Call Number Title
T27.C5 T53 2002 天工開物 : 中國古代科技文物.
T39 .P48 1994 Cinema Volta.
T55 .I59 2006 ISAS+ 安全管理制度 = ISAS+ safety management system.
T55 .Z55 2000 職安健小百科 2000 = Occupational safety and health bookshelf 2000.
T55 .Z55 2006 職安健小百科 2006 = Occupational safety and health bookshelf 2006.
T55 .Z558 2001 職安健資料集 2001 = Occupational safety and healthinformation collection 2001.
T55.3.H3 P642 1997 Hazardous materials handbook.
T56.8 .A23 2002 AACE International's professional practice guide to business and program planning.
T58.6 .L3764 1996 Management information systems : organization and technology.
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T173.H6 C54328 2003 Applied research gallery.
T173.H6 C58432 2002 大學之道 = Paths to success.
T173.H6 H6493 1999 Explore a brand new era at the PolyU.
T174.7 .W43 2002 What is nanotechnology?
T212 .E87 1998 Eureka! : an encyclopedia of discoveries & inventions.
T385 .A35 2008 Adobe Fireworks CS4 : essential training.
T385 .A35 2008 Adobe Fireworks CS4 : essential training.
T385 .A35835 2002 Adobe Photoshop 7 with Julieanne Kost.
T385 .A978 2011 Autodesk AutoCAD 2011 : essential training.
T385 .A98 2006 Automotive modeling techniques : polygon modeling with Kevin Hudson.
T385 .C75 1998 CorelDRAW 8.0.
T385 .D57 1996 Director academic.
T385 .G63934 2008 Adobe Illustrator CS4 : essential training.
T385 .G7387 2000 Learning fireworks 3.
T385 .H425 2002 Learning Illustrator 10.
T385 .L3825 2000 Microsoft PowerPoint 2000.
T385 .L385 1999 Learning Adobe Illustrator 8, introduction.
T385 .L3852 1999 Learning Illustrator 8, advanced.
T385 .L386 1999 Learning PhotoDraw 2000, introduction.
T385 .L387 1999 Learning PowerPoint 2000, introduction.
T385 .L3872 1999 Learning PowerPoint 2000, advanced.
T385 .L435 1995 Learning PowerPoint 4.0, advanced.
T385 .L436 1995 Learning PowerPoint 4.0, introduction.
T385 .M3246 2012 Blender 2.6 : essential training.
T385 .M48 2000 MetaCreations Infini-D 4.5 : VTC training CD.
T385 .M533 1994 Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0.
T385 .M535 1997 Microsoft PowerPoint 7.
T385 .M536 1997 Microsoft PowerPoint 97.
T385 .P4935 1998 Photoshop 3 小時快速入門.
T385 .P55 1995 Photos on CD : the ultimate search tool for finding just the right photo on CD-ROM.
T385 .P57 1999 PhotoDraw 2000.
T385 .P695 1996 PowerPoint 7.0 for Windows 95 fundamentals.
T385 .P697 1999 PowerPoint 2000.
T385 .P6982 1999 PowerPoint 2000.
T385 .S532 2002 Conference abstracts and applications.
T385 .S532 2003 ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 full conference DVD-ROM.
T385 .W438 2001 Learning Photoshop 6, Imageready 3 for the web.
TA113.H85 H572 2009 五周年特刊 = 5th anniversary special issue.
TA151 .G47132 1995 Electronic Giecks' engineering formulas.
TA157 .E68 1999 Engineers guides to business : series CD.
TA166 .H83 1999 Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 43rd annual meeting : Houston, September 27-October 1, 1999.
TA166 .H832 1998 Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 42nd Annual Meeting : Chicago, October 5-9, 1998.
TA166 .H832 2002 Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 46th annual meeting : bringing fundamentals & new opportunities : September 30-October 4, 2002, Baltimore, Maryland.
TA166 .I5622 2000 Proceedings of the XIVth Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association and the 44th annual meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society : ergonomics for the new millennium, July 29 through August 4, 2000, San Diego, California, USA.
TA169.7 .S96 1999 The system safety analysis handbook.
TA177.4 .A23 2001 AACE International's professional practice guide to risk.
TA183 .A228 2001 AACE International's professional practice guide to contingency .
