Audio Cassette List:

Class K Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
K2400 .C534 1988 Principles of arbitration.
KD810 .P764 1994 The Property Misdescriptions Act 1991.
KD899 .R47 1993 Residential leasehold reform 1993.
KD905 .B87 1988 Business leases : the essential background law.
KD1185 .C66 1994 Compulsory purchase and compensation.
KD1600 .P76 Professional liability and indemnity.
KD1629 .C67 1995 Compulsory competitive tendering : preparing for competition.
KD1629 .S52 商業法例.
KD1660.Z9 A93 1986 Auctioneering of chattels.
KD1978 .P764 1993 Professional negligence : how to avoid it.
KD2517.E7 E87 1992 Estate agents act : orders and regulations.
KD3110 .I58 1988 Introduction to the law of unfair dismissal and its remedies.
KD3172.C6 C46 1996 CDM in practice.
KD3172.C6 H43 1995 Health and safety in property.
KD5534 .R38 1992 Rating in the 1990's.
KD5534 .R385 1995 Rating : the 1995 revaluation.
KD7483 .P37 1990z Successful advocacy.
KD7499 .C58 1988 Civil evidence in practice.
KD7521 .E97 1986 The Expert witness.
KD7521 .E97 1994 The expert witness.
KD7578 .I55 1988 An introduction to injunctions.
KD7645 .P73 1989 Preparing a case for arbitration.
KD7645 .Q84 1992 A question of arbitration.
KF275 .L57 Listening and memory skills for judges and lawyers.
KF275 .W56 Winning before trial : effective pretrial practice.
KF297 .D64 1992 Does the corporate client really want an SOB litigator?
KF297 .E45 1992 Eliminating gender bias in the legal profession.
KF300 .F59 1993 Flying solo without crashing.
KF306 .E84 1992 Ethical considerations in estate and trust administration.
KF306 .E843 1992 Ethical considerations and related legal concerns for securities lawyers.
KF306 .H39 1992 Hazards and danger zones : a guided tour through the rules of professional conduct.
KF313 .W38 1992 What you can do to prevent a potential malpractice claim or judgment .
KF889.5 .D45 1994 CPA examination review : business law & professional responsibilities.
KF889.5 .D45 1996 Wiley CPA examination review : business law & professional responsibilities.
KF1544 .L64 1992 Conflicts of interest in large chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.
KF1657.Z95 S53 The Sherman Antitrust Act.
KF3771.A7 A74 1995 Arguments on abortion : live recordings and transcripts of Supreme Court oral arguments on reproductive rights.
KF6450 .C87 1999 Current issues in tax law.
KF8700 .C68 1990 Courts in a democratic society.
KF8915 .K49 The keys to effective trial advocacy.
KF8935 .E93 Excellence in advocacy.
KF8935 .E94 Evidence for advocates : the law you need to know to prove your case.
KF8935 .M37 Mastering the craft of trial advocacy.
KF9084 .N43 Negotiation and settlement in the 90's : proven strategies for lawyers.
KJE947 .E33 1989 EEC Law : the basic principles.
KNR171.A3199 A6 2001 香港基本法辭典 : 條文普通話朗讀.