Photography Services

We maintain a digital CityU Album where CityU departments can find recommended photos illustrating the best images for use in their publications.

How to get a copy of the image?

CityU staff members can login and download high-resolution photos that are suitable for printing from the CityU Album. Please carefully read the guidelines on the downloading page and provide all the necessary information in the online form.


  1. All photos collected in this Album are the property of the University.
  2. For viewing purposes, the images in the CityU Album are of reduced resolution. However, the actual resolution of the images can be used to produce hard copies up to around A3 size in photo-realistic quality.
  3. The images are categorised by theme, and the Album will be updated regularly.

3442 6371 (Sunny Wong)
3442 6810 (Elaine Leung)
3442 6370 (Anita Wong)