Videocassette List:
Industries. Land Use. Labour

Class HD Videocassette List
Call Number Title
HD30.17 .P473 1994
Peter Drucker.
HD30.2 .B533 1996
Bill Gates : the communication revolution.
HD30.2 .C665 1989
Competing through information technology.
HD30.2 .I523 1995
Information for managers.
HD30.2 .I65 1997
Information technology at work.
HD30.2 .I75 1999
I.T. decisions.
HD30.2 .I84 2001
IT update.
HD30.2 .K636155 2000
The knowing-doing gap : how smart companies turn knowledge into action.
HD30.2 .K6365 2003
Know how.
HD30.2 .M3575 1995
Managing information systems.
HD30.2 .M359 1998
Managing resources for the market. Managing information .
HD30.2 .O738 1997
The organizational world of knowledge workers.
HD30.2 .S87 1998 v.1
Running with the bulls.
HD30.2 .S87 1998 v.2
Living on the fault line.
HD30.2 .S87 1998 v.3
Learning to survive.
HD30.2 .S87 1998 v.4
Beating the bottom line.
HD30.213 .E77 1990z
ERP implementation : a tale of three companies.
HD30.23 .G76 1991
HD30.23 .T65 1999
Tom Peters : radically reengineering business.
HD30.25 .A77 1990
Arrival slot allocation : American Airlines.
HD30.25 .C665 1991
Coordination of operations for service and cost improvement : Yellow Freight System.
HD30.25 .C88 1990
Cutting photographic paper rolls : Kodak (Australasia).
HD30.25 .D48 1984
Determining vehicle deployment for emergency medical services .
HD30.25 .D573 1983
A Disciplined stock selection strategy.
HD30.25 .G46 1986
George Darling and associates : maturity matrix linear programing comes of age.
HD30.25 .I65 v.2102
Reinventing army recruiting : U.S. Army.
HD30.25 .I65 v.2103
Optimization systems at NBC : GE CRD-NBC.
HD30.25 .I65 v.2104
Multi-method modeling approach : OnStar : General Motors.
HD30.25 .I65 v.2105
Production planning : trade of lilies : Jan De Wit.
HD30.25 .I65 v.2106
Short cycle time & low inventory in manufacturing : Samsung.
HD30.25 .I65 v.9901
Extended enterprise supply chain management at IBM personal systems group and other divisions.
HD30.25 .I65 v.9902
Optimizing restoration capacity in the AT&T network.
HD30.25 .I65 v.9903
British Telecommunications plc : BT work manager dynamic scheduler.
HD30.25 .I65 v.9904
Dana Corporation Spicer Production Division.
HD30.25 .I65 v.9905
Using simulation to teach & improve productivity at Visteon Sterling Plant.
HD30.25 .I65 v.9906
Towers Perrin.
HD30.25 .I65 v.9907
HD30.25 .I68 1994
Investment planning for China's coal and electricity delivery system : China Coal Transport Study.
HD30.25 .R433 1990
Recent advances in crew pairing optimization : American Airlines.
HD30.25 .R435 1987
Real time dispatching and strategic pricing : a new framework for truckload motor carriers.
HD30.25 .R48 1996
Restructuring P & G's supply chain : Procter & Gamble.
HD30.25 .S73 1985
Station manpower planning system : United Airlines.
HD30.25 .Y54 1991
Yield management at American Airlines : American Airlines decision technologies.
HD30.255 .E68 2000
The environment : green pacts and greenbacks.
HD30.255 .R63 1992
The Road to sustainable development.
HD30.26 .O64 1995
Open space.
HD30.27 .L66
Looking ahead : forecasting for purchasing departments.
HD30.28 .A343 1995
Achieving competitive advantage.
HD30.28 .B845 1990
Business definition.
HD30.28 .B853 1996
Business planning.
HD30.28 .B854 1995
Business planning.
HD30.28 .C442 2001
Challenges of leadership.
HD30.28 .C6472 1999
Competing on the edge : strategy as structured chaos.
HD30.28 .C679 1998
Corporate strategy : leveraging resources to create value.
HD30.28 .C75 1998
Creating a business plan.
HD30.28 .D478 1998
Developing a strategic plan.
HD30.28 .H34 1998
Creating the future.
HD30.28 .H693 1997
How to do a business plan.
HD30.28 .I452 1996
Jumping the curve : innovative and strategic choice in an age of transition.
HD30.28 .I47 1999
Implementing a strategic plan.
HD30.28 .I49 1996
Implementing strategy : managing through organizational culture.
HD30.28 .L69 1987
Lotus Development Corporation.
HD30.28 .P32 1996
The passion for distinctiveness.
HD30.28 .P63 1989
HD30.28 .R83 1991
Quality through innovation.
HD30.28 .R833 1991
Models for people-driven quality.
HD30.28 .S29 1999
Scenario planning.
HD30.28 .S43 1997
The search for life after planning : how to build strategies that get implemented.
HD30.28 .S64 1997
Speed and strategic choice : how managers accelerate decision making.
HD30.28 .S75 1999
Strategic planning for the longer term.
HD30.28 .S83 1998
Structure and strategy.
HD30.29 .B73 1989
HD30.29 .C66 1988
Constructive criticism.
HD30.29 .D48 2001
Developing problem solving skills.
HD30.29 .G76
Group problem solving techniques.
HD30.29 .H69 1986
How to get your company out of crisis : basic do's and don'ts.
HD30.29 .L66 1985
Looking at it from every angle.
HD30.29 .P63 1988
Problem solving.
HD30.29 .P76
Problem solving strategies : the synectics approach.
HD30.29 .P77
Problem solving : some basic principles.
HD30.29 .P772
Problem solving : a case study.
HD30.3 .A15 1997
The 9 deadliest sins of communication.
HD30.3 .C638 1998
Communicating with customers.
HD30.3 .C65
Communicating with a group.
HD30.3 .C653 1994
Communicating with confidence to get the job done.
HD30.3 .C6535 1991
Communicating with people on the job.
HD30.3 .C66
Communication in industry.
HD30.3 .C665 1997
Communicating for results : how to be clear, concise and credible.
HD30.3 .D465 2001
Developing communication skills.
HD30.3 .E97 1988
Expressing yourself.
HD30.3 .F63 1995
Focused listening skills.