TA183 .A23 2002 AACE International's professional practice guide to parametric and conceptual estimating.
TA332 .A72 1996 Architectural engineer's solutions suite.
TA332 .C54 1996 Chemical engineer's solutions suite.
TA332 .C58 1996 Civil engineer's solutions suite.
TA347.F5 A5 1994 Linear, static finite element analysis : thirty lectures on the introductory theory and practice of structural finite element analysis.
TA347.F5 C485 2011 [Publications of professor Y.K. Cheung].
TA347.F5 P34 1999 PDEase for finite element analysis.
TA357 .M85 2000 Multi-media fluid mechanics.
TA403 .J25 2001 EMSET2 CD-ROM : experiments in materials science, engineering & technology.
TA403 .M34 1995 Materials.
TA403 .M384 1996 Materials science on CD-ROM : an interactive learning tool for students.
TA403 .M384 1998 Materials science on CD-ROM : an interactive learning tool for students.
TA403 .P764 1997 Properties of materials.
TA403 .R46 2005 Resistant and compliant materials.
TA403 .S77 2004 Structural materials : tutorials.
TA403 .T87 2000 Tutorials for introduction to engineering materials.
TA404.3 .R87 1996 Materials science : a multimedia approach.
TA418.9.C6 I584 1997 Eleventh international conference on composite materials : Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 14th-18th July 1997, proceedings.
TA419 .W665 1994 Woods of the world.
TA419 .W67 1994 Woods of the world pro.
TA435 .I572 2003 The International Conference on Cement Microscopy : compilation of proceedings from the first 25 years.
TA440 .H85 1998 混凝土的物理性能試驗多媒體 CAI 課件.
TA455.P58 P4752 1996 Physical properties of polymers handbook.
TA462 .B64 1992 Active library on corrosion.
TA462 .B642 1998 Active library on corrosion 2.0.
TA483 .A45 1996 Alloy finder.
TA502 .I68 2007 Strategic integration of surveying services : the XXX FIG General Assembly and Working Week, 13-17 May 2007, Hong Kong = 同心共策,測量服務.
TA630 .E37 2001 EASEC-8 : the Eighth East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction : challenges in the 21st century.
TA658.44 .A764 2002 ASHRAE/SMACNA seismic restraint applications.
TA683 .G2925 1998 鋼筋混凝土梁試驗的多媒體 CAI 課件.
TA683.2 .R43 2006 Reinforced concrete design : teaching aids, PowerPoint presentation.
TA710.4.S63 S462 2006 Proceedings : Seminar on Geotechnical Works in Karst in South-East Asia, 26 August 2006, Hong Kong.
TA1634 .C662 Proceedings.
TC5 .S58 2001 第十二屆水利工程硏討會.
TC174 .T83 1999 Pipeflow2 for Windows.
TD5 .H66 2000 Hong Kong - France Conference on the Environment : new technologies for air, waste & water, 11-12 December 2000.
TD145 .E5742 1999 Environmental engineers' handbook.
TD170 .B54 1994 The big green disc.
TD170 .L36 1994 Land and air.
TD171.5.C62 H67 2011 香港環境保護, 1986-2011 = Environment Hong Kong, 1986-2011.
TD171.5.H6 A57 1999 Air pollution and environmental protection.
TD171.5.H6 X5255 1999 香港面對之挑戰 : 一九九零年代環境槪覽匯編.
TD174 .E58 1996 Environmental hypermedia programs and water quality models.
TD192.5 .I562 2003 In situ and on-site bioremediation, 2003 : proceedings of the Seventh International In Situ and On-Site Bioremediation Symposium, June 2-5, 2003, Orlando, Florida.
TD195.C54 B87 2005 Easy access environmental management : implementation of BS 8555 in the construction sector, phases 1-3 and 4-7.
TD195.E4 C573 環境健康及安全報告.
TD195.54.C6 Z44 2004 中国二氧化硫总量控制与排放权交易政策实施示范.
TD196.R3 E5842 no.17,18 Environmental gamma absorbed dose rate in air in Hong Kong 1999 : Annual report 1998.
TD196.R3 E5842 no.19 Annual report 1999 = 一九九九年年報.
TD301.A1 J53 2004 给水排水常用数据手册.
TD345 .W38 1993 Water.
