Videocassette List:
Commerce, Business and Management

Class HF Videocassette List
Call Number Title
HF1008 .B55 1997
Big business pack : the ultimate business resource.
HF1008 .H43 1998
The heart of business.
HF1025 .C63 1999
Coat of many countries.
HF1111 .W49 1997
Why get an MBA?
HF1118 .E87 1994
The essential guide to the GMAT : maximize your score in 45 minutes.
HF1131 .N38 1995
The nature of business.
HF1359 .D54 1995
Differences in political economics.
HF1359 .E24 2000
Economic change.
HF1359 .G5526 1998
Global economics.
HF1359 .L54 2000
Life : the story so far.
HF1359 .M365 2000
The market mechanism.
HF1359 .O54 1990
One world, one economy.
HF1359 .S73 2000
State control and private initiative.
HF1379 .G557 2000
Globalization and losers.
HF1379 .I569 2000
International trade.
HF1379 .J643 1980z
John Kenneth Galbraith.
HF1379 .T685 1998
HF1379 .T7224 1998
Trade disputes.
HF1411 .G56 1985
The global community : a unit of study.
HF1414 .C595 1992
Competing in the 21st century.
HF1416.5 G563 1995
Global strategies : beyond the year 2000.
HF1416.6.J3 R47 1992
Retail distribution in Japan.
HF1456.5 .A44 1995
America's comeback strategy : government in action?
HF1602.15.K6 K674 1998
Korea : tiger of Asia.
HF1604.24 .W446 1998
When cultures collide : China and the U.S. in the 21st century.
HF3837 .C47
The China business briefing.
HF3838.C2 C55 1980
China challenge.
HF3838.U6 W674 1995
Working with China.
HF3852.3 .F67 1998
Foreign trade.
HF3946.5 .D49
Developing Australia's export culture : Japan.
HF5001 .W695 v.828
E-business process management ; Web-based collaborative commerce.
HF5001 .W695 v.830
Collaborative commerce applications ; Next phase e- business.
HF5238 .I53 1996
India special.
HF5246.A3 M35 1996
Malaysia week.
HF5246.3.A3 C33 1996
Cambodia : the year in review.
HF5246.55.A3 T43 1996
Thailand : the year in review.
HF5250 .I53 1996
Indonesia : the year in review.
HF5253 .P45 1996
Philippines special.
HF5256 .J37 1996
Japan : the year in review.
HF5260.A3 C48 1997
China special.
HF5262.A3 T356 1996
Taiwan special.
HF5263.A3 H665 1996
Hong Kong : two years and counting.
HF5351 .W45 1980z
Caspar Weinberger.
HF5356 .L62
Locating company information.
HF5381 .C3725 1999
Career self-management.
HF5381 .C73 1998
Creating you & company : learning to thrive like the CEO of your own career.
HF5381 .J63 1994
Job survival kit.
HF5381 .L53 2001
Life after high school : succeeding in the workplace.
HF5381 .L533 2000z
Life's work : four approaches to career counseling.
HF5381 .M34 1989
Making it on your first job.
HF5381 .O68 2001
Options after high school graduation.
HF5381 .P76 1988
Projecting a professional image.
HF5382.5.U5 H55 1999
High-tech jobs : the school-to-work connection.
HF5382.7 .E67 1996
Employment communication.
HF5382.7 .H68 1996
How to find and keep a job.
HF5382.7 .J63 1989
Job-hunting : the basic fundamentals.
HF5382.7 .U84 1998
Using the internet and finding a job on-line.
HF5383 .E342 2000
Effective resumes and job applications.
HF5383 .I58 1993
The interview.
HF5383 .L56
Line up your interview.
HF5383 .P74 1993
Preparing a resume.
HF5383 .R425 2000
Resumes and applications.
HF5383 .T363 1997
Ten commandments of resumes.
HF5383 .W67 1991
Work to work : applying.
HF5383 .Y68 2001
Your first resume and interview.
HF5384 .L66
Looking for Mr. Goodjob.
HF5384 .M36 1999
Managing career transitions.
HF5384 .M54
Mike Rose.
HF5384 .R45 1996
Reinventing themselves : adapting to career changes.
HF5384 .W44 1997
When you are in the wrong job!.
HF5386 .A13 1993
The 7 day image update.
HF5386 .B835 1995
Build a better business.
HF5386 .M57
A Mitsubishi manager : a day in the life of Hidemitsu Haebara section chief Mitsubishi Corporation.
HF5386 .M66/cst.1
The company man.
HF5386 .M66/cst.2
Italy's uncrowned king.
HF5386 .M66/cst.3
Japan's super salesman.
HF5386 .M66/cst.4
The oil tycoon.
HF5386 .M66/cst.5
Betting on a certainty.
HF5386 .M66/cst.6
India's steel man.
HF5386 .P46
People Express.
HF5386 .R43 1998
The real Burger King : owning a business.
HF5386 .T335 1990
Taking care of business.
HF5386 .T65 1989
The Tom Peters experience.
HF5386 .T725 1998
The trend that's waking up America : examining a trend.
HF5387 .B855 1992
Business ethics.
HF5387 .B858 1994
Business ethics.
HF5387 .E8425 1995
Ethics in business.
HF5387 .I55 1998
Introducing a code of business ethics.
HF5387 .J63 1994
Joanne Ciulla : ethics in the workplace.
HF5387 .P76 2000z
Professional development : business ethics and social responsibility.
HF5389 .B37 1997
The basics of business etiquette.
HF5389 .B86 1998
Business etiquette.
HF5389 .B875 1995
Business etiquette.
HF5389 .S73 1987
Starting your new job.
HF5389.3.J3 J37 1991
Japan : west meets east and miscommunicates.
HF5397 .B8758 1997
Business ethics : the bottom line.
HF5413 .G745 1994
The green marketing gamble : launching a green product.
HF5414 .S866 1991
Supermarket persuasion : how food is merchandised.
HF5415 .C74 1995
Creating customer value : the essentials of marketing.
HF5415 .D54 1994
Do-it-yourself marketing : practical hands- on guide to effective, efficient sales success.
HF5415 .I587 1992
Introduction to marketing.
HF5415 .M22 1999 v.2
Marketing planning.
HF5415 .M22 1999 v.3
Marketing research and information.
HF5415 .M22 1999 v.4
Segmenting, targeting, and positioning.
HF5415 .M22 1999 v.5
The four P's part 1 : product and pricing.
HF5415 .M22 1999 v.6
The four P's part 2 : place and promotion.
HF5415 .M275 1989
HF5415 .M36/cst.1
The Mouse that roared : a marketing overview.
