Call Number Title
K40 .A33 1997 A bibliography of nineteenth-century legal literature.
K1066 .A97 Annual review of international banking law & practice.
K1066 .R57 1999 The rise of cross-border and representative banking.
K1094.3 .B36 1999 Bank lending security in international transactions.
K2400 .C533 2009 CIArb (EAB) mock arbitration.
K3238 .F67 1998 For the record 1997 : the UN human rights system = Bilan 1997 : le systeme des droits humains a l'ONU.
K4473.A2 U54 1997 Treaty disk : United States international tax treaties.
K7265 .I65 1999 International contracts and arbitration.
K7615.4 .I567 1999 International civil procedure.
KD1515.F3 F732 Inheritance Act claims : law, practice and procedure.
KD1554 .F6752 2003 The A-Z of contract clauses.
KD1957.C65 U63 2000 Understanding data protection.
KD3305 .B5732 2003 Child support calculation spreadsheet 2003/2004.
KD8329 .C775 2005 Civil litigation.
KD8329 .C78 2005 Criminal procedure.
KF285.Z9 L73 2004 LSAT 2005 : with CD-ROM.
KF888 .W473 1998 West's business law.
KF4557 .C36 2000 Constitutional amendments : a multimedia reference guide.
KF5569 .W38 1997 Water across the divide : water and natural resource CD-ROM.
KF5704 .N38 2005 NEC 2005 : NFPA 70: National electrical code international electrical code series.
KF9084 .Y68 2012 You're going to mediation or arbitration-now what?
KNP115 .C56 1999 IPO : 經濟部智慧財產局 : 多媒體光碟簡介.
KNP115.2 .Z49 2000 著作權小百科.
KNP251.6 .L483 2003 立法報章資料專輯. = Chinese legislative news review series.
KNP490.T3643 T354 2013 臺北市人權保障白皮書.
KNQ13 2003b 最新中華人民共和國常用法律法規全書.
KNQ70 .Z453 2004 中法网 2004 司法考试名师辅导语音光盘(精选).
KNQ1155 .A33 2002b 知識產權法律法規精選.
KNQ1572 .A33 2003b 司法行政執法手冊 = Handbook of code for justice administration functionaries.
KNQ1572 .A33 2003c 最新中華人民共和國常用司法解釋全書.
KNQ1706.5 2006b 最高人民法院民商事司法解释及审判适用指导.
KNQ3487 .Z85 2000z 最新广电, 文化, 出版, 信息产业, 知识产权法律, 法規精选 [electronic resource].
KNQ3558 .A33 2002b 新稅收徵管法實施細則與納稅籌劃實務全書.
KNQ3645 .Z572 2005 中华人民共和国进出口贸易管理措施 : (海关报关手册).
KNQ4516 .O27 1999 Observing the law : a guide for businessmen in Guangdong and Hong Kong.
KNR6.3 .F34 2000 法律知識鬥一番.
KNR52 .H662 2003 香港特別行政區根據《兒童權利公約》提交的報告 = Report of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
KNR90.15.R43 A7522 2007 打擊清洗黑錢及恐怖分子融資活動.
KNR171 .G66 1998 公民精鷹基本法.
KNR171 .H85 2012 活學基本法 : 《基本法》學習教材套(高小) = Let's learn the Basic Law : Basic Law learning package (Senior primary).
KNR171 .R43 1998 認識基本法 = Understanding the Basic law.
KNR210.A291996 X56 1996 性別歧視條例 = Sex discrimination ordinance.
KNR210.7.M56 T463 2008 中華人民共和國執行《消除一切形式種族歧視國際公約》情況的第十至十三次報告.香港特別行政區執行情況 [電子資源].
KNR210.8 .H6822 2004 消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約 : 香港特別行政區第二次報告.
KNR416 .P75 2000 Privacy.SAFE : self-assessment CD-ROM = 自我評估互動光碟.
KNR420.6 .X56 2006 性傾向歧視條例教材套.
KNX2064.51947.A5 C65 1998 The constitution of Japan : a documentary history of its framing and adoption, 1945-1947.
KU810 .M63 2000 Model agreements and contracts for accountants.
KZA1120 .G56 1998 Global electronic database of multilateral marine treaties and agreements.