EN3583 - Facebook and Autobiography. How we narrate ourselves on social network sites.

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The shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 has provided new tools of self-expression which are significantly different from traditional forms of self-presentation and autobiographical writing. Explicit, linguistic forms of self-expression are increasingly replaced by automated recordings of personal data. The resulting post-human autobiography is an assemblage of deliberate utterances and automated records. Thus identity is constructed as a datafied mirror of a person’s actions rather than as a result of self-reflection. The course discusses this issue by exploring traditional and contemporary theory and practice of narration in identity construction and aims at providing students with a critical understanding of how new media operate and the ability to express themselves and generate an online-identity in the most effective and meaningful way. Subjects discussed in the course’s sessions are: self-narration on Facebook, identity and the postmodern subject, the role of narration in identity construction, episodic and narrative concept of identity, photography as indexical concept of memory, numerical narratives via database, the Internet as archive, perfect memory and the right to forget, self tracking and the quantified self.

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