HF5415 .M36/cst.10
Testing the waters : a case study in service strategy.
HF5415 .M36/cst.11
Coming of age : a case study in new products/bands.
HF5415 .M36/cst.12
What makes Amos famous : a case study in channel strategy.
HF5415 .M36/cst.13
The Fresh connection : a case study in wholesaling.
HF5415 .M36/cst.14
Retailing : because it's there : a case study in retailing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.15
Jewels, jeans and jogging shoes : a case study in retailing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.16
Deliverance : a case study in physical distributions.
HF5415 .M36/cst.17
Polishing the apple : a case study in promotion.
HF5415 .M36/cst.18
The Fastest game in town : a case study in advertising.
HF5415 .M36/cst.19
Off and running : a case study in sales promotion.
HF5415 .M36/cst.2
The Road to success : a case study in marketing decision.
HF5415 .M36/cst.20
Just another oil company? : a case study in public relations.
HF5415 .M36/cst.21
Tis the seasoning : a case study in selling.
HF5415 .M36/cst.22
Leader of the pack : a case study in pricing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.23
What the market will bear : great moments in pricing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.24
Breaking down the wall : a case study in international marketing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.25
The Green machine : a case study in non-profit marketing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.26
Movers and sharkers : the art and science of marketing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.3
Great expectations : a case study in marketing planning and forecasting.
HF5415 .M36/cst.4
Prophesy : a case study in marketing research.
HF5415 .M36/cst.5
Gold in the hill : a case study in market segmentation.
HF5415 .M36/cst.6
SKYFOX : a case study in industrial marketing.
HF5415 .M36/cst.7
Driving passions : a case study in consumer behavior.
HF5415 .M36/cst.8
Breaking through the clutter : a case study in consumer behavior.
HF5415 .M36/cst.9
All the right moves : a case study in product strategy.
HF5415 .M3698 1998
Marketing in the new millennium.
HF5415 .M372
Marketing product strategy.
HF5415 .M373
Marketing concepts.
HF5415 .M3734 1995
The marketing mix in action.
HF5415 .M3738 v.1
Marketing : creating value for customers.
HF5415 .M3738 v.2
Marketing environment.
HF5415 .M3738 v.5
Strategic marketing planning : Phoenix Suns.
HF5415 .M3738 v.6
Implementing & controlling the marketing effort : Phoenix Suns.
HF5415 .M3738 v.7
Marketing research.
HF5415 .M3738 v.8
Consumer behavior : Coca-Cola & Anheuser Busch.
HF5415 .M3738 v.9
Organisational buying behaviour : Nucor Steel.
HF5415 .M3738 v.10
Market segmentation.
HF5415 .M3738 v.11
New products : Phoenix Suns.
HF5415 .M3738 v.12
Existing products : Harley-Davidson.
HF5415 .M3738 v.13
Services : 1st Chicago.
HF5415 .M3738 v.14
Fundamentals of pricing.
HF5415 .M3738 v.15
Pricing goods and services : Phoenix Suns.
HF5415 .M3738 v.17
Wholesaling, retailing, and physical distribution : Marshall.
HF5415 .M3738 v.19
Advertising, sales promotion and publicity : Phoenix Suns.
HF5415 .M3738 v.20
Personal selling and sales management.
HF5415 .M3738 v.21
Looking ahead : interacting with Internet.
HF5415 .M376
Marketing & selling engineering services.
HF5415 .M3765 1988
Marketing and information technology.
HF5415 .Q35 1998
Quality counts.
HF5415 .R43 1998
The reasonably-priced world of marketing.
HF5415 .S747 1998
Staying competitive.
HF5415 .S77 1990
Strategic marketing.
HF5415 .T437 1999
That's marketing : understanding consumer behavior.
HF5415 .W42 2001
What is marketing?
HF5415 .W46
What is marketing?
HF5415.12.C5 S5354 2002
市場空間, 創意無限 = Leading through marketing innovation.
HF5415.12.J3 I67 1995
International business : coke in Japan.
HF5415.122 .M38 1998
Marketing a theme park : the Alton Towers story.
HF5415.123 .F76 1993
From advertising to integrated marketing communications .
HF5415.123 .I584 1990z
Integrated marketing communications.
HF5415.126 .D55 1995
Direct response out-of-home media.
HF5415.126 .T35 1999
Taking customers seriously.
HF5415.1263 .B87 1999
Business to business marketing.
HF5415.1265 .A38 1998
Advertising and marketing on the internet.
HF5415.1265 .C87 1999
Customer-share marketing on the web.
HF5415.1265 .E45 2000
HF5415.1265 .I567 2000 v.1
The industry leaders and online strategy.
HF5415.1265 .I567 2000 v.2
Pull marketing techniques.
HF5415.1265 .I567 2000 v.3
Push marketing techniques.
HF5415.1265 .I567 2000 v.4
Effectiveness measurement tools and techniques.
HF5415.1265 .M326 2000
Marketing on the Web.
HF5415.1265 .R46 1999
Requirements for selling service.
HF5415.127 .D69 2000
Downscale marketing : the Ames phenomenon.
HF5415.127 .M37 1995
Marketing where your competition is not!.
HF5415.129 .M36 1999
Managing the chain of distribution.
HF5415.13 .S82
Success in industry : insights into good management.
HF5415.13 .V35 1999
Value-driven marketing.
HF5415.135 .M39 1999
Marketing decisions.
HF5415.15 .R85 1999
Rules for revolutionaries.
HF5415.153 .N46 2000
New product development.
HF5415.153 .N49 1989
New product development.
HF5415.153 P76 1999
Product : hitting a home run.
HF5415.2 .M37 1994
Marketing research in action.
HF5415.2 .W53 1996
What is marketing research?
HF5415.32 .B723 2000
Brand marketing : why we eat, drink, and wear brand names.
HF5415.32 .M35 1999
Mail & modem.
HF5415.32 .M44 1998
Meeting customers' needs.
HF5415.32 .W465 1995
What consumers consume.
HF5415.5 .A18 1999
The 5 values of GREAT customer service.
HF5415.5 .A195 1994
6 steps to improving customer service through quality.
HF5415.5 .A23 1992
50 ways to keep your customers.
HF5415.5 .A28 1992
Achieving breakthrough service : for the frontline manager.
HF5415.5 .B495 2002
賓至如歸 : 優質服務的典範 = How to make difficult customers smile.
HF5415.5 .B62 1991
Body language in customer service.
HF5415.5 .B855 1990z
Building loyalty : one customer & one employee at a time.
HF5415.5 .C375 1995
The C.A.R.E. principle.
HF5415.5 .C63 1998
Commitment to service and quality.