HD30.3 .G72
The grapevine.
HD30.3 .H38 2002
Have a nice day : working with colleagues and customers in hospitality and tourism.
HD30.3 .I58 1994
Interpersonal communication skills.
HD30.3 .I87 1996
It's good to listen : an introduction to the art of listening.
HD30.3 .L57 1993
HD30.3 .L59 1988
Listening to others.
HD30.3 .M353 1991
Making your point without saying a word.
HD30.3 .M67
More than words.
HD30.3 .S87 1989
The Supervisor as a communicator.
HD30.3 .T42
Team briefing : making management communication work.
HD30.3 .T75 1989
The triple play : communication, coordination, cooperation.
HD30.3 .T76
Trouble with words.
HD30.3 .Y68 1989
You must get the job done through others.
HD30.37 .D46 1997
Using the Internet to build relationships and simplify business .
HD30.37 .E87 1998
Essential business practices for the Net.
HD30.385 .C53 1997
Charting our course toward the networked enterprise.
HD30.385 .E68 1996
The enterprise network and the Internet.
HD30.385 .I59 1998
HD30.385 .N48 1997
The networked generation.
HD30.4 .D44
A degree of understanding : the process of learning by case studies in management education.
HD30.4 .S46 1999
Senior management development.
HD30.4 .S52
A shared experience : an introduction to management teaching using case studies.
HD30.413 .G63 1991
GMAT verbal review.
HD30.413 .V53 1986
Video math review for the GMAT.
HD30.42.U5 D84 2001
Developing financial managers at Daimlerchrysler : a new approach.
HD30.5 .Q47 1986
A question of management : a historical perspective.
HD31 .B8525 1996
The business environment.
HD31 .B8527 1996
The business organisation : from rags to riches.
HD31 .B973 1982
The Business of management.
HD31 .C36
"Can we please have that the right way round?" : a guide to slide presentation.
HD31 .C85 1992
Cultural diversity : at the heart of Bull.
HD31 .D95 1992
The dynamic nature of business.
HD31 .E37
The Effective use of power and authority.
HD31 .E83
The Everyday supervisory skills.
HD31 .F55
Flight plan.
HD31 .F55 1900z
Flight plan.
HD31 .F62
Focus on organisation : a care for discussion.
HD31 .F63
Focus on results : a case for discussion.
HD31 .G74
Grid approach to conflict solving.
HD31 .H359 1990 v.1
Handy on the future of organisations.
HD31 .H359 1990 v.2
Handy on quality.
HD31 .H359 1990 v.3
Handy on change.
HD31 .H359 1990 v.4
Handy on teams.
HD31 .H675 1997
How to drive your competition crazy.
HD31 .H68
How to manage : the processes approach and Henri Fayol.
HD31 .I45 1990z
Improving managerial skills.
HD31 .I56
Introducing O & M.
HD31 .I57
Introduction of change.
HD31 .I572 1986
An Interview with Fumio Mitani on corporate planning.
HD31 .I58 1996
Introducing business.
HD31 .M2928 1998
Managers and managing.
HD31 .M2939 1981
Managerial control.
HD31 .M293947 2000
A manager's guide.
HD31 .M29399 v.1
HD31 .M29399 v.2
Four towns and a circus.
HD31 .M29399 v.3
The film, Joyride.
HD31 .M35
Man in the middle.
HD31 .M36
Managerial grid in action.
HD31 .M365/cst.2
Managing the managers.
HD31 .M365/cst.3
Who do you think you're talking to?
HD31 .M365/cst.4
Trading on uncertainty.
HD31 .M368 cst.10
Strategic management.
HD31 .M368 cst.17
Getting results through effective leadership : Marshall.
HD31 .M368 cst.2
The development of management thought.
HD31 .M368 cst.3
Environmental factors of management : Second City & Heavenly.
HD31 .M368 cst.7
Managing for total quality : Marshall.
HD31 .M368 cst.9
Developing organizational plans : Second City & Heavenly.
HD31 .M37
HD31 .M4172 1992
Fast cycle time : aligning purpose, strategy & structure for speed.
HD31 .M52
The middle manager as innovator.
HD31 .M59 2000
Mobilizing for growth : entrepreneurship within companies.
HD31 .N37
The National managerial test.
HD31 .P467 1991
Peter Drucker in conversation with Warren Bennis.
HD31 .P468 v.5
Technology & innovation : myths & truths.
HD31 .P468 v.6
Real management by results.
HD31 .P468 v.7
The rules of high performance teams for coping with change and discontinuity.
HD31 .P468 v.8
The "4" fundamentals.
HD31 .P468 v.9
Building a continuous learning system for coping with change and discontinuity.
HD31 .P468 v.10
Transformation and new realities.
HD31 .P468 v.11
Productivity of the "knowledge worker" and the "services workers" .
HD31 .P47
The Peter principle.
HD31 .P74/cst.1
The job of management.
HD31 .P74/cst.10
Staffing : developing the staff.
HD31 .P74/cst.11
Influencing people.
HD31 .P74/cst.12
Motivation : why employees work.
HD31 .P74/cst.13
Communication : the thread of unity.
HD31 .P74/cst.14
Change and conflict.
HD31 .P74/cst.15
HD31 .P74/cst.2
Approaches to management thought.
HD31 .P74/cst.3
The manager's environment.
HD31 .P74/cst.4
Managerial decision making.
HD31 .P74/cst.5
Planning : the primary function.
HD31 .P74/cst.6
Planning : the process.
HD31 .P74/cst.7
Organizing : the structuring function.
HD31 .P74/cst.8
The informal organization.
HD31 .P74/cst.9
Staffing : matching people to jobs.
HD31 .P765 1998
Profiles in management : Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.
HD31 .P768 1998
Profiles in management : Brady Breen & Chris Nichols of Washburn Guitar.
HD31 .P77 1998
Profiles in management : Lou Freeman of Southwest Airlines.
HD31 .P78 1998
Profiles in management : Mike Sinyard of Specialized Bicycle Components.
HD31 .R53 1980z
Richard Schonberger.
HD31 .S364 1992
The world-class manufacturing company.
HD31 .S85
HD31 .S86
Supervisor's progress.
HD31 .T47
Thank God its Friday.
HD31 .T655 2000
Tough at the top : business management styles.
