415 1991
One hundred great paintings : children.
ND1143 .O5423 1991
One hundred great paintings : gardens.
ND1143 .O5425 1991
One hundred great paintings : hunting.
ND1143 .O5426 1991
One hundred great paintings : touch.
ND1143 .U53 1993
Understanding and appreciating painting.
ND1393.S63 S63 1995
Spain in the golden age : still life.
ND1488 .C656 1993
ND1488 .C66 1987
Color, mastery and mystery.
ND1495.P8 C656 1993
Color in everyday life.
ND1839.L36 J33 1993
Jacob Lawrence : the glory of expression.
ND2068 .C54 1989
Chinese brush painting : an introduction.
ND2068 .Y44 1987
Chinese brush painting.
ND2073.6.A1 M84 2006
ND2130 .W38 1993
Watercolor methods.
ND2465 .O62
Opaque watercolor.
ND2638.N4 P83 1991
Public murals in New York.