Videocassette List:
Recreation. Leisure

Class GV Videocassette List
Call Number Title
GV15 .L45 1976
GV169 .G45 1990z
GV199.42.C66 F57 1982
First ascent.
GV199.44.C4 E947 1998
GV199.44.E85 E94 1992
Everest : climb for hope.
GV199.44.P37 E82 1992
"La Escoba de Dios:" the broom of God.
GV199.44.R87 C55 1992
Climbing to the top of Russia : the challenge of the Caucasus.
GV200.15 .S63 1990
Social climbers.
GV200.2 .C54 1993
Climb international : China, Hong Kong, Thailand.
GV200.2 .H37 1993
Hard rock.
GV200.2 .M37 1991
Masters of stone.
GV200.2 .M682 1988
Moving over stone.
GV200.2 .M682 1991
Moving over stone II.
GV200.2 .R63 1996
GV200.2 .R633 1995
Rock climbing skills : the basics and beyond.
GV200.2 .R635 1995
Rock climbing in the Adirondacks.
GV200.2 .T55 1994
Third stone from the sun.
GV200.4 .O75 1997
Orienteering : the thought sport : an introduction for schools.
GV200.5 .S739 1993
Stay alive! : a guide to survival in mountainous areas.
GV200.63 .R58 2000
Rivers into the unknown.
GV211 .Q45 2000
Quest for fitness.
GV341 .P75 1999
Principles of training for fitness.
GV436 .T37 1997
Testing for aerobic fitness.
GV438 .G743 1991
Karen Voight's pure & simple stretch.
GV447 .F57
Fit forever.
GV447 .K36
GV481 .P68 1998
Physical qualities.
GV496 .C6 1991
The complete guide to medicine ball training video.
GV501.5 .J354 1994
Jane Fonda's step and stretch workout.
GV501.5 .K3 1992
Kathy Smith's step workout.
GV501.5 .P684 1994
Power step workout.
GV504 .J53 1998
GV504 .T33 1999
Tai chi for health.
GV504 .T338 1989
T'ai chi for health.
GV504 .T344 1998
GV504 .T38 1998
GV505 .Q5 1995
GV505 .S773 1996
Stress free with tai-chi.
GV545 .F686 no.1
Mulvihill system of gymnastics instruction.
GV545 .F686 no.2
Beginning tumbling.
GV545 .F686 no.3
Intermediate tumbling.
GV545 .F686 no.4
Advanced tumbling.
GV546 .A38 1998
Advanced strength training.
GV546 .G653 1989
Gold's Gym personal trainer series. Level one. The start .
GV546 .G654 1989
Gold's Gym personal trainer series. Level two, Intermediate workout .
GV546 .G66 1999
A golfer's workout.
GV546 .W35 1992
Weight training exercises : the comprehensive guide.
GV546.3 .W45 1993
Weight training : steps to success.
GV558 .C66 1994
The competitive edge : the physics, physiology, and psychology of sports.
GV576 .S65 1998
Sporting fever, 1930.
GV704 .S66 1996
GV704 .S67 1998
Sports tech equipment.
GV706.4 .C62 1997
Coaching a winning team.
GV706.4 .S65 2000
Sport + psychology.
GV707 .K66 1992
Know limits.
GV709 .P53 2002
Playing unfair : the media image of the female athlete.
GV709.3 .W54 1995
Wheelchair athletes.
GV711 .C58 1999
Coaching power.
GV711 .C63 1998
Coaching speed.
GV711.5 .J85 1991
Jump! Jump! Jump!.
GV711.5 .P69 1999
Power training.
GV711.5 .S644 1998
Speed for sports and fitness.
GV721.5 .G65 1998
Golden moments of the Olympic games.
GV734.3 .E94 2002
Exert yourself : careers in sport and recreation.
GV783 .C36 1984
Canoeing fast rivers.
GV783 .C38 1990z
Canoeing, the basic skills : a programme for instructors & teacher.
GV783 .F58 1999
GV790 .C36 1991
Canoe trips and canoe camping.