HD31 .U56 1996
The unorganised manager.
HD31 .W24 1997
Walk awhile in my shoes.
HD37.C47 Q228 2000
HD38 .B48
Beyond theory Y : the contingency approach to management.
HD38 .C46 1986
CEO Breakfast Talk offer series II.
HD38 .F56
Finding time.
HD38.L64 T35 1993
Taking control of your workday.
HD38 .M36 1984
Singapore productivity lecture 1984 : managing quality, innovation and growth - the Sony experience.
HD38 .T44
"Tell my wife I won't be home for dinner".
HD38 .T46
Theory X and theory Y : two sets of assumptions in management.
HD38.2 .M358 1990z
Management power for the millennium : the 10 challenges for executive performance.
HD38.2 .X56 2000
HD38.25.E85 I48 2000
International branding in the 21st century.
HD38.25.U6 C44 2000
Challenges of the 21st century CEO.
HD38.25.U6 C74 2000
Creating the 21st century CEO.
HD38.25.U6 C88 2000
Cutting edge technologies.
HD38.25.U6 I67 2000
Internet shopping in the 21st century.
HD38.25.U6 M25 2000
Major league entrepreneurs.
HD38.25.U6 M27 2000
Mastering the art of corporate reinvention.
HD38.25.U6 S43 2000
The search for talent in the 21st century.
HD38.4 .G85 1979
Guinea pigs is pigs.
HD38.5 .S84 1999
Supply chain management.
HD38.5 .W43 2001
Web based technologies : a quantum leap for the e- supply chain?
HD39 .B84
Bulter Manufacturing Company : small components plant, part 1 and 2.
HD39.5 .B35 2001
Balanced sourcing : a new approach to purchasing.
HD39.5 .I57
An Introduction to the lease/purchase decision.
HD39.5 .I58
An Introduction to international purchasing.
HD39.5 .M36
Managing your purchasing dollar : techniques for small companies.
HD39.5 .S77
Strategic purchasing planning.
HD39.5 .S79 2001
Strategic sourcing in the new millennium.
HD39.5 .S87 1988
Supplier certification.
HD39.5 .S896 1991
Supply management or reverse marketing.
HD39.5 .T73 2000
HD40 .B37 1994
Basic inventory management.
HD41 .A78 1993
The art of conflict.
HD41 .C649 1989
Competitive analysis and competitive strategy.
HD41 .C663 1995
Competing for the future.
HD41 .P673 1988
Michael Porter on competitive strategy.
HD42 .A78 1992
The art of resolving conflicts in the workplace.
HD42 .C668 1997
Conflict at work: a practical conflict guide to managing.
HD42 .C67
Conflict : causes and resolutions.
HD42 .C673 1986
Conflict : managing under pressure.
HD42 .C678 1988
Coping with conflict.
HD42 .D43 1993
Dealing with conflict & confrontation : how to keep your cool, stand your ground and reach a positive resolution.
HD42 .H69 2000
How to handle conflict and confrontation.
HD42 .M34 1999
Managing disagreements constructively.
HD42 .M36
Managing conflict : how to make conflict work for you.
HD42 .M375 2001
Managing conflict at work!.
HD42 .P44 1997
Peer mediation in action.
HD42 .R473 2001
Resolving conflict in the workplace.
HD42 .R474 1996
Resolving conflicts : strategies for a winning team.
HD42 .W46 1995
What's the problem? : managing conflict at work.
HD42 .W67 1994
Working together : Saturn and the UAW.
HD45 .B44 1992
How things really work : two inventors on innovation.
HD45 .C67 1995
Coping with change in the high-tech environment.
HD45 .G36/cst.1
HD45 .G36/cst.2
HD45 .G36/cst.3
HD45 .G36/cst.4
HD45 .G36/cst.5
HD45 .G36/cst.6
HD45 .G36/cst.7
HD45 .G36/cst.8
HD45 .I56 1985
Innovation : the key to success.
HD45 .M36 1985
Managing innovation.
HD45 .M362 1990
Management of innovation.
HD45 .M37 2000
Mass customization : conversations with innovators in manufacturing.
HD45 .N49 1981
New technology : whose progress?
HD45 .R35 1998
Reengineering through technology : Microsoft's vision.
HD45 .T38 2000
Technological change.
HD45 .T3967 1983
Technology at work.
HD45 .T425 1998
Technology revolution.
HD45 .T57 1997
Thriving in a techno world.
HD47 .F55 2000
Financial management.
HD47 .K542 1986
Value added workshop by Mr. Y. Kikuchi.
HD47 .W342 1986
What is value added.
HD47.25 .C67
Cost, profit & break-even.
HD49 .C55 1995
Crisis management : when disaster strikes.
HD49 .M36
Managing a crisis.
HD49 .T78 1996
The truth about a crisis : beyond damage control-- enhance your reputation.
HD49 .W76
The wrong stuff.
HD50 .D43
Delegate, don't abdicate.
HD50 .D44
HD50 .H36
The Handoff : a study in delegation.
HD50 .H69 1989
How to delegate work.
HD50.5 .E47 1994
Empowerment in action.
HD50.5 .F76 1990z
From the pyramid to the circle : empowerment in the workplace.
HD53 .C744 1995
Creativity and innovation.
HD53 .C746 1990
Creativity in business.
HD53 .C87 1997
Creative thinking : breaking new ground for creating innovative business solutions.
HD53 .H69 1993
How to be creative on the job.
HD53 .M36 1991
Managing creativity.
HD56 .C37 1986
Case studies on model company.
HD56 .E43
The elephant.
HD56 .H68
How to expand productivity movement.
HD56 .I52
Increasing productivity.
HD56 .I57 1986
Inter-NPC Games 1986.
HD56 .K49 1986
Key factors and effective strategies of productivity improvement .
HD56 .M36 1985
Managing IBM in an economic downturn.
HD56 .M365 1985
Management improvement in quality to improve productivity .
HD56 .P36 1986
Panel discussion on critical management issues in the manufacturing sector.
HD56 .P76
Productivity breakthroughs.
HD56 .P762 1985
Productivity : a total commitment - the Northern Telecom experience.
HD56 .P763 1985
Productivity management.
HD56 .P768 1986
Productivity newsreel.
HD56 .P769 1985
Productivity improvement strategies : the Siemen's experience.
