Language and Literature

Call Number Title
P21 .I69 1997 Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Linguists : 20-25 July 1997.
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P40 .S52 2003 SLX Corpus of classic sociolinguistic interviews.
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P53.855 .C66 2001 Proceedings of the Conference on Technology in Language Education : meeting the challenges of research and practice, 26-30 June 2001.
P57.C6 W342 2001 外語敎學與硏究 = Foreign language teaching and research.
P57.H6 J562 1999 景嶺書院語文基金計劃 1998-1999 : 從閱讀到寫作 = King Ling College Language Fund Project 1998-1999 : from reading to writing.
P91 .F63 1998 Focal encyclopedia of electronic media.
P92.U5 C87 1998 Culture vs. the martians.
P92.5.M3 U53 1996 Understanding McLuhan : in the electric world, change is the only stable factor.
P121 .M8385 2004 Multiple translation Chinese (MTC) part 3.
P121 .M8386 2006 Multiple translation Chinese (MTC) part 4.
P128.F53 L564 2006 Language Software.
P129 .H653 Hong Kong journal of applied linguistics.
P211 .B35 2000 Writing for change : effective writing, writing for science, writing for advocacy.
P217 .H28 2000 The Mouton interactive introduction to phonetics and phonology .
P302 .M45 1999 Meaning making : my theory.
P306 .F357 2004 翻譯導論.
P325.5.D38 W66 1998 WordNet.
PA3201 .B48 1996 The ancient Greek theater.
PB67.7 .A15 2002 101 languages of the world.
PB73 .K53 1998 KidSpeak 6-in-1 language learning : Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew.
PC1112.5 .A38 2000 Advanced Italian : Mio padre è innocente.
PC1112.5 .I46 2000 Impara l'italiano!.
PC1112.5 .I73 2000 Italiano.
PC1121 .T55 1991 Think and talk Italian.
PC1625 .Z52 2003 Lo Zingarelli : vocabolario della lingua italiana.
PC2066 .F73 1997 Le francais interactif = French interactive tutor.
PC2066 .L43 1996 Learn to speak French : the complete interactive course.
PC2112 .F86 2000 Funambule : le français en action : CD-ROM d'apprentissage du français.
PC2112 .L89 1997 A l'aventure.
PC2112.5 .A38 2000 Advanced French : Au cœur de la loi.
PC2112.5 .A77 2000 Apprenez le fran̨cais!.
PC2112.5 .F73 2000 Français.
PC2112.7 .S57 2002 Grammaire : 450 nouveaux exercises : niveau débutant.
PC2112.7 .S572 2002 Grammaire : 450 nouveaux exercises : niveau intermédiaire.
PC2112.7 .S573 2002 Grammaire : 450 nouveaux exercises : niveau avancé.
PC2115 .A67 1993 Apprenez le francais avec : le fils d'Asterix.
PC2121 .C66 1998 Colloquial French CD-ROM : a multimedia language course.
PC2121 .F735 1999 French.
PC2121 .F74 1997 The French experience : speak French with confidence.
PC2121 .P48 1997 Perspectives Française.
PC2129.E5 F725 2001 French for dummies.
PC2129.E5 F73 1998 French grammar studio.
PC2129.E5 L43 1997 Learn French now! : master program.
PC2129.E5 T55 1991 Think and talk French.
PC2445 .J48 1993 Jeux d'images multimedia.
PC2689 .D53 1999 Les dictionnaires specialises sur CD-ROM.
PC4112 .L43 1999 Learn to speak Spanish : the complete interactive learning solution.
PC4112 .L43 2002 Learn to speak Spanish.
PC4112.5 .A38 2000 Advanced Spanish : Querido mastro.
PC4112.5 .A67 2000 Aprenda Español!.
PC4112.5 .E77 2000 Español.
PC4112.5 .R67 2002 The Rosetta stone. Spanish explorer.
PC4112.7 .A25 1999 A+ Spanish.
PC4112.7 .A67 1996 Aprende español con el hijo de Astérix.
PC4112.7 .E63 1996 En clave de sol : lectura multimedia en Español. 1 , Nivel intermedio.
PC4112.7 .L43 2002 Learn Spanish now! : master program.
PC4112.7 .S84 2002 Sueña. 1-2.
PC4112.7 .V47 1998 Visiones del mundo hispano.
PC4121 .T55 1991 Think and talk Spanish.
PC4129.E5 C66 1998 Colloquial Spanish CD-ROM : a multimedia language course.
PC4271 .P35 2001 Tiempo para conjugar : prácticas sobre los 100 verbos más usuales.
PC5075.E5 C66 1998 Colloquial Portuguese CD-ROM : a multimedia language course.
PE1065 .J656 1998 Teachers understanding teaching : a multimedia hypertext tool.
PE1065 .K46 2001 The mystery photo album.