HF5415.5 .C739 1998
Creating a customer-first culture.
HF5415.5 .C84 1997
Customer service excellence : it's in the details.
HF5415.5 .C87 1989
Customer relations.
HF5415.5 .C885 1990z
Customer service, it pays to please.
HF5415.5 .D434 1982
Dealing with angry customers.
HF5415.5 .D435 1989
Dealing with irate customer.
HF5415.5 .D46 1998
Demanding customers : customer care made perfect.
HF5415.5 .D48 1994
Developing a customer retention program.
HF5415.5 .E53 1992
The end of the line.
HF5415.5 .E945 1993
Everyone's customer-service role.
HF5415.5 .F55 2001
Financial customer service : a new corporate function.
HF5415.5 .G83 1993
關心投訴的顧客 = Caring for complaining customers.
HF5415.5 .H283 1991
Handling customer service stress.
HF5415.5 .H36 1987
Handling objections.
HF5415.5 .H365 1993
Harvey Mackay on customer service : always deliver more than you promise.
HF5415.5 .H684 1991
How to deliver superior customer service.
HF5415.5 .H69 1993
How to give exceptional customer service.
HF5415.5 .I58 1993
The internal customer.
HF5415.5 .L574 1996
Listen & win : how to keep customers coming back.
HF5415.5 .M352 1992
Managing customer service.
HF5415.5 .M354 1991
Managing difficult situations.
HF5415.5 .M453 1994
Measuring customer satisfaction.
HF5415.5 .M47 1990z
Meeting and greeting.
HF5415.5 .P46 1993
People, service, success.
HF5415.5 .P49 1989
Physical plants : yesterday versus today.
HF5415.5 .P69 1989
The power of customer service.
HF5415.5 .Q35 1990
Quality service : the three R's for managers.
HF5415.5 .Q48 1990z
Questioning for clarity.
HF5415.5 .S445 1994
Secret service : making customer service work.
HF5415.5 .S45 1991
Service : how to keep your customers and build your business.
HF5415.5 .S59 1984
Six keys to service.
HF5415.5 .S77 1999
Strengthening customer loyalty through efficient customer service .
HF5415.5 .T35 1982
Take care.
HF5415.5 .T68 1992
Tough customers.
HF5415.5 .U534 1991
Understanding what the customer wants.
HF5415.5 .V52
Video proceedings from inside America : Making Service Quality Work, a conference of success stories in service quality, October 17-19, 1988, Washington, D.C.
HF5415.5 .W598 1999
Winning customer loyalty.
HF5415.5 .W6 1984
Winning customers through service.
HF5415.5 .Z48 1993
卓越服務之道 = Managing the services to your customers.
HF5415.52 .B46 1990z
Benefiting from complaints.
HF5415.6 .M37
Marketing distribution strategy.
HF5415.7 .I59 1998
International logistics.
HF5415.7 .P59 1989
Physical distribution.
HF5416 .L33 1995
Label compliance made easy.
HF5416 .U534 1995
Understanding bar code data collection.
HF5416 .U535 1996
Understanding linear, 2 dimensional and matrix symbologies .
HF5416 .U536 1995
Understanding radio frequency data collection.
HF5416.5 .A34
Against the public interest.
HF5416.5 .I58 1996
International transfer pricing.
HF5416.5 .M37
Marketing pricing strategy.
HF5416.5 .R45 1998
Relating objectives to revenues and costs.
HF5429 .C53 2001
Creating new categories, businesses and markets.
HF5429 .M3254 1998
HF5429 .O53
One stop shopping.
HF5429 .P573 1998
Planned purchases, open-to-buy.
HF5429 .R48 1996
The retailing industry.
HF5429 .R56 1990z
Retailing trends in the new millenium.
HF5429 .S58 1989
Site planning for shopping.
HF5429 .X36/cst.1
HF5429 .X36/cst.2
HF5429 .X36/cst.3
HF5429 .X36/cst.4
實戰經營 .
HF5429 .X36/cst.5
實戰經營 .
HF5429.25 .R47
Retail stock management.
HF5429.25 .T25 1991
Taking stock.
HF5429.27 .T35 1994
Take a good look : successful deterrents to shoplifting.
HF5429.275 .R472 1994
Retail site selection.
HF5430 .R43 1989
The refurbishment of shopping centres.
HF5437 .B88 1990z
The buyer visits the market to make the purchases.
HF5437 .C76 1992
Cross-functional teams : a business strategy.
HF5437 .D48 1986
Developing supplier base.
HF5437 .L65 1994
Logistics process reengineering.
HF5437 .M43 1982
Measuring purchasing performance : an independent study program.
HF5437 .M47 1997
Merchandise sourcing in the global marketplace.
HF5437 .P53 1990z
Planning the purchase.
HF5437 .P76 1995
The procurement card.
HF5437 .S87 1991
Supplier performance evaluation : three quantitative approaches.
HF5437 .W45 1998
What you buy does make a difference!.
HF5437 .W46 1995
Who is purchasing's customer, really?
HF5438.2 .I34 1987
Identifying needs.
HF5438.25 .B41 1991
Be prepared to sell : how to sell a product, a proposal, or an idea to a group.
HF5438.25 .H68 1991
How to find new customers.
HF5438.25 .N43
Negotiating profitable sales.
HF5438.25 .P76
The Proposal.
HF5438.25 .P766 1995
Promotional strategy for small business.
HF5438.25 .R48 1990
Retailing : a career for the 21st century.
HF5438.25 .S43 2000 v.1
Secrets of professional selling.
HF5438.25 .S43 2000 v.4
Secrets of successful prospecting.
HF5438.25 .S43 2000 v.5
Secrets of the sales presentation.
HF5438.25 .S43 2000 v.7
Secrets of closing the sale.
HF5438.25 .S43 2000 v.8
Secrets of negotiating profitable sales.
HF5438.25 .S44 1991
HF5438.4 .M68 1994
More sales, more profit : tried & proven sales solutions to boost your sales 1,000 %.
HF5438.4 .S226 1990
Sales management.
HF5438.5 .M364 1989
HF5438.5 .M37
Marketing promotional strategy.
HF5439.C6 F37 1998
Fashion 2000 : trends in apparel marketing.
HF5439.C6 L36 1991
The language of selling.
HF5439.C6 R48 1994
Retail store.
HF5439.C6 V36 1990z
Value shopping in America : a major force in retailing in the 21st century.
HF5439.C67 Y68 1999
Your computer, your way.
HF5439.H54 C66 1997
Consumerization of high tech.
HF5439.5 .S35 1989
HF5465.G74 M375 1995
Managing resources for the market. Breaking into China.