TD420 .E59 1996 Environmental protection. Water pollution & waste disposal.
TD423 .W38 2006 Water pollution.
TD746 .O632 1998 Operation of municipal wastewater treatment plants.
TD763 .B7422 2007 締造維港美好的未來 : 「淨化海港計劃」.
TD789.A78 I892 2000 Waste management : the challenge for Asian cities :search for a sustainable future = 亞洲城市廢物管理 : 會商良策, 延續未來 : proceedings of the ISWA International Symposium & Exhibition on Waste Managementin Asian Cities, 23-26 October 2000.
TD789.C62 H632 2005 都市固體廢物管理政策大綱 (2005-2014).
TD791 .S65 1995 Solid waste.
TD878 .I56 2003 Remediation of contaminated sediments--2003 : proceedings of the Second International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments : September 30-October 3, 2003, Venice, Italy.
TD883 .E59 1996 Environmental protection. Air pollution.
TD883.7.G742 A845 1998 Urban air pollution : Athens 2004 air quality.
TD883.7.H6 A37 1996 Air quality in Hong Kong, 1986-1995.
TD883.7.H6 X53 香港空氣質素 = Air quality in Hong Kong.
TD890 .I58 2000 International Symposium on the Measurement of Toxic and Related Air Pollutants : September 12-14, 2000, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
TD892 .N638 2003 Noise and noise figure.
TD1066.O73 I582 2002 Remediation of chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds, 2002 : proceedings of the Third International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, May 20-23, 2002, Monterey, California.
TG113.H85 T562 2000 Ting Kau Bridge and approach viaduct CD-ROM.
TG113.H85 T5623 2000 汀九橋及高架引道 CD-ROM.
TG113.H85 T5624 2000 汀九橋及高架引道 CD-ROM.
TG145 .R88 1996 Bridge building.
TH145 .B748 1999 Building basics.
TH425 .T39 1999 Tender booklets and schedule of rates for district term contracts : contract nos. 17 to 22 of 1999.
TH435 .A23 2000 AACE International's professional practice guide to construction cost estimating.
TH438 .C4525 2001 Construction project management : techniques and practice : CPMT plus : a self-study and rapid learning software.
TH443 .S58 1998 Site safety on CD-ROM.
TH845 .A73 2006 Building integration solutions : proceedings of the 2006 Architectural Engineering National Conference : March 29-April 1, 2006, Omaha, Nebraska.
TH880 .R45 2007 Creating livable, healthy and environmentally viable cities Regional Conference on Sustainable Building and Construction.
TH880 .X536 2007b 香港杭州可持續發展建築技術專業咨詢研討會, 2007 杭州= The Joint Hong Kong and Hangzhou Seminar for Sustainable Building, Hangzhou 2007.
TH2031 .A73 1996 Architectural graphic standards CD-ROM.
TH2031 .A73 1998 Architectural graphic standards.
TH2031 .D48 1994 Detailing for building construction.
TH2031 .M48 1999 Metric handbook : planning and design data.
TH2235 .P47 2001 Performance of exterior envelopes of whole buildings VIII.
TH2431 .C66 2003 Condition assessment of roofs : report of RILEM Technical Committee TC 166-RMS, Roofing Materials and System.
TH2431 .T69 2001 Towards sustainable roofing : report of RILEM Technical Committee TC 166-RMS, Roofing Materials and Systems.
TH3351 .L683 2002 樓宇維修全書.
TH6021 .C4843 v.J 2001 Weather, solar and illuminance data.
TH6021 .E542 2005 Enhancing Hong Kong's built environment.
TH6025 .A86 1997 ASHRAE thermal comfort tool.
TH7011 .C65 1999 Complete system troubleshooting.
TH7011 .T76 2001 Troubleshooting practice. Series 1.
TH7201 .A8233 The ASHRAE handbook CD. Fundamentals.
TH7201 .A824 The ASHRAE handbookCD.
TH7205 .A85 The ASHRAE transactions CD : technical and symposium papers : presented at the .. ASHRAE .. meeting ..
TH7335 .H8 1999 HVAC1kit : a toolkit for primary HVAC system energy calculation.
TH7466.5 .P54 1996 Pneumatic thermostats.
TH7638 .I56 1996 Inside the heat pump.
TH7681 .A57 1999 Air handlers : calibration.