PE1065 .S54 1998 New interchange. 1.
PE1068.C6 L25 2007 L.I.F.T. : literacy instruction for teachers.
PE1068.H6 T45 1998 TeleNex : Teachers of English language education nexus.
PE1068.H85 T35 2002 Task-based language learning (secondary 4-5) : a resource package.
PE1068.H85 T38 2000 Task-based learning and an exemplar module for key stage 3 in support of CDC syllabus for English language (Secondary 1-5) 1999.
PE1068.H85 T382 2000 Task-based learning and an exemplar module for key stage 4 in support of CDC syllabus for English language (Secondary 1-5) 1999.
PE1074.5 .O56 2008 OntoNotes release 2.0.
PE1112 .G695 1997 Grammar 3D : contextualized practice for learners of English.
PE1112 .M857 1990z Multimedia middle school grammar.
PE1112 .M858 1990z Multimedia high school grammar.
PE1115 .B744 1996 English for business. International marketing.
PE1115 .B745 1996 English for business. An introduction to a company.
PE1115 .B746 1996 English for business. Managing quality.
PE1115 .B873 1998 Business English.
PE1115 .C373 1998 Cashing in on language.
PE1115 .F36 1999 Business to go : a business course for elementary learners of English.
PE1115 .O375 1996 Business challenges interactive.
PE1121 .L435 1993 Learn English with Asterix and son.
PE1121 .L436 1993 Learn English with Asterix and the secret weapon.
PE1127.S3 B57 1994 Birds and how they grow.
PE1127.S3 D56 1994 Dinosaurs.
PE1127.S3 F37 1994 Farm animals.
PE1127.S3 S65 1994 Spiders.
PE1127.S3 T74 1994 A tree through the seasons.
PE1127.S3 W43 1994 Whales.
PE1128.A2 U825 2001 Using IT to learn, learning to use IT : promoting English language learning through IT at primary level.
PE1128 .B33 1994 BBC英語敎室 = BBC new English course.
PE1128 .C664 1996 The computer classroom : Level 4.
PE1128 .D46 1993 Desktop English.
PE1128 .F6344 1998 Focus on grammar : basic level.
PE1128 .F6345 1997 Focus on grammar : high-intermediate level.
PE1128 .F6346 1996 Focus on grammar : intermediate level.
PE1128 .F6347 1996 Focus on grammar : advanced level.
PE1128 .H434 1999 Heinemann TOEFL : preparation course.
PE1128 .L573 1992 Listen!.
PE1128 .L574 1996 Listen and learn English : Starters year 1.
PE1128 .M44 2000z 美国之音特別英語 MP3 : 2002 全年合集.
PE1128 .T445 1996 TESOL/CELIA '96 : computer-enhanced language instruction archive.
PE1128 .V57 2000 Virtual language university.
PE1128.3 .E55 2002 English : American.
PE1128.3 .E556 2002 English : complete course.
PE1128.3 .E56 2002 English US explorer.
PE1130.C4 L34 2000 Learning English through Chinese fables = 透過中國寓言學習英文.
PE1130.C4 M43 2003 美国名人演讲听力赏析.
PE1130.C4 T382 2005 Task-based assessment for English language learning at secondary level .
PE1131 .D93 1992 Dynamic English.
PE1131 .G48 1990 Getting the message.
PE1131 .H55 2000 Speakeasy! : oral presentation skills in English for academic and professional use.
PE1131 .L584 1990z 六種語言情景對話 = Six language situation conversation.
PE1131 .S53 1993 Small talk.
PE1131 .T445 1999 Telephoning in English.
PE1131 .T45 1993 Telephone talk.
PE1137 .J5452 2003 English pronouncing dictionary.
PE1408 .B8848 2000 AllWrite! 2.0 with online handbook.
PE1408 .C394 1999 The first certificate creative writing disc.
PE1408 .T6962 1997 Simon & Schuster multimedia handbook for writers.
PE1449 .M85 1993 Multimedia flash cards.
PE1449 .M857 1990z Multimedia vocabulary.
PE1479.B87 B87 1996 Business English activities.
PE1625 .A543 1994 The American heritage talking dictionary.
PE1625 .M232 2007 Macmillan English dictionary for advanced learners.
PE1625 .O96 1998 Oxford talking dictionary.
PE1625 .R33 1994 Random House unabridged electronic dictionary : with recorded pronunciations and graphics.
PE1628 .C232 2003 Cambridge advanced learner's dictionary.
PE1628 .L33 2000 Longman interactive English dictionary.
PE1628 .W56382 1992 Webster's ninth new collegiate dictionary.
PE2808.5 .A55 2005 ANC 2nd release.
PE2811 .N67 2001 North American idioms.
PF3112 .E44 1999 Einblicke : Lernprogramm Deutsch : multimedia language trainer.