HF5465.U64 N44 1983
The Store.
HF5470 .M375 1999
HF5500.2 .A8
As others see us : a look at interpersonal relationships.
HF5500.2 .C54/cst.1
HF5500.2 .C54/cst.2
HF5500.2 .C54/cst.3
HF5500.2 .C54/cst.4
HF5500.2 .C54/cst.5
HF5500.2 .C54/cst.6
HF5500.2 .C54/cst.7
HF5500.2 .G46
General managers in action.
HF5500.2 .P72
Practical participation.
HF5541.T4 B37 1990
The basics of handling incoming calls.
HF5541.T4 B49 1990
Beyond the basics : more on incoming calls.
HF5541.T4 C67 1990
Cost effective telephone system management.
HF5541.T4 E44 1996
Effective telephoning.
HF5541.T4 M34 1988
Making your voice heard.
HF5541.T4 S65 1989
Professional telephone skills.
HF5541.T4 T44 2000
Telephone communication : clear as a bell.
HF5541.T4 T45 1994
Telephone perfection.
HF5541.T4 T46 2000
Telephone skills at work.
HF5541.T4 W56 1994
Winning telephone tips.
HF5544.T4 C877 1991
Customer service by telephone.
HF5547 .B35 1997
HF5547 .H38
"Have a good day, dear".
HF5547 .P87 1979
The Pursuit of efficiency.
HF5547 .W34
Walk in.
HF5547.5 .O43 1985
Office productivity.
HF5548 .C66 1987
Computer business : microcomputers and office automation.
HF5548 .U85 1980
Using office automation.
HF5548.115 .W57
What is a word processor?
HF5548.2 .A86
The Automated office.
HF5548.2 .B74
Britain has IT.
HF5548.2 .B868 1995
Business systems.
HF5548.2 .C53 1988
Changing management attitudes to information technology .
HF5548.2 .C665 1985
Computer calc : electronic spreadsheets and microcomputers.
HF5548.2 .C67
The Corporation.
HF5548.2 .E39 1998
Efficiency is the key.
HF5548.2 .E43
The Electronic office.
HF5548.2 .I47 1998
Importance of good technical support.
HF5548.2 .I53
The Information game.
HF5548.2 .N39 1998
Necessity creates change.
HF5548.2 .N485 1987
Networks for competitive advantage.
HF5548.2 .O33 1992
Office of the future.
HF5548.2 .O85 1986
HF5548.2 .R27 1998
Raising the bar : trends in tools & technology.
HF5548.2 .S63 1994
Small business computing.
HF5548.2 .S65
"Somebody told me ..".
HF5548.2 .S734 1994
State of the art in information systems.
HF5548.2 .S829 1998
Streamlining for success.
HF5548.2 .S87 1998
Survey of needs.
HF5548.2 .W53 1980z
What's I.T. all about? : information technology in today's office.
HF5548.2 .W67
Working terms.
HF5548.3 .D37
Designing a booking system.
HF5548.32 .B33 1990z
B2B transactions proliferate on the Web.
HF5548.32 .B338 2000
HF5548.32 .B54 1999
Big business and the web.
HF5548.32 .C66 1998
Commerce online.
HF5548.32 .C865 2000
Current development in e-commerce.
HF5548.32 .E1885 2001
eBay and Napster : change agents.
HF5548.32 .E2155 2000
HF5548.32 .E2156 2000
Ecommerce : behind the scenes.
HF5548.32 .E235 1998
HF5548.32 .E48 1998
Electronic commerce : business strategy for the digital economy.
HF5548.32 .F77 2001
From ERP to successful e-business.
HF5548.32 .I58 2000
Internet shopping.
HF5548.32 .N49 1990z
The new economy : dot-coms, hybrids and bricks-and- mortars.
HF5548.32 .S195 2000
SAP and the online procurement market.
HF5548.32 .S38 1998
Securing the net for electronic commerce.
HF5548.32 .T46 1998
You ain't seen nothin' yet : the future of Internet commerce.
HF5548.32 .W422 1999
Web entrepreneurs.
HF5548.32 .W425 1998
The Web world of business.
HF5548.325.C5 T66 1999
Tools for building e-businesses.
HF5548.325.U6 A43 1999 and the world of e-commerce.
HF5548.33 .W56 1994
A window to the future : an accountant's role in an EDI environment.
HF5548.35 .D39 1992
Day one : EDP auditing.
HF5548.37 .T47 1993
A terminal case.
HF5548.4.L67 I583 1990
Introduction to Lotus 1-2-3.
HF5548.4.L67 I584 1992
Introduction to Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows.
HF5548.4.L67 I585 1993
Introduction to Lotus 1-2-3 release 4.
HF5548.4.L67 L43 1992
Learning Lotus 123 for Windows, macros.
HF5548.4.L67 L673 1991
Lotus intermediate : basic & intermediate skills.
HF5548.4.L67 L68 1993
Lotus 1-2-3 advanced version 3.4.
HF5548.4.L67 L683 1986
Lotus 1-2-3.
HF5548.4.L67 L683 1990
Lotus 1-2-3 : level II.
HF5548.4.L67 L684 1990
Lotus 1-2-3 : level III.
HF5548.4.L67 L685 1987
Lotus 1-2-3.
HF5548.4.L67 L687 1989
Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.
HF5548.4.L67 L693 1992
Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows advanced.
HF5548.4.L67 L694 1993
Lotus 1-2-3 advanced release 4.
HF5548.4.L67 U85 1992
Using Lotus 1-2-3 advanced, version 2.4.
HF5548.4.M523 E937 1999
Excel 2000. Beginning.
HF5548.4.M523 I58 1992
Introduction to Excel version 4.0.
HF5548.4.M525 M52632 1999
Microsoft Office 2000 power user series.
HF5548.4.Q39 I58 1991
Introduction to Quattro pro.
HF5548.4.Q39 L433 1994
Learning Quattro Pro for Windows, introduction.
HF5548.4.Q39 L434 1994
Learning Quattro Pro 5.0 for Windows, advanced.
HF5548.4.Q39 U85 1992
Using Quattro pro 4.0 advanced.
HF5548.8 .D488 1999
Developing resilience.
HF5548.8 .E46 1999
Emotional intelligence.
HF5548.8 .H69 1988
How to deal with difficult people.
HF5548.8 .L58 1989
HF5548.8 .L583 1989
HF5548.83 .G47 1998
Getting along with your supervisor.
HF5548.83 .G48 1995
Getting along with your supervisor.
HF5548.83 .I54 1999
Influencing senior managers.
HF5548.85 .B85 1996
Building cooperation : how everyone can win at work.
