Library Staff Directory

Name Post E-mail Tel. No.
University Librarian Office
Prof. HO Samuel M.Y. Acting University Librarian Email address 3442-6200
Ms. Carina LEUNG Executive Officer II Email address 3442-5590
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Ms. Carina Leung
I assist in major and minor building projects, building maintenance matters as well as service promotion of the Library. We strive to create a better environment for learning, teaching and research. I look forward to seeing you in the Library.

Ms. Ada WONG Library Assistant II Email address 3442-6716
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Ms. Ada WONG
As an assistant to the University Librarian, I provide secretarial support to the Librarian and assist in the general office administration.

Library Administration Office
Ms. Sheena SHUM Supervisory Executive Officer Email address 3442-6031
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Ms. Sheena SHUM
The Library Administration Office is to provide support on human resources, staff development, financial and central administrative matters. Please feel free to contact me or my colleagues for assistance you may require.

Access Services
Vacant Head    
Ms. Milly LAU Assistant Librarian II Email address 3442-6994
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Ms. Milly LAU
I support library services provided by Access Services. I am also responsible for managing the special collection and the CityU Artwork Collection. Please feel free to drop by or send me an email for any assistance that I may offer.

Instruction and Reference Services
Dr. Teresa TO Head Email address 3442-6206
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Dr. Teresa To
As the Head of the Instruction and Reference Services, my key role is to provide strategic leadership in the delivery of services to enhance learning support and information literacy as well as promote use of library resources.

Ms. Xin LI Assistant Librarian I Email address 3442-6725
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Ms. Xin LI
I joined CityU Library in 2013 and my main responsible areas include library instruction and reference services. I strive to provide quality service to support the teaching, learning, and research of the University. In addition, I represent the Library on the GEPC as a member in attendance.

Ms. Bernice CHAN Assistant Librarian II Email address 3442-6405
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Ms. Bernice CHAN
As an instruction and reference services librarian, I work with faculty, researchers, staff, students and other Library users to meet their information needs. Please feel free to contact me for assistance on using the Library resources.

Ms. Anna RYAN Assistant Librarian II Email address 3442-6706
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Ms. Anna RYAN
I work as a librarian in Instruction and Reference Services. Feel free to contact me if you have inquiries about finding information in the Library's resources or on the web to help support your research, teaching and learning. I also work with online guides and tutorials to ensure that information is easily accessible and available.

Ms. Helen LEE Executive Officer II Email address 3442-5418
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Ms. Helen LEE
As the Executive Officer, I am responsible for the logistics planning and implementation of Library activities and events, and in support of general administration of the Library.

Law Collection and Services
Ms. Lai Chu LAU Head Email address 3442-8399
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Ms. Lai Chu LAU
I am here to support the teaching and learning needs of the CityU community. Together with my colleagues, I work closely with faculty members to improve related library collections, library services and user education.

Collection Development and Management
Ms. Joanna PONG Head Email address 3442-6083
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Ms. Joanna PONG
As the Head of Collection Development and Management, I am responsible for the planning and development of the Library collections to fit the needs of academic departments and programmes. I oversee the acquisition of library materials, the bibliographic data services and the electronic resources management of the Library.

Mr. Edward SO Electronic Resources Librarian Email address 3442-6524
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Mr. Edward SO
I am responsible for the acquisitions and management of the Library electronic resources and work closely with colleagues in Collection Development and Management to enhance the library collection for teaching, learning and research.

Ms. Celine CHEUNG Collection & Bibliographic Services Librarian Email address 3442-6084
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Ms. Celine CHEUNG
I am responsible for the management of the bibliographic data services of library collections, including physical materials and online resources, to provide support for retrieving library materials for users' teaching, learning, and research needs.

Ms. Flora NG Executive Officer II Email address 3442-6404
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Ms. Flora NG
I am responsible for managing the Library statistics to support library management. I also assist in collection development and management activities.

Research Support and Scholarly Communication
Ms. Alice TAI Head Email address 3442-6951
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Ms. Alice TAI
As the Head of the Research Support and Scholarly Communication Division, I am responsible for the planning, development and provision of a suite of services to support individual faculty members and the University administrators on their different research needs. Our service scope and projects include CityU Scholars portal development and content management, author identity management, research impact measurement, open access and so on.

Ms. Nicole NG Assistant Librarian II Email address 3442-2324
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Ms. Nicole NG
I take care of research support and scholarly communication services, including author identity management, research impact measurement, open access, and research output content management (CityU Scholars). I and my colleagues strive to help increase research visibility and impact of our faculty and researchers through our outreach program, benchmarking reports, consultation sessions and training workshops.

Mr. Carter CHEUNG Executive Officer II Email address 3442-2321
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Mr. Carter CHEUNG
I am responsible for providing support to the CityU Scholars Project by helping faculty members establish their researcher profiles, validate and enhance their research output metadata to ensure accuracy for showcasing and reporting purposes. I also assist in the provision of various research support and scholarly communication services related to open access, citation analysis and author identity management.

Ms. Vivienne TSING Executive Officer II Email address 3442-2486
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Ms. Vivienne TSING
I am responsible for providing support in author identity management by handling users' enquiries, monitoring researchers' profiles and IDs, updating user guides and service webpages, organizing outreach support to faculty members in the use of CityU Scholars and facilitating their participation in ORCID Exercise. I also assist in other areas of research support and scholarly communication services such as research output content management and research impact measurement.

Systems Support
Vacant Head    
Mr. Henry IP Information Technology Officer II Email address 3442-6097
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Mr. Henry IP
I am responsible for the application programming support and configuration for various systems such as CityU Scholars, ORCID integration and Digital CityU Collection. I also support the electronic resources access control and provide technical support to library users.

Mr. Miles WONG Information Technology Officer II Email address 3442-5987
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Mr. Miles WONG
I am responsible for technical and programming support to the Research Management System, CityU Scholars and its Portal. I also support on the harvesting of research outputs to CityU Scholars.

Technical Services and Support
Vacant Head    
Mr. Ken HO Information Technology Officer I Email address 3442-5772
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Mr. Ken HO
As the IT officer of Technical Services and Support section, I am responsible for developing and maintaining the library systems and IT equipment. If you have any enquiries about facilities in CREATE! and VR services, please feel free to contact me.

Mr. Wilson TSUI Senior Technician Email address 3442-6525
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Mr. Wilson TSUI
As the senior technician of Technical Services and Support section, I am responsible for the technical support of Audio Visual facilities and the Library servers operations. I am also the Library Safety officer.

Special Advisor
Dr. Steve CHING Special Advisor Email address 3442-6030
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Dr. Steve CHING
Mindful of the importance of cultural heritage, I endeavor to collaborate with faculty from diverse fields and backgrounds to design and develop programs/projects that would engage students in cross-disciplinary, multicultural learning that requires combining research of archival materials and off-campus, on-site investigations.