HD56 .S54 1980z
HD56 .S73 1986
Steps to company wide productivity.
HD56 .T62
Toast & technology.
HD56 .U52 1986
Understanding productivity.
HD56 .V572 1985
Vision for the productivity movement.
HD57 .S45 1985
Seminar on management productivity in small and medium-sized enterprises.
HD57 .W54 1986
White collar productivity.
HD57.5 .H69 1996
How to lead a team.
HD57.7 .A165 1998
7 skills for emerging leaders : taking on the challenge of leadership.
HD57.7 .B4 1991
Be prepared to lead : applied leadership skills for business managers.
HD57.7 .B456 1996
Ben Franklin on leadership.
HD57.7 .B84 2000
Building tomorrow's company : leadership.
HD57.7 .D5 1992
Developing quality leadership : train, inspire, and retain.
HD57.7 .F66 1997
Four dimensional leadership.
HD57.7 .L398 1998
HD57.7 .L428 1997
Leadership aikido : filling a global gap.
HD57.7 .L43 1992
Leadership style.
HD57.7 .L434 1999
Leadership in a time of change.
HD57.7 .L4344 1995
Leadership kit.
HD57.7 .L4346 1995
Leadership, motivation and communication.
HD57.7 .L435 1989
Leadership principles for the frontline supervisor.
HD57.7 .M35 1991
Management & leadership : today and tomorrow.
HD57.7 .P84 1998
Principles of management : leading.
HD57.7 .R47 1998
A report from the Harvard Business School : leadership.
HD57.7 .S779 1998
Strategic leadership.
HD58.6 .F57 1994b
Negotiating for business results.
HD58.6 .N425 1994
Negotiate like the pros.
HD58.6 .N4425 1997
Negotiation as decision making : getting (more of) what we want.
HD58.6 .N443 1997
Negotiating skills.
HD58.6 .N446 1994
HD58.6 .N447 1995
Negotiating corporate change.
HD58.6 .P76 1999
Process of negotiation.
HD58.6 .S74 1997
The Stanford video guide to negotiating : the sluggers come home.
HD58.6 .S922 1992
Successful negotiating.
HD58.6 .T43 1999
Team negotiations.
HD58.7 .A667 2000
Appreciative inquiry : an interview with David Cooperrider.
HD58.7 .D424 1997
Dealing with crisis and transition : how organizations transform themselves.
HD58.7 .H69 1997
How to give and receive criticism.
HD58.7 .I3 1995
If you don't ask .. being assertive.
HD58.7 .I45 1999
Improving team climate.
HD58.7 .M36175 1998
Management in Chinese cultures.
HD58.7 .O7365 1999
Organizational culture.
HD58.8 .B8859 1997
Business process re-engineering.
HD58.8 .C4363 1994
Change in the workplace.
HD58.8 .C4369 1993
Change : making it work for you.
HD58.8 .C4375 1989
Change master companies : a case study in manufacturing.
HD58.8 .C4376 1989
Change master companies : a case study in the banking industry.
HD58.8 .C4378 1989
Change master companies : a case study in the high-tech fields.
HD58.8 .C566 1997
Core values and crisis : creating a new model for business.
HD58.8 .C655 1995
Coping with change in the workplace.
HD58.8 .E4 2000
E-Leadership : here, there and 'virtually' everywhere.
HD58.8 .G84 1995
Guiding employees through change.
HD58.8 .H357 1994
Succeeding at reengineering.
HD58.8 .H358 1994
Understanding reengineering.
HD58.8 .H66 1985
Honeywell Corporation.
HD58.8 .I47 1998
Impact of the value of a business.
HD58.8 .J87 1996
Just in time? : restructuring corporate America.
HD58.8 .K36 1990
Rosabeth Moss Kanter on synergies, alliances and new ventures .
HD58.8 .L395 2001
Leading in a time of change : a conversation with Peter F. Drucker & Peter M. Senge.
HD58.8 .M2435 1998
Making change happen.
HD58.8 .M2543 1997
Managing change.
HD58.8 .M2553 1994
Managing development and change.
HD58.8 .M36 1994
Managing successful reengineering.
HD58.8 .M364 1993
Managing at the speed of change.
HD58.8 .M37 1994
Mastering change.
HD58.8 .P55 1999
Planning to restructure.
HD58.8 .R44 1994
Reengineering the business.
HD58.8 .R444 1993
Re-engineering the manufacturing enterprise.
HD58.8 .R446 1994
Reengineering the future.
HD58.8 .S22 1996
Sacred cows make the best burgers : paradigm-busting strategies for developing change-ready people and organizations.
HD58.8 .T696 1994
HD58.8 .V57 1997
Visionary companies : their successes and characteristics.
HD58.82 .C74 1995
Creating the learning organization.
HD58.82 .K62 2000
Knowledge management.
HD58.82 .L45 1999
Learning organizations for the future.
HD58.82 .L48 1993
Learning to learn.
HD58.85 .R54 1999
Right sizing.
HD58.87 .I59 1995
International perspectives on business process re-engineering : answers to questions you always wanted to ask about BPR.
HD58.87 .P48 1990z
Peter F. Drucker on reengineering.
HD58.9 .A344 1995
Achieving competitive advantage : managing for organizational effectiveness.
HD58.9 .B46 1995
HD58.9 .C78 1998
Re-engineering the human system.
HD58.9 .H47 1986
Hercules Incorporated.
HD58.9 .L43 1992
The learning organisation.
HD58.9 .R622
The Journey to excellence : the Mike Robson approach to quality.
HD58.9 .S63 1994
The smart workplace : developing high performance work systems.
HD58.9 .T66 1993
Tom Peters : management revolution and corporate reinvention.
HD58.9 .T68 1988
Towards a brave new world?
HD58.95 .M43 2001
Measuring performance in the new millennium.
HD59 .C48 1996
HD59 .E94 1992
Everyone's public relations role.
HD59 .P78 1996
Public relations.
HD59.2 .M36 1997
Marketing advantage : your public relations image.
HD59.2 .M38 1995
Marketing change : image, marketing & public relations.
HD60.5.C2 G74 1994
Greening business.
HD61 .B87 1998
Business risk management.
HD61 .C668 2001
Construction risk management.
HD61 .M375 1997
Managing risk.