TH7681 .A58 1998 Air handlers : mechancial systems.
TH7683.D8 A842 2002 ASHRAE duct fitting database.
TH7684.F2 A52 1998 Industrial ventilation : a manual of recommended practice.
TH7687 .A455 2000 Air conditioning simulator.
TH7687 .C45 1998 Chillers I : mechanical components.
TH7687 .C452 1998 Chillers II : leak check & electrical.
TH7687 .C65 1999 Condensers : maintenance & troubleshooting.
TH7687 .C68 1999 Condensers : maintenance & troubleshooting.
TH7687 .H825 2000 HVAC refrigeration cycle troubleshooting.
TH7687 .R44 1996 Refrigeration in air-conditioning.
TH7687.5 .A38 1997 Air properties and measurement.
TH7687.5 P78 2002 Psychrometric analysis.
TH9336 .L73 2001 LPC rules for automatic sprinkler installations : including BS 5306, part 2 and LPC technical bulletins 1 to 33.
TH9593.H6 X57 2002 消防安全巡查及喉轆使用方法 = Procedures for regularchecks on fire safety.
TJ151 .M372 1999 Marks' standard handbook for mechanical engineers.
TJ163.2 .U63 1998 Understanding energy.
TJ163.3 .D85 1995 Dwindling resources.
TJ163.5.B84 B48 1999 BetterBuildings interactive : HVAC foundations : achieving comfort and efficiency.
TJ163.5.B84 I573 1999 Building Simulation '99 : Sixth International IBPSA Conference, International Building Performance Simulation Association : September 13-15, 1999, Kyoto, Japan, proceedings vol. I, II, and III.
TJ163.5.B84 I573 2001 Proceedings of Seventh International IBPSA Conference : Building Simulation 13-15 August 2001, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
TJ211 .R63 1996 Robotics fundamentals.
TJ808 .C66 2011 「嶄新再生能源設備及零部件設計, 製造與應用會議及研討會系列」紀要 = Conference and Seminars on Renewable Energy Devices Design, Manufacturing, Applications and Installation proceeding.
TJ808 .R46 1995 Renewable energy.
TJ853 .F58 1997 Fluid power.
TJ990 .C37 2000 Carlyle 06D, 06E, 06CC : semi-hermetic compressors.
TJ990 .W59 2001 Why compressors fail II.
TJ1045 .P683 2001 Power protection and grounding for information technology systems .
TJ1051 .A35 2001 Adjustable speed drives : problems, analysis and solutions.
TK145 .F86 1997 Fundamentals of electrical troubleshooting.
TK145 .I75 1998 Interactive electrical troubleshooting.
TK146 .H224 2002 Electrical engineering : principles and applications.
TK146 .I53 1998 Induction CD-ROM (sixth form electronics) = 導引光碟 (中六電子學科).
TK152 .Y66 2000 用電安全.
TK1111 .E44 2002 Electrical theory DC.
TK1362.S65 C45 1997 Chernobyl : the dead zone.
TK3226 .M65 1999 Modeling and simulation of power system harmonics.
TK3227 .F33 2001 Facility and equipment grounding 2000.
TK3227 .G76 2001 Grounding for equipment performance.
TK3271 .I46 2000 IEE requirements for electrical installations including BS 7671 .
TK5101.A1 A862 2001 APCC2001 : proceedings of the 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan, September 17-20, 2001.
TK5101.A1 I5375 ITU-T recommendations on DVD-ROM.
TK5101 .F86 1996 Fundamentals of networks.
TK5101 .F87 1996 Fundamentals of telecommunications.
TK5101 .I88 ITU-R recommendations.
TK5101 .M68 2001 Pete and Jason Moulton's Telecom survival training course.
TK5102.8.E87 A37 1999 ACTSLINE.
TK5103 .G46 2004 Generic requirements for the physical design and manufacture of telecommunications products and equipment.
TK5103.2 .F86 1996 Fundamentals of wireless.
TK5103.2 .W54 2001 Wireless communication : the interactive multi- media CD-ROM.
TK5103.4885 W572 2002 Wireless internet & mobile business programming.
TK5103.8 .C36 2000z CCNP certification : implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks.
TK5103.8 .F86 1998 Fundamentals of switching.
TK5103.8 .L63 1996 Local number portability.
