General Works

Call Number Title
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AC1 .W67 1993 World literary heritage.
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AE5 .A19 1997 The 1998 Grolier multimedia encyclopedia.
AE5 .A195 1999 1999 World Book multimedia encyclopedia.
AE5 .B75 2000 Encyclopaedia Britannica CD 2000.
AE5 .B75 2001 Encyclopedia Britannica 2001 DVD.
AE5 .M53 1997 Microsoft Encarta DVD-ROM reference suite : the world's most comprehensive PC reference library.
AE5 .M535 1999 Microsoft encarta reference suite 2000.
AE5 .W694 1996 The World Book multimedia encyclopedia : the authoritative CD-ROM encyclopedia.
AE5 .W694 1998 1998 World Book multimedia encyclopedia.
AE5 .Y43 1999 Year 2000 Grolier multimedia encyclopedia.
AE17 .A15 2000 21 世紀大英百科全書 : 新知與挑戰.
AG5 .C66 1992 Compton's interactive encyclopedia.
AG5 .C66 1996 Compton's interactive encyclopedia : for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1.
AG5 .C66 1998 Compton's interactive encyclopedia.
AG5 .I54 1996 Infopedia UK : the ultimate multimedia encyclopedia and reference library.
AG5 .M53 1995 Microsoft bookshelf '95 : Multimedia reference library.
AG5 .M85 1995 Multipedia : the reference library that starts where your encyclopedia leaves off.
AG5 .W47 1996 Webster's world encyclopedia.
AG243 .G74/disk 1 Man-made.
AG243 .G74/disk 2 7 natural wonders.
AM101.L62 O544 1998 One hundred treasures.
AM101.Z876 M87 2004 Museum Schloss Kyburg : lustvolle, tragische und lehrreiche Geschichten, erzählt von Bewohnern und Gästen der Kyburg.
AS455.T267 T353 臺北市立大學學報. 人文社會類.
AS911.N9 N58 1999 Nobel lectures, 1901-1995 : physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace, economic sciences.