Audio Cassette List:
English Literature

Class PR Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
PR33 .M37 1989 Chapter & verse : an interactive approach to literature.
PR35 .W42 The Web of words : exploring literature through language.
PR83 .G68 Past into present : an anthology of British and American literature.
PR471 .S63 1980z Society and literature in the 1930's, for schools.
PR471 .S64 1900z Poetic vision & modern literature.
PR478.P64 S64 1971 Literature and politics in the 1930's for universities.
PR545.M4 K47 1972 Seventeenth century literature.
PR561 .J33 1970z Pope and Augustan poetry.
PR571 .O53 One romanticism or many?
PR571 .R65 The romantic hero.
PR571 .W35 1970z The romantics.
PR861 .L37 1971 Approach to the nineteenth century novel.
PR881 .G74 1971 Approach to the twentieth century novel.
PR881 .W55 1900z The English novel today.
PR1174 .P46 1995 v.1 The sixteenth century : Wyatt to Shakespeare.
PR1174 .P46 1995 v.2 The seventeenth century : Donne to Rochester.
PR1174 .P46 1995 v.3 The eighteenth century : Swift to Crabbe.
PR1174 .P46 1995 v.4 The romantics.
PR1174 .P46 1995 v.5 The Victorians.
PR1174 .P46 1995 v.6 The early twentieth century : Hardy to Owen.
PR1175 .B46 1990 Poetry in motion.
PR1175 .B93 1997b By heart : 101 poems to remember.
PR1175 .E53 The English poets.
PR1175 .N38 1996 The nation's favourite poems.
PR1175 .P64 1991/v.2 Poetry please! Volume two.
PR1175 .P64 1993/v.1 Poetry please! [vol.1].
PR1175 .P645 1994 Poetry from the BBC archives.
PR1175 .P646 1997 Poetry out loud.
PR1195.E53 E65 1988 Epic poems.
PR1309.G5 G56 1998 Ghost stories.
PR1309.H6 H67 1995 Horror stories.
PR1309.S5 E45 1998 English short stories, 1800-1900.
PR1309.S5 E452 1998 English short stories, 1900-1950.
PR1309.S5 E453 1998 English short stories, 1950 to the present day.
PR1583 .A5 1996 Beowulf.
PR1870.A1 C63 1996 The Canterbury tales.
PR1924 .P43 1971 Chaucer & the difficulty of medieval poetry.
PR2246 .F73 1997 John Donne, selected poems.
PR2638 .B38 1980z English comedy : Ben Jonson.
PR2768 1995 The great speeches : a celebration in words and music.
PR2802 .A27 Acting Cleopatra.
PR2807 .A23 1988 Hamlet.
PR2807 .H35 Hamlet : changes in its European reception.
PR2809 .S52 Shakespeare's history plays.
PR2812 .A23 1998 Henry V.
PR2819 .A23 1988 King Lear.
PR2819 .J87 Justice and power in King Lear.
PR2823 .A23 1988 Macbeth.
PR2823 .A23 1997 Berkoff's Macbeth.
PR2824 .M42 Measure for measure : some open questions.
PR2827 .A23 1998 A midsummer night's dream.
PR2829 .A23 1988 Othello.
PR2831 .A25 1990z Romeo & Juliet.
PR2833 .S52 Shakespeare's ideas in the last group of plays, with special reference to The Tempest.
PR2837 .A25 1998 Twelfth night.
PR2837 .L68 Love and wit it Twelfth night.
PR2848 .A1 1995 The complete sonnets.
PR2877 .L3 1996 Tales from Shakespeare.
PR2976 .S52 Shakespeare.
PR3187 .B76 1970z The plays of John Webster.
PR3330.A33 S83 1996 The pilgrim's progress.
PR3403.A2 N525 1998 Robinson Crusoe.
PR3403.A2 N53 1997 Robinson Crusoe.
PR3404 .M6 1995 Moll Flanders.
PR3454 .J67 1998 Joseph Andrews.
PR3684 .M85 1980z Sheridan.
PR3724 .G8 1996 Gulliver's travels.
PR3727 .B76 1970z Jonathan Swift.
PR4034 .E5 1995 Emma.
PR4034 .M3 1996 Mansfield Park.
PR4034 .N7 1996b Northanger Abbey.
PR4034 .P4 1994 Persuasion.
PR4034 .P7 1994 Pride and prejudice.
PR4034 .P7 1995 Pride & prejudice.
PR4034 .S4 1995 Sense and sensibility.