PF3112.5 .A38 2000 Advanced German : Ein Fall für zwei.
PF3112.5 .D48 2000 Deutsch.
PF3112.5 .L43 2002 Learn to speak German.
PF3112.5 .L46 2000 Lernen Sie Deutsch!.
PF3112.7 .L43 2002 Learn German now! : master program.
PF3121 .G47 1999 German.
PF3121 .T55 1991 Think and talk German.
PH135.5 .O652 2003 Opi suomea! = Learn Finnish.
PJ6111 .A73 2003 Arabic. 3 + 4, Intermediate + advanced.
PJ6111 .L36 2002 Language learning Arabic.
PJ6308 .L42 1999 Learn Arabic. Level 1.
PL533 .L545 2006 文法超簡単.
PL535.7 .R67 2002 The Rosetta stone. Japanese = 日本語.
PL539 .R59 1990z 日語先修廣場.
PL539 .Y65 1991 Exotic Japan.
PL539.3 .C66 2000 Complete Japanese learning suite.
PL539.5.C5 J485 2001 基礎日語火速上口超值版.
PL635 .N53 2001 日本語学習者による日本語作文と, その母語訳との対訳データベース.
PL728.15 .M36 2001 萬葉 : 創刊五十周年記念 DVD-ROM.
PL824.A53 A115 2001 張文環日本語作品及び草稿全編.
PL907 .L43 2000 Learn Korean.
PL907 .X53 2001 韓語入門.
PL1065 .I6522 2000 中文敎育論文集, 二零零零年國際語文敎育硏討會論文選集 [electronic resource] : 語文敎育的創新與突破 = International language in education conference : selected refereed papers from the ILEC 2000 conference : Innovationand language education.
PL1065 .Z48 2000 中國語文運用. 基礎程度.
PL1068.H6 T55 2002 聽, 潮流, 說.
PL1068.H6 T56 1999 聽聽說說 : 職業知多少.
PL1068.H6 Z335 1999 中國文化知識.
PL1074.5 .A133 2002 2001 HUB5 Mandarin evaluation.
PL1074.5 .G66 2006 共通中文界面 : 採用共通中文編碼準確傳遞電子訊息.
PL1074.5 .H584 2005 HKUST Mandarin telephone speech, part 1.
PL1074.5 .S56 1999 實用粤語拼音輸入法.
PL1074.8 .C34 1997 Callfriend Mandarin Chinese (Mainland dialect).
PL1074.8 .C35 1996 CALLHOME Mandarin Chinese speech.
PL1074.8 .S53 1998 生活普通話系列.
PL1115 .M33 2004 蒙学备览.
PL1120.C6 S553 1996 商貿普通話.
PL1121.C5 P8532 2003 普通話聽說訓練.
PL1121.C5 X563 2004 v.1 新編普通話敎程. 初級.
PL1121.C5 X563 2004 v.2 新編普通話敎程. 中級.
PL1121.C5 X563 2004 v.3 新編普通話敎程. 高級.
PL1125.E6 C66 1998 Colloquial Chinese on CD-ROM : a multimedia language course.
PL1129.E5 S45 2002 Learn Chinese from modern writers : an interactive multimedia language program.
PL1171 .C66 1999 從簡入繁 : 繁體字學習軟件.
PL1171 .C663 2008 From simplified to traditional characters : traditional Chinese character courseware = 從簡入繁.
PL1171 .H35 2010 漢字通 = Chinese characters made easy.
PL1175 .T66 1999 通繁達簡 : 簡化字學習軟件.
PL1175 .T663 2008 From traditional to simplified characters : simplified Chinese character courseware = 通繁達簡.
PL1185 .H368 1997 漢語拼音速成.
PL1209 .Q36 2002 學拼音好輕鬆.
PL1209 .X567 2004 小學教學. 普通話.
PL1420 .U53 1997 Understanding Chinese language : Far East Chinese- English multimedia dictionary.
PL1455 .A93 1994 Audio-visual Chinese-English dictionary.
PL1455 .C467 1994 超時代遠東英漢百科大辭典 = Far East new age English-Chinese dictionary.
PL1455 .C5868 2002 Chinese-English translation lexicon Version 3.0.
PL1455 .N452 2004 牛津高階英漢雙解詞典 : 英語發音練習光碟 = Oxford advanced learner's English-Chinese dictionary : English pronunciation drills on CD-ROM.
PL1455 .N46 1995 牛津高階英漢雙解詞典 = Oxford advanced learner's English-Chinese dictionary.
PL1455 .N46 2008 牛津高階精靈光碟 = Oxford advanced genie.
PL1710.C45 C45 1999 初級潮語入門.
PL1860.H6 K44 2011 客家・圍頭話發音字典.
PL2257 .L53 2004 聯合文學 20 周年 : 第 001 期-第 240 期目錄索引曁封面總集.
