Audio Cassette List:
Literature (General). Poetry. Performing Arts. Drama. Radio and Television Broadcasts

Class PN Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
PN56.R7 S65 1990 Romanticism, Rand, & reservations.
PN81 .A673 cst.AC2120 The language of realism.
PN81 .A673 cst.AC2121 Gender and poetry.
PN81 .A673 cst.AC2122 Gender and drama.
PN81 .A673 cst.AC2131 Romantic poets.
PN83 .R42 Read to succeed.
PN151 .H45 1973 Forrestal lecture at the U.S. Naval Academy.
PN1031 .L47 1971 Approach to poetry criticism.
PN1031 .N434 1989 Poetry and prose.
PN1031 .N435 1990 More poetry and prose.
PN1031 .N437 1993 Writers on writing.
PN1042 .A93 1900z Something about poetry.
PN1042 .N43 1992 A weaving of spells.
PN1042 .S56 1970z The language of poetry.
PN1042 .S68 1985 The sounds of poetry.
PN1271 .W35 1971 Modern poetry.
PN1721 .B76 1970z Language and action.
PN1928.C5 H68 侯寶林相聲選.
PN1928.C5 M32 馬季相聲精選.
PN1928.C5 M56 名家相聲大全.
PN1990.6.G7 A15 1997 75 years of the BBC.
PN1991.65 .T54 1988 Theatre of the imagination.
PN1991.77.A1 B475 1999 The best of BBC comedy. The fifties.
PN1991.77.A1 B476 1999 The best of BBC comedy. The sixties.
PN1991.77.A1 B477 1999 The best of BBC comedy. The seventies.
PN1991.77.A1 B478 1999 The best of BBC comedy. The eighties.
PN1991.77.A1 B479 1999 The best of BBC comedy. The nineties.
PN1991.77.A1 B87 1995 Burton at the BBC.
PN1991.77 .A4 1988 The Al Read show.
PN1991.77 .C37 1990 The Clitheroe kid.
PN1991.77 .C45 1988 Children's hour.
PN1991.77.C45 A5 1997 張信剛隨想曲 : 1997-1998.
PN1991.77 .I47 1989/v.1 I'm sorry I'll read that again. [Vol.1].
PN1991.77 .I47 1992/v.2 I'm sorry I'll read that again. Vol.2.
PN1991.77 .M47 1992 Beyond our Ken.
PN1991.77 .P47 1991 Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel.
PN1991.77 .T56 1990 Kind hearts and coronets.
PN1991.77 .T663 1992 Julian and Sandy.
PN1991.77 .T665 1988/v.1 Round the Horne. [Vol.1].
PN1991.77 .T665 1989/v.2 Round the Horne. Vol.2.
PN1991.77 .T665 1989/v.3 Round the Horne. Vol.3.
PN1991.77 .T665 1991/v.4 Round the Horne. Vol.4.
PN1991.77 .T665 1992/v.5 Round the Horne. Vol.5.
PN1991.77 .W58 1992 With great pleasure.
PN1991.77 .W66 1990/v.1 Woman's hour short stories. [Vol.1].
PN1991.77 .W66 1990/v.2 Woman's hour short stories. Vol.2.
PN1991.77 .W96 1989/v.1 The Navy lark. [Vol.1].
PN1991.77 .W96 1990/v.2 The Navy lark. Vol.2.
PN1991.77 .W96 1991/v.3 The Navy lark. Vol.3.
PN1991.77 .W96 1992/v.4 The Navy lark. Vol.4.
PN1992.77 .F37 1988b/v.1 Fawlty Towers, [Vol. 1].
PN1992.77 .F37 1988b/v.2 Fawlty Towers, Vol. 2.
PN1992.77 .N68 1989 Not the nine o'clock news.
PN2287.H45 A3 1994 Me : stories of my life.
PN2598.G674 A34 1989 Joyce Grenfell requests the pleasure.
PN2598.G8 A3 1996 My name escapes me.
PN2598.G8 A3 1998 Blessings in disguise.
PN2598.L565 A3 1990 How was it for you?
PN2598.P5 J66 1991 J. Kingston Platt.
PN2598.W56 A3 1988 Just Williams.
PN3355 .H65 1970z Prose appreciation.
PN3355 .W45 1970z Writing in fiction.
PN4075 .T56 1992 The Secrets of the great communicators.
PN4088 .P37 1988 Confident public speaking.
PN4121 .E54 1992 Giving presentations.
PN4121 .M35 Making effective presentations.
PN4121 .P79 2000 Public speaking : the basics and beyond.
PN4121 .W387 1986 Talk your way to success.
PN4121 .W43 1985 Giving a talk.
PN4145 .S55 1981 詩文選讀.
PN4162 .Y57 Your voice : and how to use it successfully.
PN4775 .T46 1988 Hear all about it!.
PN6071.E9 M35 1963 Existentialist writing.
PN6071.F15 B43 1997 Beauty and the beast, and other fairy stories.
PN6071.F15 J34 1997 Jack and the beanstalk, and other fairy stories.
PN6110.W28 S73 1970z First World War poets.
PN6120.T4 P4 1990/v.1 Dad's army. [Vol.1].
PN6120.T4 P4 1990/v.2 Dad's army. Vol.2.
PN6175 .C53 1997 The log : a Dwarfer's guide to everything.
PN6175 .E58 1997 Ben Elton live 1997.
PN6175 .M38 1997 Bottom live 3 : Hooligan's Island.
PN6175 .W66 1997 Victoria Wood live 1997.