PR4036 .T66 1998 Jane Austen : a life.
PR4037 .H37 1971 Jane Austen.
PR4074 .P3 1992 Peter Pan.
PR4074 .P3 1997 Peter Pan.
PR4142 .F73 1998 William Blake : selected poems.
PR4147 .B56 1970z William Blake.
PR4149.B4 F58 1998 Five children and it.
PR4149.B4 R24 1997 The railway children.
PR4162 .A54 1996 Agnes Grey.
PR4167 .J3 1995 Jane Eyre.
PR4167.J35 P74 1900z Jane Eyre [by] Charlotte Bronte.
PR4167 .P5 1996 The professor.
PR4167 .S5 1996 Shirley.
PR4167 .V5 1994 Villette.
PR4168 .B37 1997b The Brontes : a life in letters.
PR4172.W73 A45 1970z Emily Bronte.
PR4453.C4 A15 1991 Father Brown.
PR4494 .M62 1996 The moonstone.
PR4494 .W65 1995 The woman in white.
PR4556 .A1 1996 Bleak House.
PR4558 .A1 1996 David Copperfield.
PR4559 .A1 1997 Dombey and son.
PR4560 .A1 1996 Great expectations.
PR4561 .A1 1994 Hard times.
PR4562 .A1 1998 Little Dorrit.
PR4563 .A1 1994 Martin Chuzzlewit.
PR4565 .A1 1996 Nicholas Nickleby.
PR4566 .A1 1995 The old curiosity shop.
PR4567 .A1 1995 Oliver Twist.
PR4568 .A1 1997 Our mutual friend.
PR4569 .A1 1996 The Pickwick papers.
PR4571 .A1 1998 A tale of two cities.
PR4572 .C45 1996 The chimes.
PR4572 .C47 1995 A Christmas carol.
PR4588 .W55 1971 Dickens.
PR4588 .W553 1990z Charles Dickens.
PR4611 .A65 1992 Alice in Wonderland ; and, Alice through the looking glass.
PR4611 .A65 1998 Alice's adventures in Wonderland.
PR4611 .T5 1997 Through the looking glass.
PR4621 1995 Four great adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
PR4622 .A38 1997 The adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
PR4622 .H68 1996 The hound of the Baskervilles.
PR4622 .L6 1998 The lost world.
PR4622 .S5 1998 The sign of four.
PR4656 .A1 1997 Adam Bede.
PR4658.A2 H37 1997 Daniel Deronda.
PR4662 .A1 1998 Middlemarch.
PR4670 .A1 1995 Silas Marner.
PR4688 .D35 1970z Geogre Eliot.
PR4699.F147 M6 1996 Moonfleet.
PR4710 .M37 1996 Mary Barton.
PR4710 .N67 1997 North and south.
PR4726 .W56 1992 The wind in the willows.
PR4726 .W56 1997 The wind in the willows.
PR4745 .A1 1987 Far from the madding crowd.
PR4745 .A1 1995 Far from the madding crowd.
PR4746 .A1 1994 Jude the obscure.
PR4747 .A1 1995 The return of the native.
PR4748 .A1 1994 Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
PR4750.A729 W66 1996 The woodlanders.
PR4750 .M39 1998 The mayor of Casterbridge.
PR4754 .G74 1972 Thomas Hardy.
PR4832 .F73 1997 John Keats : selected poems.
PR4837 .G58 1970z Keats.
PR4854 .J87 1992 Just so stories.
PR4854 .J87 1998 Just so stories.
PR4856 .J6 1998 The jungle book : selected stories.
PR5237 .A4 1997 Christina Rossetti in poetry and prose.
PR5318 .A1 1996 Ivanhoe.
PR5349.S48 B53 1998 Black Beauty.
PR5367 .B76 1979 George Bernard Shaw.
PR5403 .F73 1997 Percy Bysshe Shelley : selected poems.
PR5484 .K5 1994 Kidnapped.
PR5486 .A1 1997 Treasure Island.
PR5588 .H86 1974 Alfred Lord Tennyson.
PR5618 .A1 1996 Vanity fair.
PR5684 .B3 1997 Barchester Towers.
PR5774 .H5 1996 The history of Mr. Polly.
PR5774 .I58 1996 The invisible man.
PR5774 .T53 1995b The time machine.
PR5818 .H2 1997 The happy prince and other stories.
PR5818 .I2 1997 An ideal husband.
PR5818 .I4 1997 The importance of being earnest.
PR5818 .I43 1992 The importance of being earnest : a selection of scenes.