PL2448 .S54 2003 商周金文数字化处理系统.
PL2452 .G86 2003 国学备览.
PL2478 .D34 1996 The multimedia I ching.
PL2531 .G83 1998 古典精華 : 唐詩選讀.
PL2531 .T2665 2004 唐诗备览.
PL2553 .S63 2004 宋词备览.
PL2565 .Y723 2005 元曲备览.
PL2625 .Z478 v.1 紅樓夢 = The dream of the Red Chamber.
PL2625 .Z478 v.2 離騷 = Li sao : the story of Chu Yuan.
PL2625 .Z478 v.3 水滸傳 = The marshes-forced to join the Liangshan Mountain Rebels.
PL2625 .Z478 v.4 西廂記 = The romance of the Western Chamber.
PL2625 .Z478 v.5 儒林外史 = The scholars: the two who passed the imperial examinations.
PL2625 .Z478 v.6 牡丹亭 = The Peony Pavilion.
PL2625 .Z478 v.7 西遊記 = The journey to the West the Monkey.
PL2625 .Z478 v.8 三國演義 = The romance of the Three Kingdoms, the battle at Red Cliff.
PL2625 .Z478 v.9 金瓶梅 = The golden lotus.
PL2625 .Z478 v.10 聊齋志異 = Strange stories from a Chinese studio.
PL2828 .F8 2000 嚴復專集 = The full texts of Yan Fu's works.
PL2875.O17 Z4662 1997 柏楊回憶錄.
PL3119.H6 X535 2004 香港文學欣賞教材套.
PL4160 .L43 1997 Learning Thai script.
PN44 .M66 1998 Monarch notes : essay builder.
PN1978.T36 Z53 1999 掌中天地寬.
PN1991.5 .I58 2008 Introduction to radio broadcasting.
PN1993 .C75 1994 Criterion goes to the movies : a buyer's guide to the Criterion collection.
PN1993.5.A8 A87 1995 Australian feature films.
PN1993.5.G7 H49 2003 British cinema in the 1960s : an educational resource.
PN1993.5.J3 N55 2000 日本無声映画大全.
PN1994 .C93 2000 Cyber film school : movie school encyclopedia.
PN1995.9.C55 N84 1998 Die neue deutsche Filmkomodie.
PN1995.9.E96 C73 2000 The crazy bloody female center.
PN1995.9.P7 H69 1998 How to make your movie : an interactive film school.
PN1996 .M68 2001 Movie magic screenwriter 2000.
PN1997.I483 I47 1996 Inside Independence day.
PN1997.S6595 S73 1999 Star Wars, episode I : insider's guide.
PN1998 .M53 1993 Microsoft cinemania '94 : interactive movie guide.
PN1998 .M53 1994 Microsoft cinemania '95 : the entertaining guide to movies and the moviemakers.
PN1998 .M53 1996 Microsoft cinemania 97 : the best-selling interactive guide to movies and moviemakers.
PN1998.3.R39 R39 1999 Ray's world : a tribute to Satyajit Ray.
PN2875.G83 L54 2000 梁沛錦博士粤劇藏品選粹.
PN2875.G83 Y845 1997 粤劇視窗.
PN2876.H6 T86 2006 屯門, 暫, 借, 問同行印記 = The making of Gateways.
PN2876.H6 X485 2007 戲・遊 : 香港舞台中國情.
PN3171 .C48 2003 創作性戲劇入門.
PN5369.S53 S5726 1989 Making the news in Shanghai : Shen Bao and the politics of newspaper journalism, 1912-1937.
PN6121 .W67 1995 World's greatest speeches : a collection of the world's best known speeches.
PN6122 .F36 1996 Famous American speeches : a multimedia history, 1850 to the present.
PN6790.J34 K63 2003 クリック e コミックコボちゃん.
PQ2633.U43 Z65 1999 Machines a ecrire.
PR590 .H37 1998 The English romantic poets : a learning resource for English literature.
PR1105 .E54 2001 English classics 3000 = 英文名著 3000.
PR1174 .N67 1996 The Norton poetry workshop.
PR1175 .E54 1995 English poetry plus.
PR2754 .A6 1994 Macbeth.
PR2807 .H25 1998 Hamlet.
PR2808 .J85 1997 Julius Caesar.
PR2823 .M33 1995 Macbeth.
PR2827 .M53 1996 A midsummer night's dream.
PR2829 .A1 1997 Othello : interactive guide.
PR2831 .R66 1995 Romeo & Juliet.
PR2831 .R665 1996 Romeo & Juliet.
PR2833 .A23 1999 The tempest.
PR2900 .S53 1995 Shakespeare : his life, times, works, and sources.
PR4611 .A72 1991 The complete annotated Alice.
PS3560.O885 T95 1996 Twilight, a symphony : a hyperfiction.