HF5548.85 .D43 1988
Dealing with stress.
HF5548.85 .H69 1997
How to juggle multiple priorities.
HF5548.85 .M363 2000
Managing stress.
HF5548.85 .O94 2001
Overcoming stress at work.
HF5548.85 .P74 1995
The pressure's on : managing stress at work.
HF5548.85 .S79 1993
Stress management.
HF5548.85 .S793 1997
Stress management : a practical approach.
HF5549 .C445/cst.1
HF5549 .C445/cst.10
策劃與跟進 = Planning & performing.
HF5549 .C445/cst.2
HF5549 .C445/cst.3
HF5549 .C445/cst.4
HF5549 .C445 cst.5
HF5549 .C445/cst.6
HF5549 .C445/cst.7
激勵你的員工 = Staff motivation.
HF5549 .C445/cst.8
人際關係在你手 = Interpersonal skills.
HF5549 .C445/cst.9
時間管理 = Time management.
HF5549 .C47/cst.1
HF5549 .C47/cst.2
HF5549 .C47/cst.3
HF5549 .C47/cst.4
HF5549 .C66
Conflict on the line : a case study.
HF5549 .D42
Dealing with difficult people.
HF5549 .D43 1990
Decision exercises : dealing with difficult situations.
HF5549 .D57
Discipline : a matter of judgement.
HF5549 .F37 1994
Feedback techniques.
HF5549 .H8545 1998
The human resource manager : four case studies.
HF5549.I6 E98 1995
Extraordinary answers to common interview questions.
HF5549.M36 M3642 1990
Managing people.
HF5549 .M36 unit 1
A Manager's role and function.
HF5549 .M36 unit 2
HF5549 .M36 unit 3
Problem solving.
HF5549 .M363
The manager's role in the productivity movement.
HF5549 .N48
The New supervisor.
HF5549 .O83
Overcoming resistance to change.
HF5549 .O87 1996
Our people, our business : introducing human resource management.
HF5549 .P45 1986
The People factor : the Hawthorne studies for today's managers .
HF5549 .P45138 1999
Personnel decisions.
HF5549 .P763 1992
Professional supervision skills : how to increase your confidence, respect & results.
HF5549 .S65 1993
Solving people-problems on the job.
HF5549 .S73
Stepping up to supervisor.
HF5549 .S86
HF5549 .S87 1994
Supervising for quality.
HF5549 .T72
Transactional analysis.
HF5549 .W46
Who's in charge?
HF5549 .Y5/cst.1
HF5549 .Y5/cst.2
HF5549 .Y5/cst.3
HF5549 .Y5/cst.4
HF5549.12 .C57 2000
Cisco's John Chambers : the best boss in America.
HF5549.12 .C63 1992
Coaching for top performers.
HF5549.12 .E94 1986
Everything you always wanted to know about supervision.
HF5549.12 .E96 1991
Exercises in leadership skills.
HF5549.12 .H68 1991
How to supervise people : techniques for getting results through others.
HF5549.12 .M36 1987
Managing performance problems.
HF5549.12 .N48 1995
The new supervisor : skills for success.
HF5549.12 .P76 1998
Profiles in management : Joanne Wilson of Handy Andy.
HF5549.2.A9 H86 1992
Human resource management series.
HF5549.2.C6 L63 1998
Localizing leadership.
HF5549.5.A4 A42
Alcoholism : almost everything you need to know to recognize it.
HF5549.5.C35 S54 2000
HF5549.5.C6 C585 1997
Communicating in the workplace.
HF5549.5.C6 C65
Communicating non-defensively : don't take it personally.
HF5549.5.C6 C651
Communication skills.
HF5549.5.C6 C66
Communication skills for managers.
HF5549.5.C6 C67
Conducting effective meetings.
HF5549.5.C6 E94 1991
Exercises in communication skills.
HF5549.5.C6 F295 1986
Feedback : giving constructive criticism.
HF5549.5.C6 G48 1993
Getting the most out of your meetings.
HF5549.5.C6 G58 1993
Giving personal feedback.
HF5549.5.C6 H68
How to conduct a more productive meeting.
HF5549.5.C6 I2 1974
I told'em exactly how to do it.
HF5549.5.C6 I5 1995
In a nutshell : cross cultural communication at work.
HF5549.5.C6 M43
Meetings, bloody meetings.
HF5549.5.C6 M432
More bloody meetings : the human side of meetings.
HF5549.5.C6 M433
Meeting the meeting challenge.
HF5549.5.C6 W67 2001
Workplace communication in action.
HF5549.5.C8 C36 1987
Can you spare a moment? : the counselling interview.
HF5549.5.C8 C7
The counsel interview.
HF5549.5.C8 W4 1996
We need to talk.
HF5549.5.D37 T37 1995
Team-up for employee benefits.
HF5549.5.D55 B54 1997
The big one.
HF5549.5.E42 W45 1993
Wellness in the workplace : a new attitude.
HF5549.5.E45 P67 1981
A portable life.
HF5549.5.G6 G63 1995
The goal.
HF5549.5.G6 H69 1986
How to define goals and objectives.
HF5549.5.G6 S48 1992
Setting and achieving your goals.
HF5549.5.G6 S483 1994
Setting objectives : seven ground rules for better performance management.
HF5549.5.I5 G76 1998
Growing a company by retaining top talent.
HF5549.5.I5 M6 1997
Motivating and rewarding employees.
HF5549.5.I5 P76
Productivity and the self-fulfilling prophecy : the pygmalion effect.
HF5549.5.I6 A78 1985
The Art of interviewing.
HF5549.5.I6 B395 1991
Behavior description interviewing.
HF5549.5.I6 C655 1995
Common mistakes people make in interviews and how to overcome them .
HF5549.5.I6 C66 1988
Conducting an effective job interview.
HF5549.5.I6 D57
The discipline interview.
HF5549.5.I6 H36
Handling the interview.
HF5549.5.I6 H55 1995
Hiring the best!.
HF5549.5.I6 H69 1993
How to interview & hire the right people.
HF5549.5.I6 I2
"I'd like a word with you" : the discipline interview.
HF5549.5.I6 I57
The interview game.
HF5549.5.I6 I572
Interviewing techniques.
HF5549.5.I6 I58
Interview techniques and resume tips for the job applicant .
HF5549.5.I6 I583 1988
HF5549.5.I6 I584 1988
Interviewing with confidence.
HF5549.5.I6 J63 1985
The Job interview.
HF5549.5.I6 M26
Man hunt : the technique of selection interview.
HF5549.5.I6 M67
More than a gut feeling.