HD61 .R583 1999
Risk taking.
HD62.15 .B463 1995
Benchmarking for competitive advantage.
HD62.15 .B99 1991
The Bywater series for total quality management.
HD62.15 .M375 v.7
The Road to total quality.
HD62.15 .M375 v.10
HD62.15 .M375 v.11
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.
HD62.15 .M375 v.12
GTE Directories.
HD62.15 .M375 v.14
Duracell International, Inc.
HD62.15 .M375 v.15
Walt Disney World Co.
HD62.15 .M375 v.20
Financial services.
HD62.15 .P56 1996
品質你與我 ; 香港製造國際級數 = Quality the way to go ; Make it better in Hong Kong.
HD62.15 .Q35 1990
Quality : the big picture.
HD62.15 .Q354 1991
Quality or else.
HD62.15 .Q356 1994
Quality secrets : the Baldridge Award winners speak.
HD62.15 .Q365 1992
A quality revolution?
HD62.15 .R37 1993
Rapid response manufacturing.
HD62.15 .R83 1992
Creativity for ongoing total quality.
HD62.15 .S79 1991
Stuck on quality : how to achieve total quality.
HD62.15 .T683 1988
Total quality management and information technology.
HD62.4 .B84 2001
Building multi-level global brands.
HD62.4 .C86 1999
Culture by culture.
HD62.4 .D65 1992
Doing business internationally : the cross-cultural challenges.
HD62.4 .G535 1996
Global environmental communication.
HD62.4 .G552 2000
Global strategic planning.
HD62.4 .G565 1996
Globalisation : with Kenichi Ohmae.
HD62.4 .G63 1998
Going global.
HD62.4 .M64 2001
Molding the global enterprise : a case study.
HD62.4 .N487 1993
New skills for global management.
HD62.4 .P52332 2005
Videos to accompany International management by Phatak, Bhagat and Kashlak.
HD62.4 .S75 1996
The strategies required in the global marketplace.
HD62.4 .T66 1980z
Tom Peters.
HD62.45 .T75 2001
Transfer pricing : new importance, new challenge.
HD62.5 .B87 1996
Business planning.
HD62.5 .C45 1992
HD62.5 .E65 1998
Entrepreneurship and the staring of a small business.
HD62.5 .H69 1987
How to really start your own business.
HD62.5 .K57 1992
Kiplinger's guide to small business growth.
HD62.5 .M55 1993
Minding your own business.
HD62.5 .S623 1993
Small business : triumph or tragedy.
HD62.5 .W35 1989
Starting a hi-tech company.
HD62.7 .B87
The Business plan.
HD62.7 .M35 1989
HD62.7 .N56
1984 small business national issues conference special report .
HD62.7 .R56 1991
Risky business.
HD66 .A19 1995
9 traits of highly successful work teams.
HD66 .B84
Building teamwork.
HD66 .B85 1991
Building the perfect team : team role types.
HD66 .C568 1999
Continuous team development.
HD66 .D485 1994
Developing teamwork.
HD66 .E329 1995
Effective teamwork.
HD66 .E335 1997
Effective facilitation tools.
HD66 .E43 1994
HD66 .E47 1991
Empowerment : team development.
HD66 .E98 1997
Everyone's teamwork role.
HD66 .F67
For my own cause : quality circles.
HD66 .G47 1998
Getting along with your coworkers.
HD66 .H69 1994
How to make cross-functional teams work.
HD66 .I55 1994
Innovative project teams.
HD66 .I56 1993
Implementing self-directed work teams.
HD66 .I74 1982
I really do enjoy working here.
HD66 .K44 1993
Keeping teams together.
HD66 .L42
Leadership in QC circles.
HD66 .L68 1997
Love them or hate them : the dilemmas of team-based organizations.
HD66 .M32
A manager's role in QC circle activities.
HD66 .M35 1990z
Making teams work.
HD66 .M353 1990
Making the team work.
HD66 .M36 1993
Managing with teams.
HD66 .O44 1984
Office Technology, Inc.
HD66 .O443 1984
Office Technology, Inc.
HD66 .P56/cst.1
HD66 .P56/cst.2
HD66 .P56/cst.3
HD66 .P56/cst.4
HD66 .P56/cst.5
HD66 .P56/cst.6
HD66 .P563 1991
HD66 .Q33
Quality circles .. first year in review.
HD66 .T4125 1992
Team building.
HD66 .T43 1990
Team building : a question of balance.
HD66 .T433 1992
Team building.
HD66 .T43348 1996
Teamwork : achieving success.
HD66 .T4335 1993
Teamwork : principles of successful teams.
HD66 .T434 1983
Teamwork, an introduction to group dynamics.
HD66 .T435 1997
The team doctor : tools and techniques to keep teams of every type healthy, fit and fully functional.
HD66 .T436 1994
The team approach.
HD66 .T4363 1997
Team up for success : building teams in the workplace.
HD66 .T4365 1994
Teams and organisational change.
HD66 .T92
TQC introduction for top management.
HD66 .W67 1987
Working together.
HD66.2 .S83 1999
Success factors for virtual teams.
HD69.B7 B725 pt.1
Brand equity.
HD69.B7 B725 pt.2
Visual identity.
HD69.B7 B725 pt.3
Image management.
HD69.B7 B745 1997 v.1
Threats to the brand.
HD69.B7 B745 1997 v.2
Managing brand equity.
HD69.B7 B745 1997 v.3
Adding value.
HD69.B7 B745 1997 v.4
Retailer power.
HD69.B7 B745 1997 v.5
HD69.B7 B745 1997 v.6
Relationship marketing.
HD69.B7 B745 1997 v.7
The future for marketing.
HD69.B7 B76 2000
Brands : the "x factor".
HD69.B7 C87 1998
Current issues in naming and branding.
HD69.B7 H45 1999
Heinz : baked beans, has Beanz?
HD69.B7 L48 1999
Levi Strauss & Co. : blue dreams.
HD69.B7 N55 1999
HD69.B7 V35 2000
The value of brands.
HD69.D4 A2
The ABC's of decision making.
HD69.D4 P43 1997
Managing with power.
HD69.D4 T73 1998
HD69.P75 H38
Have project .. will manage.
HD69.P75 I26 1981
IBM Corporation : the bubble memory incident.
