About the speakers
Mr. Thomas Tsang
Ag. Assistant Director of Intellectual Property (Copyright) / Senior Solicitor (Copyright), Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR Government
Mr. Tsang graduated from the University of Hong Kong and was conferred the Bachelor of Laws and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws. Upon being admitted as a Solicitor of the High Court of HKSAR in 2000, he commenced his private practice by specializing in intellectual property law at one of the leading intellectual property law firms for the next 8 years during which he advised on a diversity of contentious and non-contentious matters involving trademarks, copyright, registered designs and domain names. Mr. Tsang joined the Intellectual Property Department in the 3rd quarter of 2008. His present duties mainly focus on provision of legal and policy advice on copyright issues, assisting to prepare draft drafting instructions on proposed legislation and subsidiary legislation on copyright, and conducting public education activities etc. Mr. Tsang has also delivered various presentations to civil servants and members of the public on copyright issues.
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Mr. Vincent Lai
Superintendent, Customs and Excise Department, HKSAR Government
Mr. Vincent Lai is the Group Head of Intellectual Property Investigation (Administration and Support) of the Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau. He joined the Customs and Excise Department in 1982 and since then, he has worked in various aspects of Customs enforcement and management, including airport control, land boundary control, and the implementation of an information technology project. Mr. Lai has also worked in various enforcement and investigation units in the Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau. In his present role, Mr. Lai is responsible for the supervision of the Recordation Office, the seizure identification arrangement, as well as border investigation and intelligence relating to intellectual property rights. He holds a MBA, a BS in Computing and Networking Degree, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management. He works closely with the stake-holders and maintains close partnership with the right holders to ensure their support and assistance in taking criminal sanctions against IPR infringement.
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