HF5549.5.I6 M672 1996
More than a gut feeling II.
HF5549.5.I6 P477 1989
HF5549.5.I6 P69 2001
Power interviewing skills : both sides of the desk.
HF5549.5.I6 R54 1995
Right first time : recruitment skills.
HF5549.5.I6 S83 1989 v.1
Successful interviewing. 1, The right fit.
HF5549.5.I6 S83 1989 v.2
Successful interviewing. 2, At the core.
HF5549.5.I6 S83 1989 v.3
Successful interviewing. 3, The tough ones.
HF5549.5.I6 T35 1990
Talking jobs.
HF5549.5.I6 T52 1998
Through other eyes.
HF5549.5.I6 W45
Where do you go from here?
HF5549.5.I7 Y58
"You'll soon get the hang of it".
HF5549.5.J62 A87
Assessing employee potential.
HF5549.5.J62 C66 1992
Control & performance measurement.
HF5549.5.J63 J62
Job enrichment : managerial milestone or myth?
HF5549.5.J63 Y56 1998
營商之道 : 成功的門徑.
HF5549.5.L3 D57
Discipline without punishment.
HF5549.5.L3 P76
Productive discipline.
HF5549.5.M5 L48 1993
Let's talk diversity.
HF5549.5.M5 M35 1993
Making diversity work.
HF5549.5.M5 M67 1994
The Mosaic workplace.
HF5549.5.M6 M63 1997
Mobilizing commitment in your organization : an essential competence for leading organizations in the 21st century.
HF5549.5.M63 C633 1995
Coaching to develop motivation.
HF5549.5.M63 C65
Common sense motivation.
HF5549.5.M63 C675 1992
Correcting and rewarding employee behavior.
HF5549.5.M63 C85 1992
Cultivating initiative in your staff.
HF5549.5.M63 E98 1994
The extra mile.
HF5549.5.M63 F57 1998
Fish! : catch the energy, release the potential.
HF5549.5.M63 H69 1997
How to overcome negativity in the workplace.
HF5549.5.M63 I87
It's a matter of pride.
HF5549.5.M63 J85
Jumping for the jelly beans.
HF5549.5.M63 K59 1970
HF5549.5.M63 M344 1999
Maintaining continuous motivation.
HF5549.5.M63 M36
Managing motivation.
HF5549.5.M63 M675 1998
Motivating a multi-national sales force.
HF5549.5.M63 M68 1992
Motivating others.
HF5549.5.M63 M684 1995
Motivating people in today's workplace.
HF5549.5.M63 M72 1995
Motivation and learning.
HF5549.5.M63 O74 1989
An Organized department means motivation.
HF5549.5.M63 P76 1998
Profiles in management : Grace Pastiak of Tellabs.
HF5549.5.M63 S22
Satisfaction : a job well done.
HF5549.5.M63 S86
The supervisor : motivating through insight.
HF5549.5.P35 C63 1997
Coaching for performance.
HF5549.5.P35 M36 1993
Managing performance.
HF5549.5.P35 P373 1998
Performance management and compensation.
HF5549.5.P35 T37 1991
Targeting for performance.
HF5549.5.P35 W46 1979
Who wants to play God?
HF5549.5.P35 Y68 1987
You'll have to do better than that!.
HF5549.5.P7 H69 1997
How to win promotion.
HF5549.5.R3 A675 1995
The appraisal interview.
HF5549.5.R3 A676 1987
Appraisal skills.
HF5549.5.R3 C67 1997
Conducting the performance appraisal : be a coach, not a judge.
HF5549.5.R3 C68 1995
The continuous performance appraisal : coaching is the key.
HF5549.5.R3 E47 1989
Employee evaluations.
HF5549.5.R3 E57 1993
Empowering appraisal : the complete appraisals package.
HF5549.5.R3 E84
Eye of the supervisor.
HF5549.5.R3 H68
"How am I doing?".
HF5549.5.R3 H864 1991
The human touch performance appraisal II.
HF5549.5.R3 L38 1991
Let's talk : skills for staff appraisal.
HF5549.5.R3 P474 1996
Performance appraisal solutions.
HF5549.5.R3 P476 1993
Performance management.
HF5549.5.R3 P479 1987
Performance standards and objectives.
HF5549.5.R3 R49 1995
Reviewing performance.
HF5549.5.R3 S367 1998
Scoring managerial effectiveness : marking the managers.
HF5549.5.R3 T34
Talk things through.
HF5549.5.R44 R375 1998
Recruiting and retaining employees.
HF5549.5.R44 R38 1998
Recruiting and retaining senior managers.
HF5549.5.R44 R43 1995
Recruitment in action.
HF5549.5.R44 S86
The Supervisor's role in hiring new employees.
HF5549.5.S38 S73 1995
Staff selection.
HF5549.5.S4 S49 1998
Sexual harassment : situations for discussion.
HF5549.5.S8 S85
Suggestion systems in Japan.
HF5549.5.S8 S852
Suggestion systems in Japanese corporations.
HF5549.5.T5 M36 1988
Managing your time.
HF5549.5.T7 A79 1999
Assessment and development.
HF5549.5.T7 C46 1994
A CEO goes back to the classroom : an interview with Robert W. Galvin, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board, Motorola.
HF5549.5.T7 C62
Coaching for results.
HF5549.5.T7 C634 1994
The coach.
HF5549.5.T7 C635 1996
Coaching skills.
HF5549.5.T7 E87 1993
Essential training tips.
HF5549.5.T7 G76 1994
Group training skills.
HF5549.5.T7 H45 1992
Helping people learn : the manager's role.
HF5549.5.T7 H69 1993
How to be a better trainer.
HF5549.5.T7 I87 1984
It's all in your head.
HF5549.5.T7 K325 1997
客似雲來 = More customers are coming!
HF5549.5.T7 M35 1990
Making training worth every penny.
HF5549.5.T7 P38
Pattern for instruction.
HF5549.5.T7 P73 1991
A practical guide to management self-development.
HF5549.5.T7 R63
The role of trainers for new employees.
HF5549.5.T7 S77 1997
Strategies for training.
HF5549.5.T7 T464 1994
Ten training tips.
HF5549.5.T7 T6638 1995
HF5549.5.T7 T72 1985
Training for quality.
HF5549.5.T7 T723
Train the trainer.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.1
The Elements of effective training.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.10
Measuring instructional effectiveness.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.11
Developing and using lesson plans.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.12
On-the-job training.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.13
Teaching your first class.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.14
Administering the training program.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.2
Planning for effective training.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.3
Developing and writing training objectives.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.4
Learning how it occurs.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.5
Instructing to facilitate learning.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.6
Methods for teaching skills.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.7
Methods for teaching information.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.8
Principles of visual training.
