GE2212 - Contemporary Business Communication

Offering Academic Unit
Department of Management
Credit Units
Course Duration
One Semester
GE Area
Area 2: Study of Societies, Social and Business Organizations
Course Offering Term*:
Semester A 2021/22
Semester A 2022/23 (Tentative)

* The offering term is subject to change without prior notice
Course Aims

The content of this course involves basic knowledge and skills about communication occurring within person, between two individuals, within group, between groups, within organization, between organizations, and between organization and media/public. This course will introduce theories and perspectives on communication that can guide communication practices in any organizations including both profit and non-profit firms.

This course will employ a case-based/scenario-based and experiential learning pedagogy. Students will engage in discussion of real business cases to develop critical thinking. Students will engage in dynamic discussion, simulation exercises, and working in a team setting with others who are from different academic intellectual background. The teamwork setting will resemble real life collaboration models, which provides first-hand experience for working with diverse groups. In addition, through role play and debates on important issues, students will practice professional communication skills and also be encouraged to come up with creative communication tools or skills to handle real life problems.

This course aims to provide fundamental knowledge and skills in business and interpersonal communication in any forms of organizations, such as business, government, and non-profit making ones. This course will explore the field of ideas relating to human modes of communication and personal relationships in the shaping of our business environment.This course will focus on understanding and practices of (1) frameworks and theories of interpersonal communication and social interaction in business context, (2) overarching structures such as culture, mass media and gender, and their roles in shaping interpersonal interactions in both internal and external communication, and (3) contemporary digital modes and cross-cultural communication in global business environment. This course is suitable for undergraduates from all disciplines.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 65%
Examination: 35%
Examination Duration: 2 hours
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