The Urban Research Group at the ISA World Congress in Yokohama
Many of us have participated in the last ISA World Congress in Yokohama. Here is an overview of their contributions, with links to the presentations abstracts:

  • Bart Wissink co-organised a session on Actor-Network-Theory and Urban Studies with Dominique Boullier, from Sciences Po, France. He also presented his paper, . Click here to read the abstract.
  • Ngai Ming Yip presented, together with Hoai Anh Tran from Malmo University, Sweden, a paper titled Urban Transformation in a Transitional Economy: Is "Gentrification" an Analytically Useful Concept for Vietnam?. Click here to read the abstract.
  • Jun Wang's presentation focused on re-territorialization and social resistance in China, focusing on the case of Dafen village, Shenzen. Click here to read the abstract.
  • Miguel Martinez-Lopez presented on Protest Cycles and Squatting Practices: Socio-Spatial Structures or Activist Agency?. Click here to read the abstract.
  • Last but not least, Xiaoyi Sun presented two papers. Pro-Growth Coalitions and Homeowner Activism – a Comparative Study in Shanghai and Taipei (abstract here), and Lateral Networks of Homeowner Associations and Civil Society Building in Urban China (abstract here).

  • Photo by Marc Antomattei (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

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