GV811 .C68 1990
Cruising the South Pacific.
GV811.5 .A87 1987
At one with the wind.
GV811.63.W56 I67 1998
Introduction to windsurfing.
GV811.63.W56 W56 1980z
Windsurfing made easy.
GV813 .A83 1989
Atlantic challenge : the making of a record.
GV835.9 .W37 1998
Water warriors.
GV837 .M573 2000
The miracle swimmer.
GV837 .S85 1990z
Swimming strokes.
GV837 .W384 1989
Water is friendly : the first step in learning to swim.
GV837.2 .L37 1990z
Learning to swim.
GV837.7 .S94 1988
Swimming skills and drills. [Part 1].
GV837.7 .S95 1988
Swimming skills and drills. [Part 2].
GV838.53.E94 A783 1997
Aquatic cross training.
GV840.J4 M355 1993
Making waves : the personal watercraft instructional & handling video.
GV847 .H63 v.1
Hockey, here's Howe! : forwards.
GV847 .H63 v.2
Hockey, here's Howe! : defence.
GV847 .H63 v.3
Hockey, here's Howe! : passing and stickhandling.
GV847 .H63 v.4
Hockey, here's Howe! : shooting.
GV847 .H63 v.5
Hockey, here's Howe! : power skating.
GV847 .H63 v.6
Hockey, here's Howe! : goaltending.
GV847 .H63 v.7
Hockey, here's Howe! : conditioning and coaching.
GV849 .W56 1999
Winter solstice on ice.
GV854 .F36 1981
Fall line.
GV867 .C63 1991
A coaching clinic teaching baseball fundamentals.
GV869 .H57 1991
Hitting and baserunning.
GV870 .I64 1991
Infielding and outfielding.
GV871 .P57 1991
Pitching and catching.
GV875.6 .M39 1995
Maximizing baseball practice indoors.
GV880.4 .F54 1999
The fifty-nine minute baseball practice.
GV881 .A38 1996
Advanced fast pitch pitching.
GV881 .B44 1996
Beginning fast pitch pitching.
GV881 .B85 1992
Building a team defense.
GV881 .C38 1990
Catching, development of the total catcher.
GV881 .D43 1990
Defensive strategies.
GV881 .D44 1996
Defensive strategy in softball.
GV881 .F37 1998
Fast pitch hitting.
GV881 .O45 1990
Offensive strategies.
GV881 .P57 1990
Pitching : development of the total pitcher.
GV881 .S63 1990z
GV881.4.C6 C63 1996
Coaching fast pitch.
GV881.4.C6 S56 1996
Slow pitch team defense, strategy & sliding.
GV881.4.P57 F377 1996
Fast pitch team defense strategy & sliding.
GV885 .A55 1990
All new dazzling dunks and basketball bloopers.
GV885 .C66 1993
The complete post player.
GV885 .D39 1989
Dazzling dunks & basketball bloopers.
GV885 .D86 1999 v.1
Team defense.
GV885 .D86 1999 v.2
Transition game.
GV885 .D86 1999 v.3
Championship practices.
GV885 .G74 1990
Great moments of the NBA : awesome endings.
GV885 .I58 1998
Introduction to basketball.
GV885 .N33 1992
The NBA dream team.
GV885 .R53 1987
Rick Pitino.
GV885 .S56 1990
The showmen : spectacular guards of the NBA.
GV885.3 .B68 2000
Blueprint for designing successful basketball practices .
GV885.3 .K46 1999
The Kentucky 1-4 offense.
GV885.3 .K79 1989
Duke's motion offense : to attack man and zone defenses.
GV885.3 .U36 1998
UConn fastbreak drills.
GV885.35 .T73 1999
Training for basketball.
GV886 .B36 1998
Basketball for women : defense & rebounding.
GV886 .B37 1998
Basketball for women : offensive skills.
GV886 .W66 1986
Women's basketball.
GV888 .A152 1997
2-2-1 full-court press.
GV888 .B46 1984
Pressure defense : a system.
GV888 .M69 1996
Moving without the ball.