HD69.P75 M363
Managing projects.
HD69.P75 M37 1989
Maritime Explorations, Inc.
HD69.P75 P76
The Project.
HD69.P75 P7625 1998
Project management.
HD69.S6 C87 1994 pt.1
Are your customers happy with your service? : smart ways to let them tell you how to boost sales.
HD69.S6 C87 1994 pt.2
Create a company customers will love to do business with! : from the inside out.
HD69.S6 C87 1994 pt.3
The 25 best customer service ideas you can use today! : and some of the worst.
HD69.S6 C87 1994 pt.4
How to communicate your customer service vision : and get your employee to sign on!
HD69.S6 C87 1994 pt.5
How to keep your customers for life! : by building solid-gold relationships.
HD69.S6 C87 1994 pt.6
How to turn your valued customers into your best salespeople : the secret of profit-boosting service).
HD69.S8 .S87 1998
Structuring strategic alliances.
HD69.T54 B89 1991
Buying time.
HD69.T54 C38 2000
Caught in the speed trap.
HD69.T54 E75 1998
HD69.T54 G38 1991
Get more done in less time.
HD69.T54 G44 1987
Managing your time effectively.
HD69.T54 H68 1991
How to get things done : an achiever's guide to time management.
HD69.T54 H69 1999
How to beat the clock.
HD69.T54 O98 1999
Outlook 2000. Beginning.
HD69.T54 P67 1989
Positive time skills.
HD69.T54 S54/cst.1
HD69.T54 S54/cst.2
HD69.T54 S54/cst.3
1% 管理者.
HD69.T54 T525 1988
Time for the job.
HD69.T54 T53 1990z
Time for time.
HD69.T54 T54 1999
Time management : get the most out of your time.
HD69.T54 T552
The time manager.
HD69.T54 T56 1993
Time based competition.
HD69.T54 T5625 1993
Time management.
HD69.T54 T563 1990z
Time management.
HD70.G7 T76 1993
Trouble shooter 2.
HD70.G7 V58 2000
HD70.J3 J36
Japanese manufacturing techniques.
HD70.J3 R5/cst.1
新日本製鐵現況 : 21 世紀的鋼鐵業 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.10
未來營業 : 21 世紀的業務部門 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.2
經濟桃花源 : 21 世紀的國際企業 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.3
野武士的甦醒 : 21 世紀的典型企業 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.4
企業換心 : 21 世紀的化學工業 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.5
第三類接觸 : 21 世紀的人工智慧 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.6
商社三國誌 : 21 世紀的綜合商社 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.7
頂尖味之素 : 21 世紀的食品業 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.8
未來工廠 : 21 世紀的工廠 .
HD70.J3 R5/cst.9
未來人事 : 21 世紀的人事部門 .
HD70.T3 Q5 1980z
HD70.U5 D452/pt.1
Introduction to the Deming management philosophy.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.10
Chain reaction : quality, productivity, lower costs, capture the market.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.11
Curing the deadly and destructive diseases of management .
HD70.U5 D452/pt.2
Why productivity increases as quality improves.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.3
The 14 steps management must take.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.4
Uses of control charts : advantages of achieving statistical control.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.5
Discovery and correction of faults of the system.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.6
New principles of training and supervision.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.7
Inspection of incoming materials and product.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.8
Quality and productivity in service organizations.
HD70.U5 D452/pt.9
Operational definitions, conformance, and performance.
HD70.U5 D453
The Deming legacy.
HD70.U5 I52
In search of excellence.
HD70.U5 M36
Management's five deadly diseases : a conversation with Dr. W. Edwards Deming.
HD70.U5 T72
Transformation of American industry.
HD70.U5 W362 1997
Frontiers of excellence : lessons from organizations that put people first.
HD75.6 .P76 1990
Profit the earth.
HD75.8 .P37 1998
Participatory techniques in action.
HD82 .I42
Images of the third world.
HD82 .I595 2000
Investment and growth.
HD87 .C66 2002
Commanding heights: the battle for the world economy.
HD929.S74 F36 2006
HD1033 .F32
Faces of the city.
HD1033 .L32
Landscape : a pattern of change.
HD1387 .S65 1991
Property valuation.
HD1390 .S65 1991
Property development.
HD1393.58.G7 B87 2002
Business tackling property issues.
HD1393.58.G7 P76 2002
Property in business.
HD1415 .S68 1989
Sowing for need or sowing for greed? : the promises of the Green Revolution.
HD1417 .G76
Growing dollars.
HD1531.N53 C64 1997
Coffee break!.
HD1691 .W37
Water management.
HD1698.I42 N376 1995
Narmada diary.
HD1920.5 .S76 1988
Spotlight on European farming.
HD2098 .C45 1990
Chinese farm family : changes in countryside today.
HD2329 .O56 1998
On the line, 1924.
HD2336.3 .W67 1999
Working from home.
HD2346.H6 H66
Hong Kong moves ahead.
HD2356.U5 R57
The rise of big business.
HD2731 .E26 1987
The economics of the corporation.
HD2741 .E67 2004
Enterprise governance.
HD2741 .R42/cst.1
The move : Vickers Defence Systems.
HD2741 .R42/cst.2
The new tradition : Wedgwood Plc.
HD2741 .R42/cst.3
The takeover : Vantona Viyella Plc.
HD2741 .R42/cst.4
The new look : TI 'New World' gas cookers.
HD2741 .R42/cst.5
The gamble : small firms.
HD2743.5 .A66 1997
The annual general meeting : a case study.
HD2745.5 .C43 1990z
The Chartered secretary : manager of the future.
HD2746 .M36 1999
Managing growth.
HD2746 .T75 1998
From start-up to success in internet years.
HD2746.5 .A36 1990
Acquisition strategies.
HD2746.5 .B89
HD2746.5 .E85
Evaluating a merger.
HD2746.5 .M3225 1999
HD2746.5 .M38 1990
Managing acquisition integration.
HD2746.5 .M458 1999
Mergers and acquisitions : distinguishing winners from losers.
HD2746.5 .W54 1996
When Rover met BMW.
HD2755.5 .C66 1978
Controlling interest : the world of the multinational corporation.
HD2755.5 .D58 2000
Discontinuous market change and strategic repositioning .
HD2755.5 .I584 1995
International enterprise.
