Fine Arts

Call Number Title
N85 .X535 2004 小學教學. 視覺藝術.
N350 .D37 2003 DARE.
N352.2.C6 X55 2004 香港中小學視覺藝術 2004 創作展.
N365.H6 X86 2000z 尋根的藝苗.
N526 .A85 1997 Masterpieces of world art : Fogg Art Museum, Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Busch-Reisinger Museum.
N620.F6 A58 1995 Great paintings, Renaissance to Impressionism : the Frick Collection.
N857 .N38 1996 National Museum of American Art : Smithsonian Institution.
N2030 .G73 1998 Le Grand Louvre.
N2030 .G74 1996 The Great museums of Europe.
N2030 .L68 1995 Le Louvre : the palace & its paintings.
N2050.O77 M87 1996 Musee d'Orsay : virtual visit.
N3350 .H49 1998 The Hermitage : the art of Western Europe.
N3650 .V57 2003 Virtueller Transfer Musée suisse = Transfer virtuel Musée suisse = Trasferimento virtuale Musée suisse = Transfer virtual Musée suisse = Virtual transfer Musée suisse.
N3750.H6 X53 1999 香港藝術館藏品選粹.
N5300 .E53 1997 Encyclopedia of art western.
N5300 .S38 1990z 世界美術大全.
N5300 .S428 2000 世界美術大典.
N5300 .S87 1992 Survey of western art.
N5335.N4 B762 1995 Ancient Egyptian art : the Brooklyn Museum.
N6350 .W675 1997 A world of art.
N6465.I4 I45 1998 Impressionism.
N6488.G3 K371825 1997 Documenta 1-9, 1955-1992 : ein Focus auf vier Jahrzehnte Ausstellungsgeschichte = Profiling four decades of exhibition history.
N6490 .A725 1998 Art20 : the Thames and Hudson multimedia dictionary of modern art.
N6494.B63 M48 1999 Metabody.
N6494.C63 B63 1997 Body, space, memory.
N6494.M78 M425 2004 Medialogue 7.04cm : School of Creative Media : graduation show 2004.
N6494.V53 A772 2002 Artintact komplett[electronic resource] = The complete Artintact.
N6494.V53 D57 2001 (Dis)locations.
N6494.V53 F474 1996 11th Videobrasil.
N6494.V53 F475 1998 12th Videobrasil.
N6512 .A595 1994 American visions : 20th century art from the Roy R. Neuberger Collection.
N6537.R3 A4 1999 Man Ray : photographer, dadaist and surrealist.
N6537.S2 A4 1998 Digital griot.
N6797.M23 C49 1997 Charles Rennie Macintosh : art architecture & design.
N6923.B9 M48 1995 Michelangelo.
N6923.L33 L467 1995 Leonardo da Vinci : the paintings.
N6973.R9 A4 1999 Rubens and his world.
N6981 .G75 1999 1000 years of Russian art.
N7340 .M435 1998 美麗五千年 : 人與宇宙篇.
N7340 .T743 v.1 The National Palace Museum : a treasure-house of Chinese art.
N7340 .T743 v.2 A city of Cathay : view Chinese life through a famous painting-- the simplest, most touching way of understanding the Chinese.
N7340 .T743 v.3 The dragon in Chinese art.
N7340 .T743 v.4 National treasures.
N7340 .T743 v.5 The National Palace Museum experience.
N7340 .T743 v.6 Glories of Chinese calligraphy.
N7340 .Z4643 1997 中國美術全集. 總目.
N7340 .Z542 1996 中國歷代藝術.
N7342 .M83 1997 目擊古中國 : 故宮百珍集萃特輯.
N7345.5.V53 T35 2005 Take a ST/Roll : donut fantasies in the wake of the21st century = 圓遊會.
N7349.8 .K662 2006 空場 : 台灣當代藝術與當代哲學的對話 = Empty fields : a dialogue between contemporary art and contemporary philosophy.
N7352 .P38 2000 The paths dreams take : Japanese art from the collections of Mary Griggs Burke and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
N7433.84.H85 Y53 2000 藝術 + 01 : 數碼藝術的探索.
N7433.85.B45 A75 1998 Where where there there where.
N7433.85.D43 A65 2000 Fantastic prayers.
N7433.85.D59 S38 1995 ScruTiny in the great round.
N7433.85.E56 A4 2006 77 million paintings.
NA17.H6 H663 年報 = Annual report.
NA200 .K43 1998 Architecture : an interactive introduction.
NA310 .R63 2000z Roman architecture.
NA440 .G67 2000z Gothic architecture.
NA440 .G77 1999 Gothic cathedrals of Europe.
NA500 .M64 2000z Modern architecture.
NA500 .N46 2000z Neo-formalistic architecture.
NA510 .R46 2000z Renaissance architecture.
NA600 .N46 2000z Neoclassical architecture.
NA680 .E25 2009 Early modern architecture.
NA680 .L37 2009 Late-modern architecture.
NA680 .L66 2000 London architecture into the 21st century.