GV888 .R42 1993
Rebounding and conditioning drills.
GV889 .A15 2000
The 3-out, 2-in zone offense.
GV889 .A45 1997
Aggressive press offenses.
GV889 .C65 1999
The combined 4-out/1-in and 3-out/2-in motion attack.
GV889 .C66 1999
Competitive drills for basketball practice.
GV889 .D75 1992
Drill for skill : advanced level.
GV889.6 .T73 1999
Training for netball.
GV943 .D6 1990
Do it better soccer.
GV943 .I57 1998
International tactics.
GV943 .S63 1998
Soccer star.
GV943 .W56 1996 v.1
Direct play.
GV943 .W56 1996 v.2
Scoring, the finishing touch.
GV943 .W56 1996 v.3
Winning the advantage.
GV943 .W56 1996 v.4
Defending to win.
GV943 .W56 1996 v.5
GV943.4 .L48 1994
Let's play soccer.
GV943.8 .C63 1999
Coaching set-plays.
GV943.8 .D87 1995
The Dutch soccer school = De Nederlandse voetbal.
GV943.8 .E65 2002
Enhancing the 4-4-2 formation.
GV943.9.I6 I67 1998
An introduction to indoor soccer.
GV943.9.T7 A87 1999
Attacking out of a modern 3-5-2.
GV946 .R83 1998
Rugby League : the basic skills of the game ; Rugby League : small sided games.
GV947 .T73 1999
Training for football : Aussie rules.
GV956.S43 R63 1999
Road to glory.
GV962.5 .A15 1991
9 tips from 9 legends of golf.
GV962.5 .G648 2001
Golf drills to correct common errors.
GV962.5 .G65 2001
Golf drills for teaching fundamentals.
GV965 .C53 1999
Championship Coaches Golf School. Short game improvement .
GV965 .G66 1990z
GV965 .G67 1999
The Golf swing : five keys to great ball striking.
GV965 .K45 1987
Ken Venturi's Better golf now!.
GV965 .S877 1990
The Sutton system to better golf.
GV965 .T68 2001
Tough shots for tough spots.
GV966 .G654 1985
Golf with Patty Sheehan.
GV966.3 .B555 1992
Billy Casper golf for juniors.
GV970 .H54 2001
Highlights of the 2001 Masters tournament.
GV979.P75 G65 2000
Golf psychology.
GV979 .P75 M49 2002
The mental game of golf.
GV979.P8 G85 1999
The guide to perfect putting.
GV979.S54 S56 1999
Short game 101 : chipping, pitching, and sand play.
GV979.S63 C63 2001
Coaches guide to golf etiquette.
GV979.S9 A15 1997
The 8-step swing.
GV979.S9 F86 1999
Full swing improvement.
GV995 .A44 2001
Allen Fox's ultimate tennis lesson.
GV995 .A88 1992
GV995 .B33 1974
The Backhand.
GV995 .F67 1974
The Forehand.
GV995 .F86
Fundamentals of tennis.
GV995 .P53 1983
Play your best tennis.
GV995 .P72 1999
Practice with purpose.
GV995 .S47 1974
The Serve and the volley.
GV995 .S77 1974
The Strategy shots.
GV995 .T45 1990z
GV995 .T455 1992
Tennis 2000.
GV995 .T46 1996
Tennis : tricks of the trade. Programme 1.
GV995 .U88 1995
USTA's winning patterns of play.
GV1002.7 .T46
Tennis : basic tactics for singles.
GV1002.8 .S83 1998
Successful doubles.
GV1002.8 .T46
Tennis : basic tactics for doubles.
GV1002.9.C63 C62 1997
Coaching Singles.
GV1002.9.C63 C63 1997
Coaching Team Tennis.
GV1002.9.C63 O52 1997
On-court live ball drills.
GV1002.9.C63 O53 1997
On-court fed ball drills.
GV1002.9.C63 O57 1997
On-court team doubles : competitive drills and games.
GV1002.9.C63 O58 1997
On-court team doubles.