PR5818 .L2 1997 Lady Windermere's fan.
PR5818 .L67 1997 Lord Arthur Savile's crime.
PR5819 .A1 1994 The picture of Dorian Gray.
PR5819 .A3 1993 The picture of Dorian Gray : a selection of passages.
PR5820 .W5 1997 A woman of no importance.
PR5824 .F54 1975 English comedy II : Oscar Wilde.
PR5853 .F73 1997 William Wordsworth : selected poems.
PR5888 .G55 1970z Wordsworth.
PR5907 .E45 1970z W. B. Yeats.
PR6001.U4 A6 1998 This lunar beauty : selected poems 1927-1939.
PR6001.U4 Z66 1953 The poetry of W H Auden.
PR6003.A965 M9 1991 My uncle Silas.
PR6003.E77 Z52 1991 Summoned by bells.
PR6003.R385 Z479 1995 Testament of youth.
PR6005.H66 L67 1992 Lord Edgware dies.
PR6005.O4 H4 1994 Heart of darkness.
PR6005.O4 H43 1991 Heart of darkness : a selection of passages.
PR6005.O4 N67 1996 Nostromo.
PR6005.O4 V5 1997 Victory.
PR6005.O4 Z54 1972 Conrad.
PR6005.O85 P75 1999 Private lives ; and Hay fever.
PR6005.R675 J87 1992/v.1 Just William. [Vol.1].
PR6005.R675 J87 1992/v.2 Just William. Vol.2.
PR6005.R675 .J87 1992/v.3 Just William. Vol.3.
PR6007.U47 F74 1990 Frenchman's creek.
PR6007.U47 R4 1996 Rebecca.
PR6011.O53 G663 1994 The good soldier : a selection of passages.
PR6011.O58 P3 1996 A passage to India.
PR6011.O58 R663 1993 A room with a view : a selection of passages.
PR6011.O58 W43 1995 Where angels fear to tread.
PR6011.O58 Z73 1990z E M Forster.
PR6013.A5 F67 1991 The Forsyte saga.
PR6013.O35 C5 1996 Close quarters.
PR6013.O35 F5 1997 Fire down below.
PR6013.O35 R5 1996 Rites of passage.
PR6013.O35 Z54 1973 William Golding.
PR6013.P35 L6 1996 Lord of the flies.
PR6013.R437 A67 1997 Robin Hood.
PR6013.R437 K46 1998 King Arthur and his knights of the round table.
PR6013.R437 T33 1998 Tales of ancient Egypt.
PR6013.R437 T35 1998 Tales of the Greek Heroes.
PR6013.R44 H86 1991 The human factor.
PR6013.R44 Z67 1973 The novels of Graham Greene.
PR6013.R795 D53 1988 The diary of a nobody.
PR6013.R795 D53 1996 The diary of a nobody.
PR6015.A6723 G6 1998 The go-between.
PR6017.S5 M7 1996 Mr. Norris changes trains.
PR6019.O9 D8 1998 Dubliners.
PR6019.O9 D825 1995 The dead and other stories.
PR6019.O9 P635 1995 A portrait of the artist as a young man : a selection of passages.
PR6019.O9 Z53 1990z James Joyce.
PR6023.A66 H5 1996 High windows.
PR6023.A66 W55 1996 The Whitsun weddings.
PR6023.A93 R3 1995 The rainbow.
PR6023.A93 S6 1994 Sons and lovers.
PR6023.A93 V53 1993 The virgin and the gipsy : a selection of passages.
PR6023.A93 W65 1995 Women in love.
PR6023.A93 W654 1996 Women in love.
PR6023.A93 Z73 1970z D. H. Lawrence.
PR6023.E926 L5 1992 The lion, the witch and the wardrobe.
PR6023.E926 M3 1992 The magician's nephew.
PR6025.A86 A6 1997 The letter and other stories.
PR6025.I65 W563 1992 Winnie-the-Pooh; and, The house at Pooh corner.
PR6025.O7552 F44 1997 Felix in the underworld.
PR6025.O7552 R7 1995 Rumpole and the angel of death.
PR6025.O7552 Z47 1994 Murderers and other friends.
PR6029.R8 A74 1995 Animal farm.
PR6029.R8 B87 1996 Burmese days.
PR6029.R8 N647 1998 Nineteen eighty-four.
PR6031.E183 T57 1990 Titus Groan and Gormenghast.
PR6031.O72 Z87 1996 Beatrix Potter : artist, storyteller and Countrywoman.