TK5105 .F86 1998 Fundamentals of data.
TK5105.35 .F86 1998 Fundamentals of ATM and frame relay.
TK5105.5 .C4932 2000 Cisco networking essentials. Flash card companion.
TK5105.5 .C538145 2000z Cisco CCNA certification package : Cisco CCNA exams 640-822 ICND1, Cisco CCNA exams 640-816 ICND2, and for combined CCNA exam 640-802.
TK5105.5 .C539 2002 Cisco networking academy program. First- and second-year interactive guide.
TK5105.5 .N478 1998 The networking CD bookshelf.
TK5105.5 .N478 2002 The networking CD bookshelf.
TK5105.543 .C567 2000z Cisco 642-902 CCNP route : implementing Cisco IP routing.
TK5105.55 .D38 2000z Datacom & IP fundamentals.
TK5105.585 .E87 2001 Expert labs : IP routing.
TK5105.59 .C545 2000z Cisco CCNA security : implementing IOS network security.
TK5105.7 .N48 1993 NetWare 4.x administration.
TK5105.875.I57 B47 1995 The best Internet software of '95.
TK5105.875.I57 C656 1997 Communicating with Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 C73 1997 The beginner's guide to the net.
TK5105.875.I57 D57 1999 Discover the Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 E47 1996 Easy Internet : tutorial.
TK5105.875.I57 F86 1998 Fundamentals of internet.
TK5105.875.I57 H58 1995 Hitch-hiking through cyberspace : part 1.
TK5105.875.I57 I565 1996 Internet odyssey : the easy way to use the internet.
TK5105.875.I57 I5834 1996 Internet encyclopedia.
TK5105.875.I57 I5835 1996 Internet publisher's toolbox.
TK5105.875.I57 L43 1996 Learn how to build a web page.
TK5105.875.I57 M53 1995 Microforum's Internet connection.
TK5105.875.I57 Z53 1998 資訊之旅.
TK5105.878 .I78 2008 It's a matter of netiquette.
TK5105.883.F55 R67 2004 Firefox 1.0, Thunderbird 1.0.
TK5105.883.M53 L398 1998 Learning Internet Explorer 4.0.
TK5105.883.M53 L43 1999 Learning Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.
TK5105.883.M53 M53 1997 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.
TK5105.883.N48 L43 1996 Learn Netscape Navigator quick & easy.
TK5105.883.N48 N44 1998 Learning Netscape 4.
TK5105.883.N48 N487 1997 Netscape Navigator 3.
TK5105.888 .I58 1996 Proceedings of the 5th International World Wide Web Conference : May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France.
TK5105.888 .M488 2006 CSS site design.
TK5105.888 .M538 1998 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 e-Xtra on web page development.
TK5105.888 .N46 1998 Netscape Communicator e-Xtra on web page development.
TK5105.888 .U75 1998 Using the World Wide Web.
TK5105.888 .W37 2001 Web design.
TK5105.888 .W37252 2002 Web design 2. Flash, Fireworks.
TK5105.888 .W434 1995 Web publishing & programming resource kit.
TK5105.888 .W436 1996 WebWise.
TK5105.8885.A34 R43 2002 Learning GoLive 6.
TK5105.8885.D74 A55 2001 Learning UltraDev 4.
TK5105.8885.D74 F54 2001 Macromedia Dreamweaver MX fundamentals.
TK5105.8885.D74 G75 2001 Learning dreamweaver 4.
TK5105.8885.D74 G76 2002 Learning dreamweaver MX.
TK5105.8885.D74 K953 2002 Lynn Kyle's Macromedia Dreamweaver training course.
TK5105.8885.D74 M396 2002 Macromedia MX Suite.
TK5105.8885.D74 W455 2000 Learning dreamweaver 3.
TK5105.8885.D74 W585 2008 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 : essential training.
TK5105.8885.D74 W586 2010 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 : essential training.
TK5105.8885.F59 A26 2009 ActionScript 3.0 in Flash CS4 Professional for designers.
TK5105.8885.F59 A27 2009 Adobe Flash CS4 professional : learn by video.
TK5105.8885.F76 L394 1998 Learning FrontPage 98. Introduction.
TK5105.8885.F76 L395 1998 Learning FrontPage 98. Advanced.
