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Shenzhen International Biotech Innovation Forum & Exhibition

Date:13-15 December 2012
Venue:Hall 6, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre

  • Organizers: Shenzhen Municipal People's Government et al.

CityU Participation:

Title Person in-charge
Futian-CityU Mangrove Research & Development Centre Prof Nora TAM (BCH)
Biotechnology & Health Centre (Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Biochip Technology for Drug Research) Prof Michael YANG (BCH)
Research Centre for Oceans and Human Health Prof Paul LAM (BCH)
Comprehensive Authenticity Verification System for the Quality Assurance of Edible Bird’s Nest Dr H Y CHEUNG (BCH)
A Rapid-identification Kit for Meat Ingredients for Enhancing Food Safety Prof S H Cheng (BCH)
Method and Apparatus for Delivery of Molecules to Cells Dr CHEN Xianfeng (AP)
A New Generation of Cell-based Assays Using Microfluidics Technology Dr Raymond LAM (MBE)
Development of Robust Microbial Culture that Transforms Food Waste to Biogas Dr Patrick LEE (SEE)
Food Waste Biorefinery Concept Dr Carol LIN (SEE)

Link: Shenzhen International Biotech Innovation Forum & Exhibition Website