Computer Courses for Staff in June 2017

The Computing Services Centre (CSC) is pleased to present herewith a list of computer training courses for the month of June.

Course Date Course Title Suggested Online Course
07 Jun 2017 Building Professional Charts with MS Excel 2016 (CSC550) Excel 2016: Charts in Depth
07 Jun 2017 Introduction to Windows 10 (CSC546) Windows 10 Essential Training
14 Jun 2017 Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Introduction (CSC436) Photoshop CS6 Essential Training
21 Jun 2017 Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Advanced (CSC437) Photoshop CS6 Essential Training
28 Jun 2017 Chinese Input Method - Chang Jie (CSC703) None
28 Jun 2017 Social Networks and Mobile Security (CSC513) Securing Your Mobile Device

Should you be interested, please register through AIMS.  For details of the application procedures and admission guidelines, please visit the CSC Web. Alternatively, you may access similar online courses anytime and anywhere by logging into your CityU account.