PR6037.P47 A6 1900z Prose & Poetry.
PR6037.P47 S75 1996 The still centre.
PR6039.O32 H62 1988 The Hobbit.
PR6039.O32 L6 1981b The Lord of the rings.
PR6045.A97 H36 1995 A handful of dust.
PR6045.A97 M46 1997 Men at arms.
PR6045.A97 O3 1997 Officers and gentlemen.
PR6045.A97 U63 1997 Unconditional surrender.
PR6045.O53 G35 1992 Galahad at Blandings.
PR6045.O53 J44 1990 Jeeves and the feudal spirit.
PR6045.O53 S85 1992 Stiff upper lip, Jeeves.
PR6045.O72 M7 1994 Mrs. Dalloway.
PR6045.O72 O7 1995 Orlando.
PR6045.O72 T6 1995 To the lighthouse.
PR6045.O72 T63 1991 To the lighthouse : a selection of passages.
PR6045.O72 Z474 1995 A room of one's own.
PR6045.Y64 C48 1996 The Chrysalids.
PR6051.D3352 H5 1988 The hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy.
PR6051.D345 W37 1997 Tales from Watership Down.
PR6051.D345 W37 1997b Watership Down.
PR6051.H5 W66 1998 Woof.
PR6051.I35 A73 1992 Arabel : the spiral stair ; & Mortimer and the sword Excalibur.
PR6051.R564 A6 1996 Wild blue yonder.
PR6052.A84 C37 1998 Carrie's war.
PR6052.E5 L33 1992 The lady in the van ; with, Uncle Clarence.
PR6052.E5 T3 1990 Talking heads.
PR6052.E5 W66 1988 A woman of no importance ; Forty years on.
PR6052.O3 J37 1994 Jericho.
PR6052.O3 P4 1994 A period of adjustment.
PR6052.O3 Z465 1996 Backcloth.
PR6052.O3 Z466 1995 Cleared for take-off.
PR6052.O3 Z467 1996 An orderly man.
PR6052.O3 Z469 1994 A postillion struck by lightning.
PR6052.O3 Z4693 1998 A short walk from Harrods.
PR6052.O3 Z4695 1995 Snakes and ladders.
PR6052.U35 J46 1991 Jennings.
PR6052.U638 A6 1966 Prose readings.
PR6053.O6635 M35 1996 Making cocoa for Kingsley Amis.
PR6053.O6635 S47 1997 Serious concerns.
PR6053.O75 E53 1996 Enemy of God.
PR6053.O75 E93 1997 Excalibur.
PR6053.O75 W53 1996 The winter king.
PR6053.R58 D46 1998 The demon headmaster.
PR6056.A58 D68 1997 Double act.
PR6056.I483 T86 1998 The Tulip touch.
PR6056.R27 A6156 1997 10 lb. penalty.
PR6056.R27 B56 1998 Blood sport.
PR6056.R27 B6 1996 Bonecrack.
PR6056.R27 E57 1989 Enquiry ; and, bonecrack.
PR6056.R27 E57 1998 Enquiry.
PR6056.R27 F6 1998 For kicks.
PR6056.R27 F67 1998 Forfeit.
PR6056.R27 N4 1995 Nerve.
PR6056.R27 R44 1998 Reflex.
PR6056.R27 R5 1998 Risk.
PR6056.R27 S432 1999 Second wind.
PR6056.R27 S76 1996 Straight.
PR6056.R27 T6 1996c To the hilt.
PR6056.R27 T74 1998 Trial run.
PR6056.R27 W58 1995 Whip hand.
PR6057.A4 H36 1992/v.1 Hancock's half hour. [Vol.1].
PR6057.A4 H36 1992/v.2 Hancock's half hour. Vol.2.
PR6057.A4 H36 1992/v.3 Hancock's half hour. Vol.3.
PR6057.A4 H36 1992/v.4 Hancock's half hour. Vol.4.
PR6057.A4 H36 1992/v.5 Hancock's half hour. Vol.5.
PR6058.A6943 V23 1997 v. and other poems.
PR6058.E2 S67 1996b The spirit level.
PR6058.E2 S728 1997 Station Island.
PR6058.E2 S74 1995 Stepping stones.
PR6058.U37 A6 1996 Tales of the early world.
PR6058.U37 C67 1997 Crow.
PR6058.U37 D74 1996 The dreamfighter and other creation tales.
PR6058.U37 F44 1996 Ffangs the vampire bat and the kiss of truth.
PR6058.U37 H85 1996 How the whale became and other stories.