NA680 .P55 1998 Planet architecture.
NA680 .T95 2000z Twentieth century houses. Series 1, Houses by Le Corbusier etc. .
NA680 .T952 2000z Twentieth century houses. Series 2, Turn of the century & 1920's to 1940's .
NA682.I58 I586 2000z International style architecture.
NA682.P67 P68 2009 Postmodern architecture.
NA737.H56 A35 2011 Defying the rules.
NA737.J58 A35 2010 Career retrospective.
NA737.L46 A35 2009 Royal Ontario Museum.
NA737.M44 A35 2009 Jubilee Church.
NA737.M44 R535 1995 Richard Meier, architect.
NA737.M72 P53 2000 Planet architecture. Morphosis : recent works.
NA737.M73 P53 2000 Planet architecture. Eric Owen Moss.
NA737.P365 I35 2006 Ieoh Ming Pei, 1917-.
NA737.P39 A35 2008 Career retrospective.
NA737.R57 A35 2009 Retrospective.
NA737.S37 A35 2009 Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown : update on their theories.
NA737.S64 A35 2009 Career retrospective.
NA737.W7 A4 1996b Houses of Frank Lloyd Wright.
NA737.W7 F73 2009 Frank Lloyd Wright : overall work.
NA749.S2 A35 2011 Habitat & beyond.
NA958 .N35 1997 Euroscan.
NA961 .E45 1997 English architecture.
NA1007.5.A78 A78 2000z Art-nouveau architecture in Austria and Germany.
NA1046 .B37 2000z Baroque architecture in France.
NA1053.J4 L39 2000z Le Corbusier 1887-1965.
NA1068 .M63 2010z Modern architecture in Germany.
NA1173.H6 V53 2000z Victor Horta and his contemporaries.
NA1313.G3 G38 2008 Gaudí : la recerca de la forma : la búsqueda de la forma : exploring form.
NA1353.B67 M37 1990 Mario Botta (1943- ) in the Ticino.
NA1469.H33 A35 1988 To a new modernism.
NA1543 .Z56 no.1 中國美術全集. 建築藝術編. 宮殿建築.
NA1543 .Z56 no.2 中國美術全集. 建築藝術編. 陵墓建築.
NA1543 .Z56 no.3 中國美術全集. 建築藝術編. 園林建築.
NA1543 .Z56 no.4 中國美術全集. 建築藝術編. 宗敎建築.
NA1543 .Z56 no.5 中國美術全集. 建築藝術編. 民居建築.
NA1543 .Z56 no.6 中國美術全集. 建築藝術編. 壇廟建築.
NA2360.C5 P832 2001 Public housing in the new era : Shui Chuen O Architectural Design Competition.
NA2542.35 .G75 1998 Green Building Challenge '98 : an international conference on the performance assessment of buildings, October 1998, Vancouver, Canada.
NA2543.T43 H53 2000z High-tech architecture.
NA2545.P5 B75 2002 Inclusive buildings : designing and managing an accessible environment.
NA2728 .A84 2006 Autodesk architectural desktop 2006. Advanced Autodesk official training courseware (AOTC).
NA2728 .A842 2006 Autodesk architectural desktop 2006. Essentials Autodesk official training courseware (AOTC).
NA2728 .A843 2006 Autodesk architectural desktop 2006. Update Autodesk official training courseware (AOTC).
NA2728 .I55 1999 Integrated building design : an interactive training module.
NA2728 .S58 2000 ArchiCAD : step by step tutorial.
NA2750 .M63 1991 Modelworks for the PC.
NA2800 .C63 1999 Architectural acoustics.
NA2840 .S525 1998 Architectural elements construction details.
NA5470.S5 E97 2001 Explore St. Paul's Cathedral : a virtual tour of Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece.
NA5811.B28 G38 2002 Gaudí 21st century : a virtual reality visit of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia.
NA6813.C52 H68758 2005 西九龍爭奪戰.
NA6880.5.H66 H66 1997 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
NA7239.B65 A35 2011 Peter Bohlin : the nature of circumstance.
NA7328 .G66 1994 Good practice details.
NB553.R7 R65 1994 Rodin.
NB1043 .Z56 no.1 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 雲崗石窟雕刻, 龍門石窟雕刻.
NB1043 .Z56 no.2 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 四川石窟雕塑, 鞏縣響堂山天龍山石窟雕刻 [electronic resource].
NB1043 .Z56 no.3 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 原始社會至戰國雕塑.
NB1043 .Z56 no.4 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 秦漢雕塑.
NB1043 .Z56 no.5 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 魏晉南北朝雕塑.
NB1043 .Z56 no.6 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 隋唐雕塑.
NB1043 .Z56 no.7 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 五代宋雕塑.
NB1043 .Z56 no.8 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 元明淸雕塑.
NB1043 .Z56 no.9 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 敦煌彩塑.
NB1043 .Z56 no.10 中國美術全集. 雕塑編. 麥積山石窟雕塑, 炳靈寺等石窟雕塑 [electronic resource].