TK5105.8885.M53 F66 1999 FrontPage 2000.
TK6553 .R43 2003 RF circuit fundamentals I.
TK6563 .L342 2002 Radiotron designer's handbook.
TK6570.M6 G77 2001 GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, and the path to 3G.
TK6570.M6 T34 2011 Building Android and iOS applications with Flex.
TK6630 .F86 1996 Fundamentals of video.
TK6643 .L54 1996 LightStudio.
TK7816 .E428 2000 Electronics into the future : circuit fundamentals.
TK7867 .B59 1999 Newnes interactive electronic circuits CD-ROM.
TK7867 .E1735 1997 EDN design ideas on CD-ROM, 1994-1996.
TK7867 .M85 2000 MultiSIM 2001 : schematic capture, simulation & programmable logic.
TK7871.6 .I375 2004 Introduction to antennas.
TK7871.89.L53 L43 2009 LED toolbox : solid state lighting ; more than 100 Elektor articles includes ; datasheets, design guides, application notes, driver ICs ; tools, optics, sensors, thermal controllers ; power supply, shapes & sizes.
TK7872.F73 R872 1999 Sound synthesis and sampling : the CD ROM.
TK7874.54 .L86 2002 Lumped-element transforms.
TK7874.65 .X55 2003 XILINX.
TK7876 .M537 2003 Microwave transmission lines & their physical realization.
TK7881.15 .I5672 2004 2004 1st International Conference on Power Electronics Systems and Applications proceedings : 9 November to 11 November 2004, Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
TK7881.4 .A54 1996 Numerical acoustics.
TK7881.4 .D54 2004 Digital performer.
TK7881.4 .P76 2004 Pro Tools 5.
TK7881.4 .P765 2003 Pro Tools 6.
TK7881.4 .P768 2000 Pro Tools basics.
TK7881.4 .P77 2000 Pro Tools tips and Plug-ins.
TK7881.4 .S695 1996 SoundStudio.
TK7885.7 .A35 2004 Active-HDL 6.3 : complete FPGA verification environment.
TK7885.7 .X55 2001 XILINX.
TK9152.2 .A23 2001 AACE International's professional practice guide to decommissioning costs.
TK9203.G3 A37 2012 Advances in high temperature gas cooled reactor fuel technology .
TK9968 .B37 2004 Bassbox Pro : speaker box design software.
TK9968 .X68 2004 X.over Pro : passive crossover network design software.
TL210 .F86 2004 Fundamentals of engine performance.
TL214.P6 M68 2004 Proceedings of Motor Vehicle Emissions Control Workshop 2004/2006 = 車輛尾氣排放控制研討會二零零四/二零零六.
TL545 .M84 1997 Multimedia aeronautics fundamentals.
TL570 .I57 2002 Introduction to airplane design.
TL670 .A37 1992 The Aircraft encyclopedia.
TL726.7.C62 H653 2011 機場與您共建未來 : 香港國際機場 2030 規劃大綱.
TL789.8.C5 Z45 2005 中國飛天夢.
TL789.8.U6 S63 1993 Space : a visual history of manned spaceflight.
TL789.8.U6 V6852 1992 Murmurs of Earth : the Voyager interstellar record.
TL795.5 .S63 1993 Space shuttle.
TN153 .M563 1995 Mineral resources & mining.
TN263.5 .F67 1995 Fossil fuels.
TP149 .S24 1992 Safe use of chemicals.
TP159.C57 D53 1999 Diagnosing and preventing hermetic compressor failures.
TP248.2 .D63 2001 DNA technology & biotechnology.
TP248.2 .M53 2004 Microfluidics : ASME 4th Annual MEMS Technology Seminar : April 26-28, 2004, Los Angeles, CA.
TP248.65.F66 S54 2003 食品生物工程技術 : 基因改造食品 = Biotechnology in food : genetically modified food.
TP492 .A829 The ASHRAE handbook CD. Refrigeration.
TP492 .B37 1996 Basic refrigeration cycles.
TP857 .S76 1995 The story of glass.
TP968 .L632 2000 Loctite worldwide design handbook.
TP983 .A822 2002 Cosmetic & personal care additives electronic handbook.
TP994 .I54 2002 Industrial surfactants electronic handbook.
TR113.H85 A15 1996 50 Hong Kong contemporary photographers.