HD2755.8 .D58 1985
Diversification strategies.
HD2756.2.J3 K45 1994
Keiretsu and the Friday lunch : an interview with Minoru Makihara, President, Mitsubishi Corp.
HD2757.2 .M66 1987
Monopoly, competition and the law.
HD2845 .G66
Good for business.
HD2907 .F67 1984
Foreign affiliated companies : practice makes success.
HD2907 .H69 1984
How to penetrate the Japanese market.
HD3850 .G48 1987
Getting out of business : privatization and the modern state.
HD4145 .P73 1996
Privatization of state-owned businesses.
HD4875.P5 M62 1997
Modern heroes, modern slaves.
HD4902.5 .A221 1999
Accepting the challenge : issues on the job for people of color.
HD4902.5 .F231 1999
Facing the challenge : issues in the job search for people of color.
HD4903 .S49 1994
Sexual discrimination in the marketplace.
HD4903.5.C3 N6 1990
No time to stop : stories of immigrant and visible minority women.
HD4904 .W67 1996
Working in organisations.
HD4904.7 .L57 1986
HD4905 .P76
Productivity : it's a personal matter.
HD5113 .S57 1996
Survival skills for the night shift worker.
HD5306 .C66
Coping with conflict.
HD5325.M6152 1973 .H378 1976
Harlan County U.S.A.
HD5325.M6152 O5 1992
On strike.
HD5650 .M36
Management by participation.
HD5650 .R47
Responsibility shares : autonomous production groups.
HD5658.A4272 U65 1998
In-sourcing work at Northwest Airlines.
HD5660.J36 P37
Participative management : we learn from the Japanese.
HD5660.U5 S77 1985
Strategies for success : the Motorola experience.
HD5706 .W54
Will tomorrow work?
HD5707.5 .R436 2001
Rebounding from job loss.
HD5707.5 .U564 1999
Unemployment : the grieving process and getting back on track.
HD5708 .C54 1994
Clearing the hurdles.
HD5708.5 .D69 1996
The downside of downsizing.
HD5710.2 .P55 1998
The Phillips curve.
HD6050 .T86 1990z
Special issues for women entrepreneurs.
HD6053 .W65
Women in management : threat or opportunity?
HD6054.3 .H69 1990
How to present a professional image.
HD6054.3 .T56 1999
Through the glass ceiling.
HD6054.3 .W68 1993
Women managing men.
HD6056 .A34 1988
Age discrimination.
HD6057.5.U5 D55 1995
Dim sum take-out.
HD6057.5.U5 T36 1986
Talking history.
HD6060 .D53 1999
Did I say hairdressing : I meant astrophysics.
HD6060.3 .N63 1999
No offence.
HD6060.3 .O98 1993
Out of bounds : teenage sexual abuse.
HD6060.3 .S49 1994
Sexual harassment : why me?
HD6060.3 .S54 1992
Sexual harassment 9 to 5.
HD6060.3 .W53 2000
What is sexual harassment?
HD6060.5.U5 S49 1993
Sexual harassment : crossing the line.
HD6061.2.A8 T56 1986
Time's up!.
HD6072.5 .W65 1997
Women entrepreneurs : making a difference.
HD6073.F32 R87 1996
HD6095 .T73 1985
Trade secrets : blue collar women speak out.
HD6250.I42 I524 2000
India : the little serfs.
HD6270 .D42 2000
Dealing with unemployment.
HD6273 .T44 2001
Teens for hire : first jobs for teenagers.
HD6276.T32 D35 2000
HD6331 .F58 2000
For man must work, or, The end of work.
HD6331 .J637 1996
Jobs : not what they used to be : the new face of work in America.
HD6331.18.P855 I54 1999
Information technology : counting the socio-economic costs and benefits.
HD6331.2.A8 C53 1985
The challenge of change.
HD6336 .G56 1986
The global assembly line.
HD6483 .N48
A New era.
HD6483 .T57 1981
Three meetings.
HD6483 .T73 1977
Trade Union Training Authority.
HD6483 .U555 1976
Union communication : interview.
HD6483 .U556 1976
The Union Rep. : a personal matter.
HD6483 .U557 1976
Union communication : report.
HD6508 .L33 1994
Labor's future in the global economy : Gus Tyler.
HD6508 .U55 1992
Unions in crisis.
HD6515.A82 G58 1983
Givebacks : the UAW and the auto industry.
HD6961 .A183 1996
21 ways to defuse anger and calm people down.
HD6971 .L32
Labour-management communication.
HD6971 .L325
Labour-management consultation : a managers' key to success.
HD6971 .S38
Saving through automation : case example of joint consultation in Yamatake Honeywell, Japan.
HD6971.5 .F86
Fundamentals of negotiation.
HD6971.5 .N43
Negotiating : strategies and tactics.
HD6971.5 .N45
Negotiations in action.
HD6976.A82 L66 1973
Loose bolts?
HD6976.C62 H26 1996
Mickey Mouse goes to Haiti : Walt Disney and the science of exploitation.
HD6977 .S735 1998
Standard of living.
HD7255 .A33 1998
Access unlimited job search series.
HD7261 .C66 1996
Comfort is more than a thermal issue.
HD7262 .A76
Around every corner : the need for planned safety inspections.
HD7262 .S42
Search for safety : doing job safety analysis.
HD7262 .T47
That's the rule!.
HD7262 .W43 1981
What happens next?
HD7262.25 .A325 2002
Accident investigation.
HD7262.25 .M34
Make your investigation count.
HD7262.25 .N68 1981
Not by accident : a logical look at accident investigation.
HD7262.5.A8 O32
Occupational health & safety.
HD7287.96.C652 B65 1987
La Mirada de Myrian : Myriam's glance.
HD7333.A3 B43 2002
HD7333.A3 C75 2004
Creative planning for housing.
HD7333.A3 F865 2001
The Future of housing.
HD7333.A3 H6852 1996
Housing making a difference.
HD8038.A1 D48 2000
Developing a professional image.
HD8039.F32 F376 1999
The farmer's wife.
HD8039.H84 R4 1993
Re-evaluating homemaking.
HD8072.5 .P46
People who work in factories.
HD8380.5 .E97 1993
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.
HD8726.5 .J36
Japan at work.
HD8726.5 .J365 1993
Japan : economic world power.