PR6058.U37 I75 1997 The Iron Man.
PR6058.U37 I76 1996 The Iron Woman.
PR6058.U37 N47 1996 Nessie the mannerless monster ; and, The iron wolf.
PR6060.A467 C6 1997 Cover her face.
PR6060.A467 M56 1998 A mind to murder.
PR6060.A467 S58 1990 The skull beneath the skin.
PR6060.A467 U5 1997 Unnatural causes.
PR6060.A467 U57 1991 An unsuitable job for a woman.
PR6060.A467 U57 1998 An unsuitable job for a woman.
PR6061.E88 R33 1998 Rachel's holiday.
PR6061.U68 B77 1996 The black album.
PR6062.E33 S492 1999 Single & single.
PR6062.E33 S64 1990 Smiley's people.
PR6062.E33 T4 1994 Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy.
PR6062.O36 T48 1996 Therapy.
PR6062.Y618 Y42 1990/v.1 Yes, Minister. Vol.1.
PR6062.Y618 Y42 1990/v.2 Yes, Minister. Vol.2.
PR6062.Y618 Y42 1991/v.3 Yes, Minister. Vol.3.
PR6062.Y618 Y42 1991/v.4 Yes, Minister. Vol.4.
PR6063.A2176 A8 1997 Amongst women.
PR6063.A219 B34 1997 Bad bad cats.
PR6063.A32 G66 1997 Goodnight Mister Tom.
PR6063.A438 E77 1996 An experiment in love.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1988/v.1 Goon show classics. [Vol.1].
PR6063.I3777 G66 1988/v.2 Goon show classics. Vol.2.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1989/v.3 Goon show classics. Vol.3.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1989/v.4 Goon show classics. Vol.4.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1990/v.5 Goon show classics. Vol.5.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1991/v.6 Goon show classics. Vol.6.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1991/v.7 Goon show classics. Vol.7.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1992/v.8 Goon show classics. Vol.8.
PR6063.I3777 G66 1992/v.9 Goon show classics. Vol.9 What time is it, Eccles?
PR6063.U367 A6 1997 Unplugged.
PR6065.R27 S63 1998 Slay-Ride.
PR6066.A884 W34 1997 Walking lines.
PR6066.I53 Z86 1970z Harold Pinter.
PR6068.E63 A87 1993 Asta's book.
PR6068.E63 B76 1996 The brimstone wedding.
PR6068.E63 C47 1998 The chimney sweeper's boy.
PR6068.E63 G65 1992 Going wrong.
PR6068.E63 K54 1995 King Solomon's carpet.
PR6068.E63 N63 1994 No night is too long.
PR6068.I294 M37 1998 The marketmaker.
PR6068.O68 Y65 1997 You wait till I'm older than you.
PR6069.A42 F37 1996 Farewell to fairacre.
PR6069.A42 P43 1996 A peaceful retirement.
PR6069.A42 Y33 1995 The year at Thrush Green.
PR6069.A913 A27 1996 Absolutely fabulous.
PR6069.M58 B47 1992 Best friends ; and, Which animal are you?
PR6069.T6 Z62 1982 Tom Stoppard.
PR6069.T68 H86 1998 The hundred-mile-an-hour dog.
PR6070.H647 Z47 1991 In my wildest dreams.
PR6070.I5 T35 1990 Tales from a long room.
PR6070.I5 U54 1990 Uncle Mort's north country.
PR6070.I5 U55 1990 Uncle Mort's south country.
PR6071.N8 A69 1996 After Hannibal.
PR6073.E753 C36 1989 The Camomile lawn.
PR8489.L52 H46 1997 The Mersey sound.
PR8676 .S36 1997 Scottish short stories.
PR8844 .I75 1997 Irish short stories.
PR8966.5.E5 W45 1997 Welsh short stories.
PR9199.3.M6 A66 1998 Anne of Green Gables.
PR9619.3.C36 O8 1995 Oscar and Lucinda.
PR9619.3.F68 M9 1994 My brilliant career.
PR9619.3.J27 Z47 1987 Unreliable memoirs.
PR9619.3.J46 U53 1998 Undone.
PR9619.3.M3234 P7 1993 Praise.
PR9639.3.B3 Z5 1992 The life of James K. Baxter.
PR9639.3.H75 B6 1985 The bone people.
PR9639.3.M258 G3 1991 The garden party.
PR9639.3.M258 G3 1997 The garden party and others stories.
PR9639.3.M28 E53 1988 The end of the golden weather.