TR140.B48 A3 2003 The dawn at my back : memoir of a Black Texas upbringing.
TR140.M65 J43 2000 Jean Mohr : itinéraire d'un photographe = a photographer's journey.
TR145 .P35 1997 Photography.
TR222 .C65 1995 ColorCourse/Imagesetting.
TR267 .R44 2002 Learning Photoshop elements.
TR267.5.A3 P484 2009 Photoshop CS4 for the web.
TR267.5.A33 K33 2008 Adobe Photoshop CS4 : essential training.
TR593 .E326 1999 Exploring the art and science of stopping time : the life and work of Harold E. Edgerton.
TR654 .M337 1995 Robert Mapplethorpe : the controversy.
TR810 .B75 1996 Sacred and secular : the aerial photography of Marilyn Bridges.
TR858 .A364 2009 Adobe After effects CS4 : beyond the basics.
TR858 .H43 2001 Learning After Effects 5.
TR858 .T677 2006 Total training for Adobe After Effects 7 Pro essentials.
TR858 .T68 2002 Total training for the Zaxwerks : 3D Invigorator Classic for Adobe After Effects.
TR897.7 .A13 1998 3D Studio 動畫世界.
TR897.7 .A135 1998 3D-Studio-Max : 互動式速成敎學光碟.
TR897.7 .A13923 2001 3D Studio MAX release 3.1 : organic modeling.
TR897.7 .A35 2008 Adoble Flash mobile : essential training.
TR897.7 .A65 2001 Animation principles with flash 5.
TR897.7 .A98 2007 Autodesk Maya techniques. Animated friendly rigging. Part 1.
TR897.7 .B94 2002 Learning ActionScript in Flash MX.
TR897.7 .I57 2002 Inside Flash MX : production essentials.
TR897.7 .K955 2002 Lynn Kyle's Flash training course.
TR897.7 .L58267 2008 Live action & CG foundations.
TR897.7 .L58268 2009 Live action & CG 2 : HD video in a 3D scene.
TR897.7 .L593 2002 Dan Livingston's advanced Macromedia Flash training course : ActionScript in action.
TR897.7 .M25 2001 A guide to user-friendly Flash.
TR897.7 .M3825 2010 Maya 2011 : essential training.
TR897.7 .P463 2008 Adobe Flash CS4 Professional : essential training.
TR897.7 .R424 2002 Intermediate Flash MX.
TR897.7 .R425 2002 Learning Flash MX.
TR897.7 .S676 2001 Getting to the source : behind Radiskull & Devildoll.
TR897.7 .W25 2001 Advanced Flash 5 ActionScript.
TR899 .B59 2001 Learning QuickTime 5 Pro.
TR899 .B64 2008 Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 : essential training.
TR899 .F55 2007 Final Cut Pro 6 workflow.
TR899 .F554 2009 Final Cut Pro 7 : essential training.
TR899 .F56 1999 Final Cut Pro PowerStart CD-ROM.
TR899 .M54 2002 Final cut pro 3.
TR899 .P468 2010 Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 : beyond the basics.
TR899 .P74 2001 Premiere 6 tutorials.
TR899 .Q53 1993 QuickTime : the CD 1992.
TR899 .Q535 1993 QuickTime : the CD 1993.
TR899 .Q535 1994 QuickTime : the CD.
TR899 .S53 2011 Final cut pro X : essential training.
TR899 .T6752 2006 Total training for Adobe Premiere Pro 2.
TR899 .T875 2005 Total training for Final Cut Pro 5.
TR899 .T88 2006 Total training for what's new in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.
TS155.6 .R372 2000 Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 2000.
TS155.6 .R372 2002 Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 2002 : advanced product development solutions, April 29-May 2, 2002, Cincinnati Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.
TS156 .I75 2003 IQF six sigma exam ; IQF six sigma study guide.
TS156.6 .H6862 2003 ISO 9000:2000 : an A-Z guide.
TS156.6 .S656 1999 Assurance services : an introduction and applications.
TS157.5 .A23 1999 AACE International's professional practice guide to planning and scheduling.
TS168 .I56 2008 Proceedings of the 9th International Value Management Conference .
TS171.4 .F692 2001 Value analysis in design.
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TS175 .F54 1999 FMEA investigator.
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