HD8726.5 .J37 1984
Japanese blue collar workers : a system not a culture.
HD8726.5 .L33 1981
Labor-management relations in Japan.
HD8740.S52 S535 1997
HD9000.5 .E43
Element of survival, food.
HD9000.5 .F595 1996
The food industry.
HD9011.9.C3 M37 1998
The marketing mix at Cadbury's : the launch of "Fuse".
HD9018.A8 B87 1996
The business of marketing food.
HD9018.D44 P64/cst.1
An Unnecessary famine.
HD9018.D44 P64/cst.2
The Hunger machine.
HD9018.D44 P64/cst.3
Battle for the land.
HD9018.D44 P64/cst.4
The Aid trap.
HD9057 .F34
The Fall and rise of the small baker.
HD9199.B72 C65 1998
Coffee : a sackful of power.
HD9199.P42 T35 2002
Tales from the global economy : the cappuccino trail.
HD9235.P8 C77
The Crisp revolution.
HD9281.A2 I34 1998
The ice cream wars.
HD9502 .E54 1990
Energy and society.
HD9502 .R86 1990
Running out of steam.
HD9502.U5 E53
Energy : the facts, the fears, the future.
HD9502 .W67 1983
The world's energy.
HD9520.C3 A553 1988
Andrew Carnegie.
HD9520.C3 A554 1994
Andrew Carnegie, 1835-1919 : the maverick millionaire.
HD9560.5 .O325 1996
Oil & energy.
HD9622 .G65 1990z
Going for gold.
HD9651.5 .T73 2001
Trade secrets : a Moyers report.
HD9665.5 .P47 1981
Pesticides and pills : for export only.
HD9685.G7 P63
Power to the people.
HD9696.A3 N568 1999
The nature of business.
HD9696.A3 U572 1994
An obsession with quality : an interview with George M.C. Fisher, C.E.O, Eastman Kodak; C.E.O, Motorola 1990-1993.
HD9696.A3 U594 1999
Silicon Valley : center of a modern renaissance.
HD9696.A3 U5944 2002
Silicon Valley dreams.
HD9696.C62 G56 1993
Global technology : ETRE.
HD9696.C62 R57 1994
The rise and rise of Bill Gates.
HD9696.C62 T35 1994
Taking risks at Intel : an interview with Andrew S. Grove, C.E.O, Intel Corporation.
HD9696.C63 I75 1993
Software from the Middle East.
HD9696.C63 T758 1996
Triumph of the nerds.
HD9696.C64 I264 1993
IBM's big blues.
HD9696.C64 S65 1988
Spinnaker Software Corporation.
HD9696.T444 H53
High productivity : how Matsushita does it.
HD9696.T462 E57 2001
Entertainment in the digital age.
HD9696.2.G34 S375 1999
SAP Inc. : an industry leader emerges.
HD9696.2.U64 I255 1998
How do you turn a giant around? : (Leadership).
HD9696.2.U64 I256 1996
Reengineering corporate training at IBM.
HD9696.63.U64 M5365 1999
Microsoft vs. the Justice Department : playing monopoly.
HD9696.63.U64 R435 1990z
Open-sourcing : a new approach for software distribution.
HD9696.65.U62 I55 2001
Innovators of Silicon Valley.
HD9696.8.U64 C534 2000
Cisco Systems.
HD9696.8.U64 C535 2000
Cisco Systems and the internet economy.
HD9697.A3 U54 1997
Jack Welsh and GE : the house that Jack built.
HD9710.A2 A98 1996
The automotive industry.
HD9710.A2 D48 1994
Design and marketing of a new product : case study of a new car model--the Toyota Camry.
HD9710.A2 D57 2000
Disintermediation in the United States automobile industry .
HD9710 .G36 1988
General Motors Corporation : modernizing the Wilmington plant.
HD9710.G474 M93 1994
HD9710 .J36
Japanese cars : why are they so popular?
HD9710 .P64
Poletown lives!.
HD9710 .R62
Roadmap for change : the Deming approach.
HD9710.U52 I26 1993
Lee Iacocca.
HD9710.U52 T87 1994
Turning around General Motors : an interview with Harry J. Pearce, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, General Motors Corporation.
HD9710.U54 F638 1988
Henry Ford.
HD9710.U54 F695 1994
Steering Ford to superior quality : an interview with Harold "Red" Poling, former Chairman and CEO, Ford Motor Company.
HD9710.U54 H665 2001
Manufacturing quality ; A day in the life of quality ; Statistical process control.
HD9711.U6 B64 1994
Boeing reinvents the airplane : an interview with Philip M. Condit, President, the Boeing Company.
HD9711.75.A2 S67 2000
HD9715.A2 C655
Computers in construction.
HD9715.A2 Q35
Quality assurance in construction.
HD9715.A2 S43 1997
Selecting a procurement strategy : applying risk management techniques.
HD9715.G72 C66535 1998
Evaluation of the potential impact of the Egan report.
HD9715.G72 I55 2001
Innovative change : the M41 initiative.
HD9715.G72 L56 1998
Looking at innovation in construction, environmental and management systems.
HD9715.G72 P2
PSA, pacesetter in QA.
HD9715.G72 P38 1998
HD9715 .S54 1900z
Shepherd : building excellence.
HD9715.8 .S73
Stamp of authority.
HD9725 .A98 1986
Automated material handling.
HD9725 .R47 1998
A report from the Harvard Business School : Manufacturing.
HD9743.U6 D373 2001
Defense, aerospace & cyberspace.
HD9940 .F38 1997
Fashion careers.
HD9940.U4 W56 1994
Wholesaling in fashion merchandising.
HD9940.U64 S385 1999
Cutting their own cloth.
HD9948.5.A2 N53 1999
Niche marketing in the sportswear business.
HD9970.5.C674 H37 1999
Hard Candy video. Parts I-IV.
HD9980 .P36 1986
Panel discussion on critical management issues in the service sector .
HD9980.5 .M339 1989
Management in the service economy.
HD9980.5 .M344 1998
Managing services.
HD9980.5 .M37155 1999
Marketing a service.
HD9980.5 .M372 1995
Marketing services.
HD9995.H36 D47 1993
Design for disability.
HD9999.C58 Z46 1990z
HD9999.P3934 G84 1999
Jean-Paul Guerlain.