NC960 .C65 1995 ColorCourse/Illustration.
ND237.R68 N67 1998 Norman Rockwell : the man and his art.
ND547.5.I4 N54 1997 Night Cafe.
ND553.P5 P5327 1996 Picasso : the man, his works, the legend.
ND623.B9 M534 1995 Michelangelo.
ND635 .F545 1995 Flemish and Dutch painters : Van Eyck, Bruegel, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer.
ND653.G7 V38 1995 Van Gogh starry night.
ND673.M35 M87 1996 The mystery of Magritte.
ND1040 .H97 2004 绘画备览.
ND1040 .Z438 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 兩宋繪畫.
ND1040 .Z438 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 敦煌壁畫.
ND1040 .Z438 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 明代繪畫.
ND1040 .Z438 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 淸代繪畫.
ND1040 .Z438 no.1 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 原始社會至南北朝繪畫.
ND1040 .Z438 no.2 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 隋唐五代繪畫.
ND1040 .Z438 no.5 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 元代繪畫.
ND1040 .Z438 no.12 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 墓室壁畫.
ND1040 .Z438 no.13 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 寺觀壁畫.
ND1040 .Z438 no.16 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 新疆石窟壁畫, 麥積山等石窟壁畫 [electronic resource].
ND1040 .Z438 no.17 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 畫像石畫像磚石刻綫畫.
ND1040 .Z438 no.18 中國美術全集. 繪畫編. 民間年畫, 版畫.
ND1040 .Z5888 2002 中国历代名家名画鉴赏. 先秦, 秦汉, 魏晋, 南北朝, 隋唐卷 [electronic resource].
ND1040 .Z58882 2002 中国历代名家名画鉴赏. 五代, 宋遼, 金元卷.
ND1053.5 .M37 1998 Masterworks of Japanese painting : the Etsuko and Joe Price Collection.
ND1135 .M35 1997 Masterpieces of painting : an imaginary museum--- from Giotto to Picasso.
ND1265 .I47 1992 Impressionism and its sources.
ND1489 .A532 1994 Interaction of color.
NE670.E75 T53 1996 Thames and Hudson's Escher interactive : exploring the art of the infinite.
NK1068 .X53 1996 鄉土瑰寶 : 中國民間美術巡禮.
NK1068 .Z448 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 陶瓷.
NK1068 .Z448 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 靑銅器.
NK1068 .Z448 no.3 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 印染織繡.
NK1068 .Z448 no.4 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 漆器.
NK1068 .Z448 no.5 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 玉器.
NK1068 .Z448 no.6 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 金銀玻璃琺瑯器.
NK1068 .Z448 no.7 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 竹木牙角器.
NK1068 .Z448 no.11 中國美術全集. 工藝美術編. 民間玩具剪紙.
NK1068 .Z455 no.1 中國民間美術. 木偶皮影.
NK1068 .Z455 no.2 中國民間美術. 風箏彩紮.
NK1068 .Z455 no.3 中國民間美術. 染織刺繡.
NK1068 .Z455 no.4 中國民間美術. 民間玩具.
NK1068 .Z455 no.5 中國民間美術. 民間雕塑.
NK1068 .Z455 no.6 中國民間美術. 民間佩飾.
NK1068 .Z455 no.7 中國民間美術. 古儺面具.
NK1068 .Z455 no.8 中國民間美術. 民間陶瓷.
NK1068 .Z455 no.9 中國民間美術. 木版年畫.
NK1068 .Z455 no.10 中國民間美術. 民間剪紙.
NK1068 .Z4557 中國民間美術全集.
NK1073.6 .K67 1995 Korea folk art festival.
NK1073.6 .K673 1995 Korean folk arts on photo-CD.
NK1127.5 .W46 1997 文物保存維護硏討會專輯 : 木質與紙質文物維修 = Symposium on the Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Properties : Restoration Workshop of Wooden Objects and Paper-based Materials.
NK1530 .B54 2002 The big box of art.
NK2113.5 .L55 2003 LightScape 光源和模型库.
NK2115.5.L5 A48 2001 Advanced lighting guidelines.
NK3634.A2 S56146 2004 书法备览.
NK3634.A2 Z454 no.1 中國美術全集. 書法篆刻編. 商周至秦漢書法, 魏晉南北朝書法 [electronic resource].
NK3634.A2 Z454 no.2 中國美術全集. 書法篆刻編. 隋唐五代書法, 宋金元書法.
NK3634.A2 Z454 no.3 中國美術全集. 書法篆刻編. 明代書法, 淸代書法.
NK3634.A2 Z454 no.4 中國美術全集. 書法篆刻編. 璽印篆刻.
NK5750.2.C6 Z476 1996 中國古玉精華.
NX450.5 .A78 1994 Art & music. The Renaissance.
NX456.5.P38 H75 2000 Tehching Hsieh : one year performance : art documents 1978-1999.
NX550.K37 G56 1999 Global bodies.