Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. Dong SUN Director, Interim Head of Department (BME)
Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Email address 3442-8405 YEUNG-Y6719
Prof. Gary FENG Associate Provost (APUE)
Chair Professor of Mechatronic Engineering (BME)
Email address 3442-5900 CYC-6222
Prof. Jie CHEN Chair Professor of Electronic Engineering (EE) Email address 3442-4280 YEUNG-G6502
Prof. Wen Jung LI Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering  (MNE) Email address 3442-9266 YEUNG-P6320
Prof. Daniel W. C. HO Chair Professor (MA) Email address 3442-8652 YEUNG-Y6532
Prof. Moshe ZUKERMAN  Chair Professor of Information Engineering (EE) Email address 3442-4243 YEUNG-G6357
Prof. Yuan-Ting ZHANG Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME) Email address 3442-9002 YEUNG-P6722
Prof. Chuang Yin DANG Acting Head and Professor (SEEM) Email address 3442-8429 YEUNG-P6613
Prof. Y. F. LI Professor (MNE) Email address 3442-8410 YEUNG-Y6610
Prof. Zuankai WANG Professor (MNE) Email address  3442-2170  YEUNG-P6418 
Dr. Cecil T. H. CHEN Associate Professor (BME) Email address 3442-4114 YEUNG-P6415
Dr. Lin DAI Associate Professor (EE) Email address 3442-7141 YEUNG-G6412
Dr. King W. C. LAI Associate Professor (BME) Email address 3442-9099 YEUNG-P6417
Dr. Raymond H. W. LAM Associate Head and Associate Professor (BME) Email address 3442-8577 YEUNG-P6414
Dr. Miu Ling LAM Associate Professor (SCM) Email address 3442 2844 CMC-M7103
Dr. Lu LIU Associate Professor (BME) Email address 3442-5426 YEUNG-Y6612
Dr. Peng SHI Associate Professor (BME) Email address 3442-9529 YEUNG-P6423
Dr. Chung TIN Associate Professor (BME) Email address 3442-5145 YEUNG-P6416
Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON Assistant Professor (BME) Email address 3442-9550 YEUNG-Y6615
Dr. Yajing SHEN Assistant Professor (BME) Email address 3442-2045 YEUNG-G6617
Dr. Lidai WANG Assistant Professor (BME) Email address 3442-6157 YEUNG-Y6619
Dr. B. L. LUK Senior Engineer (MNE) Email address 3442-8673 YEUNG-B6612
Ms. Miranda CHI Executive Officer II Email address 3442-2852 YEUNG-Y6700

Last update: 2 January 2019