EN3579 - World Literature in English

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Department of English
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Course Duration
One Semester
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Not offering in current academic year

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Course Aims

This course aims to introduce students to notable works of world literature in English. Using an interdisciplinary frame that blends history, political studies, and sociology, it will provide an overview of writers and texts (fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction), allowing students to discover the ways literary production simultaneously embodies and creates culture. The course will invite students to reflect on the intersection of language and literature and to analyse texts from various critical perspectives including globalization, postcolonialism, and sociolinguistics. Furthermore, students will be asked to consider the influence of technology and social media on contemporary forms of literary expression and storytelling. As students learn how literature functions and evolves in changing global contexts, they will develop their ability to think critically and to analyse culture with both rigor and creativity.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 100%
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