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The Communications & Public Relations Office (CPRO) is the multi-channel communications team of City University of Hong Kong. CPRO builds upon CityU's strengths to enhance the University's outreach and image-building efforts. A key objective of CPRO is to help the University meet new challenges by building trust and understanding among the University community and the public.

Publicity Advisory

CityU’s departments wishing to publicize their events or achievements, please contact


Tel: 3442 9317


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Our Mission

Promote the image of CityU and help it recruit high-quality students and staff.

  • Raise awareness of and promote the CityU brand (i.e. excellence in professional education and applied research) by publicizing the activities and achievements of students, staff, the University and alumni.
  • Strengthen relations with the media (and government and other external bodies) and make use of the media (and others) to publicize CityU news and achievements.
  • Help recruit quality students through raising awareness of, and cultivating loyalty to, CityU among secondary students.
  • Improve internal communication through the Bulletin, Linkage, Plasma TV-broadcast, the Web, forums and other channels.
  • Manage and utilize communication tools and advise management, faculties and departments on their publicity strategies to present the best of CityU to the public.
  • Foresee, prevent and manage issues and crises that may hurt the University's image.