Research projects granted (external)

In the capacity of Principal-investigator:

  1. Electrochemical Degradation of Organic Pollutions Using Diamond Nanostructures, Ger/HKJRS, HK/German Joint Research Scheme (G-CityU101/17), Jan 2018-.

  2. Development of a soft-templating method for the synthesis of nanoscale metal-organic framework (NMOF) nanocomposites and their application in combinatorial cancer therapy, General Research Fund (GRF CityU 11306717), Aug. 2017-.

  3. Group-VI element-doped carbon nanoparticles for phototherapeutic applications, GRF CityU 11338516, Jan 2017-.

  4. 碳納米顆粒在雙光子診療中的應用研究, 中國科學院國際合作局對外合作重點專案(1A1111KYSB20160085) No. GJHZ1723, Jan. 2017-.

  5. The Controllable Synthesis of Two-dimensional Transition Metal Oxyhydroxide Nanomaterials and Their Applications in Electrocatalytic Water Splitting (二維過渡金屬羥基氧化物納米材料的可控制備及其在電催化分解水中的應用研究), NSFC 51672230, China, Jan 2017-.

  6. 高濃度難降解有機廢水的光電催化處理技術研發, 深圳市技術創新計畫技術攻關專案 (Shenzhen Municipality Science and Technology Planning Project, No:JSGG20160301173854530), June 2016-.

  7. (Tier 2) Research on the Application of Silicon Nanowires-based Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries, Innovation and Technology Fund (GHP/015/14SZ), Feb. 2016-.

  8. (Tier 3) Synthesis of cubic boron nitride (cBN)/diamond composite coatings on Si3N4 tooling inserts and their applications in mechanical processing, Innovation and Technology Fund (ITS/312/14), Apr. 2015-.

  9. Synthesis and Characterization of Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride Films, Donation project by Diasqua International Limited, May 2015-.

  10. Study on the mechanism of high-efficiency thermionic emission based on diamond and cubic boron nitride films (基於金剛石與立方氮化硼薄膜的高效熱電子發射機理研究), NSFC 51372213, China, Jan. 2014-Dec. 2017.

  11. Study on the Growth and Adhesion Strength of cBN Films and BDD Electrodes, Contract Research, May 2012-.

  12. Doping and high-temperature semiconducting characteristics of epitaxial cubic boron nitride films, NSFC 61176007, China, Jan 2012-Dec. 2015.

  13. Study and Development of Hexagonal Boron Nitride-based Electronics, GRF CityU 104911, Jan 2012-Dec 2014.

  14. High-efficiency Photocatalyst Design Based on Up-converted Carbon Nanoparticles, GRF CityU 102010, Oct. 2010-Sept. 2013 (completed).

  15. Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Photovoltaic Devices, GRF CityU 101909, Jan. 2010-Dec. 2012 (completed).

  16. 3-D nanostructuring and surface modification of diamond and cubic boron nitride films, GRF CityU 123607, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2010 (completed).

  17. Cubic Boron Nitride/diamond composite structures for tooling applications, GRF CityU 123806, Jan. 2007-Dec. 2009 (completed).

  18. Synthesis of stress-free cubic boron nitride films via electron-bombardment-enhanced surface reactions, GRF CityU 122805, Jan. 2006- Dec. 2008 (completed).

  19. Heteroepitaxial cubic boron nitride applied to electronic devices, GRF CityU1130/04E, Aug. 2004-Jul. 2007 (completed).

  20. Nano-structuring of diamond films for field electron emission applications, GRF CityU 1131/04E, Dec. 2004-Nov. 2006 (completed).

  21. (Tier 3) Superhard coatings and processing technologies for advanced manufacturing devices, Innovation and Technology Fund (ITS/077/06), Sept. 2006- Aug. 2007 (completed).

  22. Surface modification of diamond and cubic boron nitride films for sensing applications, Crouch-CAS Funding Scheme for Joint Laboratories (CROU9500004), Jul. 2006-Jun. 2009 (completed).

  23. Ion beam nanostructuring of carbon-based materials, HK/German Joint Research Scheme (No G_HK005/05), Jan. 2006-Dec. 2007 (completed).

  24. 納米顆粒與多層膜結構高靈敏度表面等離子共振元件(High-sensitive surface plasmon resonance devices based on nanoparticles and multilayers), 863 project, PRC (No. 2009AA03Z318), May 2009- Dec. 2011.