HF5549.5.T7 T724/cst.9
Using visual aids effectively.
HF5549.5.T7 T729 1997
Training for the non-trainer.
HF5549.5.T7 T73
The training memorandum.
HF5549.5.T7 T735 1989
Training in facilities management.
HF5549.5.T7 Y68 1987
You can take it with you.
HF5550 .C66
The Control of working capital.
HF5604.5.P3 L83 1990
Luca Pacioli : unsung hero of the Renaissance.
HF5611 .I583 1992
An interview with S. Paul Garner.
HF5611 .I585 1992
An interview with Andrew Barr.
HF5616.A8 A23 1996
Accounting standards and reporting issues update.
HF5616.U5 A38 2001
AcSEC's new rules.
HF5616.U5 I56 2001
International accounting standards : is now the time?
HF5625 .A24 1998
Accounting for the environment.
HF5626 .I583 2001
International accounting standards : approaching a decision.
HF5629 .A255 1989
HF5629 .D57 1964
Distinguished accountants videotape series.
HF5635 .A22185 1995
HF5635 .A2275 1999
Accounting in action.
HF5635 .A2276 1999
Accounting in action. Financial accounting.
HF5635 .A3 2002
Accounting, fifth edition.
HF5635 .A32
The accounting equation.
HF5635 .A33 1986
Accounting and finance for the non-financial managers.
HF5635 .A3335 2001
Accounting for internet transactions : new rules, new debate.
HF5635 .A335 1991
Accounting principles.
HF5635 .E98 1997
The eye-popping world of financial accounting.
HF5635 .F5643 2002
Financial & managerial accounting, 7E.
HF5635 .F566 1995
Finance and accounting for the non-financial manager.
HF5635 .O58 2002
On the money.
HF5657 .C37
Career success in public accounting.
HF5657 .C55
Client/Auditor relations.
HF5657 .S44
Self-regulation update.
HF5657.4 .A27 1999
Accounting in action. Managerial accounting.
HF5657.4 .B87 1995
Business issues in management accounting.
HF5657.4 .C67 1995
Core issues in management accounting : planning and performance improvement.
HF5657.4 .E87 1993
Essential issues in management accounting.
HF5657.4 .H88 1988
Management accounting 1.
HF5657.4 .I54 1995
Information issues in management accounting.
HF5657.4 .M365 1991
A Manager's guide to financial decision making.
HF5657.4 .M369 2002
Managerial accounting.
HF5657.4 .M433 1993
Measuring corporate performance. Program 1, Flying blind : how traditional measures mislead.
HF5657.4 .M434 1993
Measuring corporate performance. Program 2, Balanced scorecard : managing future performance.
HF5657.4 .M435 1993
Measuring corporate performance. Program 3, Activity-based management : managing future performance.
HF5657.4 .M674 1996
More than numbers : management accounting in practice.
HF5657.4 .S77 1995
Strategic issues in management accounting.
HF5658 .I55 2001
Implementing FAS no. 131 on segment reporting.
HF5658 .N66 2001
Nonfinancial statement information : what should you disclose?
HF5658.5 .D46
Depreciation and inflation.
HF5661 .A93 1997
HF5667 .A53 1990
Analytical procedures.
HF5667 .A555 1991
Auditing in an EDP environment.
HF5667 .A66
Applying SAS 39 for nonstatistical auditing.
HF5667 .A7975 2001
Auditors and ethics : a growing concern.
HF5667 .A86
The Auditor in court.
HF5667 .A928155 2001
Auditor independence : a crisis for the profession?
HF5667 .D36
Danger! Fraud at work.
HF5667 .G68 1992
Governmental auditing standards.
HF5667 .M347 2001
Management, auditors, and the audit committee : new roles and responsibilities.
HF5667 .N49 2001
New business environment for auditing.
HF5667 .O64 1985
Operational audit of the purchasing function.
HF5667 .P72
Practical auditing.
HF5668 .D39 1990
Day 1 : internal auditing.
HF5668 .I568 1990z
Internal audit at your service.
HF5668 .I59 1990z
Introducing and setting up the audit.
HF5668 .W67 1990z
Working with internal audit.
HF5668.25 .I577 1989
Internal controls.
HF5668.25 .M63 1986
Modern internal auditing : tools and techniques.
HF5679 .C66 1988
Computerising accounts.
HF5679 .G48 1992
Getting started with DacEasy accounting version 4.3.
HF5679 .L46 1999
Learning Peachtree Accounting 6.
HF5679 .L47 1991
Learning Peachtree, complete accounting.
HF5679 .L49 1999
Learning QuickBooks Pro 99.
HF5679 .M363 1992
Managing with DacEasy accounting.
HF5679 .P76 1992
Processing with DacEasy version 4.3.
HF5681.B2 B35 1990
The Balance sheet.
HF5681.B2 B49 1992
Beyond the bottom line.
HF5681.B2 F568 1997
Financial statement analysis for profit improvement.
HF5681.B2 F576 2001
Financial reporting in the year 2000.
HF5681.B2 I59 1990
Interpreting financial statements.
HF5681.B2 N38 2001
New directions in financial reporting?
HF5681.B2 S82 1999
The Stanford video guide to financial statements : a tale of two restaurants.
HF5681.B2 U52 1990
Understanding financial statements.
HF5681.C28 B83 1996
Budget, control and cash flow management.
HF5681.C28 M39 1994
Maximize cash flow : how to plan, manage and control the cash your business needs.
HF5681.C57 A223 2001
Accounting for internal-use software.
HF5681.I55 V38 2003
Valuing intangible assets.
HF5681.N65 I68 1991
An introduction to FASB statement 106.
HF5681.R5 R48 2003
Revenue recognition : guidance, implementation, & fraud concerns.
HF5681.S8 S77
Stocks and work in progress.
HF5681.S85 A33 2001
Accounting for stock options : a continuing controversy.
HF5686.B65 I67 2001
Implementing FAS no. 133 : accounting for derivative instruments and hedging activities. Part 1.
HF5686.C7 A36 2001
Achieving quality and transparency in financial reporting .
HF5686.C7 B88 2001
Business combinations : new rules for a new millennium.
HF5686.C8 A38 1991
Activity based costing.
HF5686.C8 C6 2002
Cost accounting, 11E.
HF5686.C8 M375 1999
Marginal thinking.
HF5686.C8 P76 2000
Production planning and cost management : cost accounting.
HF5686.C8 S45 1996
Selecting and implementing an activity based management system .
HF5686.C8 S837 1991
Strategic cost management.
