SM4709 - Internship and Practicum

Offering Academic Unit
School of Creative Media
Credit Units
Course Duration
Minimum 1 Month - One Summer Semester
(4 weeks Full-time / 150 work hours Part-time)
Attendance at either SCM Pre-Internship Workshop or CLC Pre-Internship Workshop
(The pre-requisite could be waived for students attending the second internship course within their study period.)
Course Offering Term*:
Summer 2025

* The offering term is subject to change without prior notice
Course Aims

This course offers students an opportunity to acquire experience in a real media or art-related organization/company before they graduate, or to reach out, collaborate with and participate in local art exhibitions, educational programs and activist events. Students' participation in the outreach events should be reported and evaluated in the form of oral and visual presentation, as well as written notes from the hosting organization/company.

The placement of individual students will be negotiated between the student and the course leader. While some positions will be curated by the course leader, students are encouraged to use their own networking to suggest companies and organizations for their own placement, with the course leader's permission.

Types of opportunities & Job assignment (suggestions only, not exhausted):
(Job will need to be approved by internship coordinator before starting the internship.)

  1. Game designer/programmer: to assist in designing new computer game or introduce new elements to the existing game in the market. Development of game engine to help development of new game, characters, etc.
  2. Internet Application design/development: to design web site and its information architecture, develop networked database/system.
  3. Off-line entertainment application design/development/production: to design and develop both online and offline entertainment kiosk, e.g. phototaking console and other information display kiosks.
  4. Exhibition technical support/new media venue design: to provide technical support to new media usage in exhibition and design new media elements for the exhibition.
  5. Shows/Event live new media support: to provide technical support to live new media performance and design new media elements for the shows/events.
  6. Interactive environment/entertainment design: to assist interior designer and architect in designing and producing the interactive environment for a space with interior designer or architecture.
  7. Animation: Modeling Artists, Shading Artists, Lighting Artists, Animator, Character Designer, Special effect Artist, Storyboarding Artist, Simulation & Effect Artists
  8. Art Exhibition/Festivals: exhibition design, educational program coordinator, program assistant, curatorial assistant, editorial assistant, marketing and publicity
  9. Activist projects (social, cultural, political): that involves artistic/creative strategies and the use of art and cultural theories
  10. Cultural Management: participation in the daily operation of an art, cultural organizations and NGOs
  11. Educational program: designing, organizing and chairing art workshops of at least 16 hours to primary and secondary school or community services.
  12. Film video production: including commercial feature-length projects, documentary projects, government public announcements production, corporate videos, TVC, MV, in various capacities such as script assistant, continuity, production assistant, art direction, casting assistant, location sculpting, lighting, cinematography, editing and so on
  13. Photography: studio photography, field photography, digital effect and touch-up artists, lighting, documentation etc.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 100%
Detailed Course Information


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