Launching Urban Research Group Website: cityuoncities
We are located at the epicentre of one of the fastest urbanizing regions in the world. Indeed, the pace and scale of urban development in contemporary China is unparalleled. City University is also at the centre of one of the most iconic and quintessentially urban environments in the world. Even the university name is resonant of a close connection with urbanism and urbanization. Current external and internal grants within the urban research group focus on three main areas encompassing Mainland China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong:
  • The City and Public Policy (eg. urban governance and management; urban policy; governing diversity)
  • City Life and Urban Culture (eg. urban mobilities and migration; the social life of neighbourhoods; neighbourhood dynamics and social change
We see this website as a way to broadcast our research, and engage with researchers and urban experts from all over the world.

(Photo by RLPhongkong [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons)

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