HF5718 .B85 v.1
Importance of business communication.
HF5718 .B85 v.2
Mechanics of communication.
HF5718 .B85 v.3
The writing process.
HF5718 .B85 v.4
HF5718 .B85 v.5
HF5718 .B85 v.6
HF5718 .B85 v.7
HF5718 .B85 v.8
Business writing.
HF5718 .B85 v.9
Research and report writing.
HF5718 .B85 v.10
Business presentations.
HF5718 .B85 v.14
Technology on the job.
HF5718 .B85 v.15
Communications on the job.
HF5718 .B85 v.16
The business meeting.
HF5718 .D44 1992
Delivering successful presentations.
HF5718 .E38 1992
Effective listening skills.
HF5718 .G78 1996
Group dynamics in the electronic environment.
HF5718 .H42 1997
Head for business. The Colortex story.
HF5718 .H422 1997
Head for business. The Wintech story.
HF5718 .I58 1998
Introduction to business communication : tools for leadership.
HF5718 .I58 2000
Introduction to business communication : tools for leadership.
HF5718 .M355 1991
Make the phone work for you.
HF5718 .M373 1997
The mastery of speaking as a leader.
HF5718 .P69 1990
Power writing: the key to success.
HF5718 .R43 1987
Reaching agreement.
HF5718 .S636 1997
Solving your communication crisis.
HF5718 .T35 1995
Talking 9 to 5 : women and men in the workplace.
HF5718 .T37 1990
Tap the power of teamwork.
HF5718 .W67
Words are not enough.
HF5718.22 .B53 1995
HF5718.22 .C73 1997
Creative training & presentation techniques.
HF5718.22 .E44 1995
Effective presentations.
HF5718.22 .H69 1994
How to make winning presentations.
HF5718.22 .M353 1993
Make presentations work for you.
HF5718.22 .P47 1986
Persuasive presentations.
HF5718.22 .P74 1998
Presentation skills.
HF5718.22 .P75 1996
HF5718.22 .P76 1998
Professional presentations.
HF5718.22 .S653 1993
Powerful presentation skills.
HF5718.22 .S87 1992
Successful presentations.
HF5718.3 .B48 1990
Better business writing.
HF5718.3 .W745 1999
Writing for business results : "learn to improve your written communication".
HF5719 .O37
Oh what a lovely report.
HF5719 .W75 1991
Writing for results : the winning written report.
HF5721 .B87
The business letter business.
HF5721 .L35 1997
Letter writing for business.
HF5721 .L47
Letter writing at work.
HF5721 .L48
Letters, memos, & reports.
HF5721 .W75
Writing for work.
HF5726 .A447 1998
American business English/ESL : the fundamentals.
HF5734.5 .B4 1991
Be prepared for meetings : how to lead productive business meetings.
HF5734.5 .G68 1996
Got a minute? : a practical guide to preparing for and participating in meetings.
HF5734.5 .H67 1994
How to hold successful meetings : 30 action tips for successful meetings.
HF5734.5 .M355 1996
Making meetings work.
HF5734.5 .M44 1991
Meeting objectives.
HF5734.5 .M45 1990z
Meetings, bloody meetings.
HF5734.5 .M673 1994
More bloody meetings.
HF5736 .R43 1994
Records management.
HF5761 .T72
Traffic and transportation.
HF5811 .A38 1999
HF5813.P36 A38 1996
Advertising missionaries.
HF5813.U6 A62 1998
Advertising and the end of the world.
HF5813.U6 S425 1999
Sell & spin : a history of advertising.
HF5822 .A25 1996
The ad and the ego.
HF5822 .F54 1997
The fine art of separating people from their money : the world's best sellers.
HF5822 .P77 1991
Psycho-sell : advertising and persuasian.
HF5822 .P79 1995
Psychology of advertising.
HF5822 .R44 1986
The Rhetoric of advertising.
HF5823 .B87 1997
Business ethics : truth in advertising.
HF5823 .L36 2001
The language of advertising.
HF5823 .P76 1990z
Promotion : how retailers use special events to improve market share.
HF5825 .A384 1993
Advertising layout.
HF5827 .I54 1993
I'll buy that.
HF5827.85 .P47 1987
Ein Perfektes Paar, oder, die unzucht Wechselt ihre Haut = A perfect pair.
HF5832 .W49 1996
Why ads work : the power of self-deception.
HF5837 .J366 1997
HF5837 .N48 1997
New suits.
HF5845 .M227 1993
Marketing research.
HF5845 .V57 1996
Visual merchandising.
HF6105 .N487 1996
Newspaper advertising.
HF6146.T42 A144 2000
41st Annual Clio Awards : the best of 2000.
HF6146.T42 A192 2000
1999 winners.
HF6146.T42 A193 2000
1999 Humour.
HF6146.T42 A43 1997
Access to television : putting your organization in the public eye.
HF6146.T42 B253 2001
Behind the adverts : marketing and the language of persuasion.
HF6146.T42 B44 1996
Beer commercials : Falstaff, Miller, Blatz, Hamms, Jax, etc, etc.
HF6146.T42 B478 1993 v.1
The best commercials. [Volume 1].
HF6146.T42 B48 v.2
From winecoolers to Greenpeace.
HF6146.T42 B48 v.3
Sparkling : clean, gems, water.
HF6146.T42 B48 v.5
From cookies to corn flakes.
HF6146.T42 B48 v.9
Sneakers, laptops, and the homeless.
HF6146.T42 C33 1996
Cereal commercials : Kellog's, Cheerios, Twinkies, Cocoa Puffs, etc.
HF6146.T42 C38 1996
Cigarette commercials : Old Gold, Camel, Kool, Pall Mall, etc., etc.
HF6146.T42 C57 1994
Classic animated commercials from the 50's & 60's.
HF6146.T42 C575 1999
Clio Awards : 40th anniversary reel.
HF6146.T42 C576 2000
The Clios 2000.
HF6146.T42 F674 1990z
Foreign TV commercials.
HF6146.T42 L65 2000
London International Advertising Awards 2000.
HF6146.T42 L652 2000
London International Advertising Awards 2000 category tape. Humour .
HF6146.T42 N54 1990z
The Nike TV commerical.
HF6146.T42 T82 2000
The TV advert.
HF6146.T42 T83 1977
TV ads : our mini myths.
HF6146.T42 W48 1999
Windows on Asia-Pacific : Asian television commercials.
HF6161.B4 B736 2000
Branded : personal identity through consumer products.
HF6161.C44 C65
Compelling images.
HF6178 .A349 1990
Advertising agency.
HF6201.H8 C374 1992
Careers in the home furnishings industry.