GV1002.9.C63 S78 1997
Stroke Mechanics.
GV1002.9 .T46
Tennis : grips and strokes.
GV1002.9.T7 A44 2001
Allen Fox's ultimate tennis drills.
GV1002.9.T7 P38 2000
Paul Wardlaw's competitive drills for tennis.
GV1002.9.T7 T73 1999
Training for tennis.
GV1004 .S725 1979
Squash rackets.
GV1005 .A15 2001
The 46th world table tennis championships : 2001 Osaka.
GV1005 .I67 1998
An introduction to ping pong (table tennis).
GV1005 .T43 2000
Technique of basic strokes.
GV1007 .I24 1990
IBF coaching video.
GV1007 .I57 1998
Introduction to badminton.
GV1015.3 .D48 1995
Development & training for terminators.
GV1015.3 .I67 1998
Introduction to volleyball.
GV1015.3 .N48 1992
Coaching boy's volleyball.
GV1015.3 .O68 1995
Option blocking.
GV1015.3 .U83 1995
USA volleyball.
GV1015.3 .V53 1986
GV1015.3 .W66 1992
The World of volleyball.
GV1015.5.T73 F86 1996
Fundamental skills training for volleyball.
GV1015.5.T73 G56 1992
Jump, quickness and conditioning.
GV1015.5.T73 P53 1989
Play better volleyball : volleyball basics.
GV1015.5.T73 V63 1993
Volleyball : a movement education.
GV1060.5 .I58 1998
Introduction to track & field.
GV1060.5 .T73 1994
Track & field : the basics for success.
GV1061.5 .M522 1998
The middle distance training program.
GV1061.5 .R335 1998
Racing strategy for 800/1500 meters.
GV1063.2.C63 C76 1999
Cross country training : a 3-phase system for peak performance.
GV1066 .R35 1991
Relay drills.
GV1067 .H87 1991
Hurdle drills.
GV1067 .H88 1998
Hurdles : common errors & corrections.
GV1069 .L78 1998
LSU's explosive sprint drills.
GV1069 .S65 1991
Sprint drills.
GV1069 .S76 1998
Sprints, starts, relay techniques.
GV1075 .H534 1998
The high jump.
GV1075 .H55 1998
High jump : common errors & corrections.
GV1075 .H56 1991
High jump drills.
GV1077 .L66 1997
The long jump.
GV1077 .L67 1998
Long jump : common errors & corrections.
GV1077 .L68 1991
Long jump drills.
GV1078 .T747 1997
The triple jump.
GV1078 .T75 1998
Triple jump : common errors & corrections.
GV1078 .T76 1991
Triple jump drills.
GV1080 .P645 1997
Pole vault 101.
GV1080 .P65 1998
Pole vault : common errors & corrections.
GV1080 .P66 1991
Pole vault drills.
GV1093 .D57 1998
Discus throw : common errors & corrections.
GV1094.3 .D57 1998
The discus throw.
GV1094.6 .J38 1991
Javelin throw drills.
GV1094.8 .S55 1998
The shot put.
GV1094.8 .S56 1998
Shot put : common errors & corrections.
GV1094.8 .S57 1991
Shot put drills.
GV1111 .T68 1992
Total self defense.
GV1114.65 .K66 1999
Knockout workout, kickboxing.
GV1114.7 .G66 1990z
功夫與健身 : 中國武術與健身的探祕.
GV1132.T97 F35 1993
Fallen champ : the untold story of Mike Tyson.
GV1147 .F46 2000
Fencing : introduction to the foil.
GV1201.6 H363 1999
Hands on a Hard Body : the documentary.
GV1302.5 .G363 2002
Gambling on the future : Internet gaming.
GV1469.3 .G364 2000
Game over : gender, race & violence in video games.
GV1547 .S35 1997
Science of magic.
GV1594 .W8 1990z
舞宴 : 台灣舞蹈紀事.
GV1595 .F86 1993
Fundamentals of timing.
GV1617 .B344 1993
Ballroom dancing : the international championships.
GV1618 .B37 1977
Baroque dance, 1675-1725.
