Welcome to the 68th IUVSTA Workshop -- MSEAEA

Advances in the surface engineering approaches allow one to control the multifunctional characteristics of thin film systems applied to energy applications. The workshop will focus on those general approaches and strategies to achieve multiple tasks of surfaces and interfaces of thin film devices; particularly, the scientific discussions will aim at identifying appropriate solutions to enhance the device performance by controlling the microstructural and compositional characteristics of the inorganic and organic materials involved, and by optimizing their physical and chemical properties and their response to the specific working environment. The discussions will include the following topics:


      • Development of new synthesis and surface engineering methods based on a better understanding of the relationship between the microstructure, materials interfaces, and the device performance
      • In-situ control of properties, computer modeling and active feedback to achieve a desired set of functions,
      • Use of nanotechnology approaches that provide unique advantages such as enhanced surface-to-volume ratio, electronic, photonic, and plasmonic confinement.


The workshop will bring together internationally recognized experts in key aspects of the above problems, and will provide a stimulating discussion forum to design long-term strategies for the advancement of smart and multifunctional materials and devices with a potential to enhance efficiency in diverse energy applications.


Participation in the workshop will be by invitation only. If you have not received a direct invitation from the organisers, please email them so that your name might be considered. Please state your interest and experience in the workshop theme.


Contact and information requests:

Official Email: MSEAEA2012@cityu.edu.hk