Audio Cassette List:
American Literature

Class PS Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
PS217.T7 A53 1972 The transcendentalists.
PS310.M57 R67 1970z The poetic revolution.
PS310.S34 A45 1972 Walt Whitman.
PS379 .C35 1953 Naturalism & the American novel.
PS379 .K39 1972 Fiction in the twenties.
PS648.S5 A44 1997 American short stories, 1800-1900.
PS648.S5 A443 1997 American short stories : 1900-1950.
PS648.S5 A445 1998 American short stories, 1950 to the present day.
PS1214 .L57 1995 A little princess.
PS1214 .S43 1992 The secret garden.
PS1214 .S43 1998 The secret garden.
PS1294.C63 A6 1995 The awakening ; and selected stories.
PS1305 .A1 1998 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
PS1305.A2 K45 1997 The adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
PS1306 .A1 1997 The adventures of Tom Sawyer.
PS1438 .A53 1973 James Fenimore Cooper.
PS1449.C85 Z53 1975 Crane and James.
PS1868 .A1 1995 The scarlet letter.
PS1888 .F54 1972 Hawthorne and Melville / Leslie Fielder, James Cox.
PS2116 .P6 1998 Portrait of a lady.
PS2116 .T83 1993 The turn of the screw : a selection of passages.
PS2116 .W27 1998 Washington Square.
PS2384 .M6 1996 Moby-Dick.
PS2602 1995 The fall of the House of Usher ; and other stories.
PS3358.W6 W53 1998 What Katy did.
PS3503.A723 W59 1998 The wizard of Oz.
PS3509.L43 F6 1996 Four quartets.
PS3509.L43 O55 1996 Old Possum's book of practical cats.
PS3509.L43 W29 1996 The waste land and other poems.
PS3509.L43 Z7873 1980z T.S. Eliot.
PS3511.A86 Z56 1972 William Faulkner.
PS3511.I9 G7 1994 The Great Gatsby.
PS3511.R94 Z58 1900z An evening with Robert Frost.
PS3513.I25 G37 1996 The garden of the prophet.
PS3513.I25 J47 1997 Jesus the son of man.
PS3513.I25 P7 1998 The Prophet.
PS3515.E343 Z73 1969 Interview with Lillian Hellman.
PS3521.E735 O5 1994 On the road.
PS3523.O46 C3 1999 The call of the wild.
PS3523.O46 W5 1996 White Fang.
PS3523.O89 Z66 1968 The poetry of Robert Lowell.
PS3531.A5855 A6 1996 Selected stories.
PS3535.O39 A6 1900z The poetry of Theodore Roethke.
PS3537.E915 Z66 1964 The poetry of Ann Sexton.
PS3537.T3234 O33 1998 Of mice and men.
PS3537.T3234 P43 1995 The pearl.
PS3545.H16 E7 1996b Ethan Frome.
PS3551.S5 .F595 1990 The foundation trilogy.
PS3552.A446 S282 2000 Saving faith.
PS3552.A45 Z53 1970z The artist's struggle for integrity.
PS3552.O932 R63 1995 The road to Wellville.
PS3552.U75 J8 1997 Junky.
PS3557.O35926 M452 1998 Memoirs of a geisha.
PS3557.U846 S652 1995 Snow falling on cedars.
PS3561.E3755 L3 1990 Lake Wobegon days.
PS3561.E3755 L35 1989 Leaving home.
PS3561.E3755 R33 1992 Radio romance.
PS3561.E3755 W4 1990 We are still married.
PS3561.E3755 W63 1998 Wobegon boy.
PS3561.E667 O53 1998 One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
PS3561.I483 H6 1995 The Shawshank redemption.
PS3561.I483 L36 1990 One past midnight : The Langoliers : from his bestseller Four past midnight.
PS3561.I483 L53 1991 Three past midnight : The library policeman : from his bestseller Four past midnight.
PS3561.I483 S525 1994 Selections from Skeleton crew.
PS3563.C3868 H68 1996b How Stella got her groove back.
PS3566.L27 B449 1996 The bell jar.
PS3566.L27 I8 1996 The it-doesn't-matter suit.
PS3570.H4 K68 1997b Kowloon Tong.
PS3571.P4 A6 1967 The prose & poetry of John Updike.