GV1626 .A43 1996
American style bolero. Volume 1 : technique & principles.
GV1626 .A44 1996
American style bolero exhibition choreography. Volume 1 .
GV1626 .I68 1996
International style paso doble techniques and principles. [Volume 1] .
GV1691 .W83 1900z
GV1703.T3 S66 1997
Songs of the mountains, dances of the sea : music and dances of Taiwan's indigenous people.
GV1751 .A44 1993
American style arm styling technique and turns.
GV1751 .A45 1996
American style rhythm Cuban motion technique.
GV1751 .B35 1993
Ballroom dancing for beginners.
GV1751 .B36 1991
Ballroom dancing : intermediate.
GV1751 .B37 1993
Ballroom dancing : advanced.
GV1751 .B38 1994
Basic dance lesson.
GV1751 .L37 1994
The Latin dances.
GV1751 .P37 1997
Party dancing 101.
GV1751 .Z56 1999
GV1753 .E94 1996
Execrises for the ladies. Volume 2.
GV1753.5 .Y683 1989
You can dance cha-cha.
GV1753.5 .Y684 1989
You can dance foxtrot.
GV1753.5 .Y685 1989
You can dance jitterbug (swing).
GV1753.5 .Y686 1989
You can dance mambo and dirty.
GV1753.5 .Y687 1989
You can dance Rhumba.
GV1753.5 .Y688 1989
You can dance tango.
GV1753.5 .Y689 1989
You can dance waltz.
GV1761 .A44 1993
American style advanced two waltz variations.
GV1783 .D38 1990
Dead dreams of monochrome men.
GV1783 .E68 1996
Enter Achilles.
GV1783 .F68 1990z
Four women.
GV1783 .N48 2001
New dance.
GV1783 .S73 1992
Strange fish.
GV1783.2.B87 B88 1990
Butoh : body on the edge of crisis.
GV1785.A1 T56 1996
Thomas Edur & Agnes Oaks : born 1969 & 1970, Estonia.
GV1785.G7 M374 1990
Martha Graham : the dancer revealed.
GV1786.N34 C36 1998
Can't stop now.
GV1788 .B342 1995
Choreography by Balanchine. Part 1.
GV1790 .M47 1990
The merry widow.
GV1790.R65 B647 1994
The Bolshoi Ballet in Sergei Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet .
GV1790.S93 U55 1984
The ultimate Swan lake.
GV1796.C2 A44 1996
American style cha cha exhibition choreography. Volume 1 .
GV1796.C2 A45 1996
American style advanced II cha cha variations.
GV1796.C2 I68 1996
International style cha cha techniques & principles. [Volume 1] .
GV1796.C68 A44 1996
American style eastern swing exhibition choreography. Volume 1 .
GV1796.D57 Y68 1989
You can dance nightclub disco & slow dancing.
GV1796.F55 F53 1998
GV1796.F55 S485 1996
GV1796.F6 A44 1993
American style advanced two foxtrot variations.
GV1796.J6 I68 1996
International style jive techniques and principles. [Volume 1].
GV1796.J6 S85 1994
The swing era.
GV1796.J6 S86 1998
Swing medley.
GV1796.K38 C57 1989
Circles cycles Kathak dance.
GV1796.L3 Y68 1990
You can dance lambada.
GV1796.M3 A44 1996
American style mambo exhibition choreography. Volume 1.
GV1796.R8 A44 1996
American style advanced II rumba variations.
GV1796.R8 A45 1996
American style rumba exhibition choreography. Volume 1.
GV1796.R8 I68 1996
International style rumba techniques and principles. [Volume 1] .
GV1796.S245 .S36 1996
Salsa and merengue.
GV1796.S25 I68 1996
International style samba techniques and principles. [Volume 1] .
GV1796.T3 A44 1993
American style advanced two tango variations.
GV1796.T3 T33 1996
Tango passion.
GV1805.S6 S68 1995
The Soviet Circus.
GV1821.C57 S35 1997
GV3410 .R47 1994
Restaurant etiquette.