We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Professor Arthur Ellis, Provost of CityU, and various participating academic departments for their continuous support of the OAPS project. Our heartiest thanks also go to the OAPS coordinators and supervisors of the awarded students for their commitment in the assessment and nomination of excellent papers in 2014.


College of Business
Prof. Houmin YAN, Dean
Dr. Kevin CHIANG, MBA Programme Director  
Dr. John W.K. LEUNG, Executive MBA Programme Director


Department of Accountancy
Mr. David S.O. YIP


Department of Applied Social Studies
Prof. Tit-wing LO, Head
Dr. Chris King-chi CHAN
Dr. Christopher Hon-kwong CHENG
Dr. Jacky Chau-kiu CHEUNG
Dr. Alfred Siu-kay CHOI
Dr. Bonnie Wing-yin CHOW
Prof. Samuel Mun-yin HO
Dr.  Ben K.K. LI
Dr. Yetta Kwai-ling WONG
Dr. Nancy Xiaonan YU
Dr. Xiaodong YUE


Department of Asian and International Studies
Prof. Paul CAMMACK, Head
Dr. Yuk-wah CHAN
Dr. Stephan ORTMANN


Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics
Prof. Hon S. CHAN, Acting Head
Dr. Pedith Pui CHAN
Dr. Che-bun CHENG
Dr. Bit-chee KWOK
Dr. Richard Shing-yue SHEUNG
Dr. Jackie Xiu YAN


Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Prof. Kim-meow LIEW, Head
Dr. Ivan W.H. FUNG
Dr. Paul H.F. LAM
Dr. Mei-yung LEUNG
Dr. Daisy K.L.YEUNG


Department of Computer Science
Prof. Sam T. W. KWONG, Head
Dr. Antoni Bert CHAN
Dr. Ted C.Y. CHOW
Dr. Andy H.W. CHUN
Dr. Jianping WANG


Department of Economics and Finance
Prof. Yin-wong CHEUNG, Head
Dr. Zhen-min FANG
Dr. To-ming HO 
Dr. Lawrence KHOO
Dr. Isabel YAN 
Dr. Margaret Rui ZHU


Department of Electronic Engineering
Prof. Kim-fung MAN, Head
Prof. Chi-hou CHAN
Dr. Ricky W.H. LAU
Dr. Joshua E.Y. LEE


Department of English
Dr. Rodney JONES, Acting Head
Ms. Xi XU


Department of Information Systems
Prof. J. Leon ZHAO, Head
Dr. Yulin FANG
Mr. Frank LO


Department of Management
Prof. Brian Keane BOYD, Head
Dr. Andrew CHAN


Department of Media and Communication
Prof. Jan SERVAES, Head
Prof. Jonathan ZHU


Department of Physics and Materials Science
Prof. Xunli WANG, Head
Dr. Xian Feng CHEN
Dr. Zhengkui XU
Prof. Peter K.N. YU
Prof. W.J. ZHANG


Department of Public Policy
Prof. Ray FORREST, Head  
Prof. Linda Che-lan LI
Dr. Xiaoling ZHANG


School of Creative Media
Prof. Jeffrey SHAW, Dean
Dr. Charlotte FROST
Dr. Linda LAI
Dr. Miu-ling LAM
Mr. Takuro Lippit MIZUTA


School of Law
Prof. Feng LIN, Acting Dean
Dr. Surya DEVA
Ms. Anna LUI