Offering Academic Unit
Department of Mathematics
Exclusive Majors
(Students who study the following majors are not allowed to choose this minor)
Computing Mathematics
Note: The following curriculum information is subject to periodic review and changes.

Aims of Minor

This minor aims to provide students with adequate education and training in the understanding and application of mathematics and methods.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor (MINILOs)

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:
  1. understand and recognize the fundamentals of mathematics;
  2. apply mathematics to solve problems a range of problems in scientific, engineering and  financial applications; and
  3. gain a view of the current trends in the development of mathematics and evaluate its applications.

Minor Requirements (15-17 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2022/23

1. List A (0-11 credit units)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
MA2503Linear Algebra4
MA2508Multi-variable Calculus4
MA2509Discrete Mathematics3
MA2510Probability and Statistics3
MA3525Elementary Numerical Methods3

2. List B (6-15 credit units)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
MA3511Ordinary Differential Equations3
MA3512Partial Differential Equations3
MA3514Numerical Methods for Differential Equations3
MA3515Introduction to Optimization3
MA3516Introduction to Industrial Mathematics3
MA3517Complex Analysis3
MA3518Applied Statistics3
MA3520Applicable Analysis3
MA3521Introductory Mathematical Finance3
MA3523Introduction to Abstract Algebra3
MA4523Introduction to Finite Element Method3
MA4524Elementary Number Theory and Applications3
MA4525Combinatorial and Network Optimization3
MA4527Computational Geometry3
MA4528Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos3
MA4529Mathematical Finance3
MA4531Partial Differential Equations II3
MA4532Applied Functional Analysis3
MA4534Computer Graphics and Geometry3
MA4535Applied Probability3
MA4536Mathematical Methods of Operations Research3
MA4537Introduction to Actuarial Science3
MA4538Numerical Partial Differential Equations3
MA4539Mathematics for Cryptography3
MA4540Modelling and Case Studies3
MA4541Computational Linear Algebra3
MA4542Real Analysis3
MA4543Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting3
MA4544Introduction to Control Theory3
MA4545Applied Differential Geometry3
MA4546Introduction to Stochastic Processes3
MA4547Asymptotic Analysis3
MA4548Abstract Algebra II3
MA4549Sampling Survey Methods for Social and Market Research3
MA4550A Mathematical Introduction to Machine Learning for Data Sciences3
MA4551Introduction to Functional Analysis3
MA4552Introduction to Differential Manifolds3

Additional Information

      1.   A student is required to obtain an average GPA of 2.0 or above for the five MA courses from the lists A and B stated in Part II, and Grade C- or above in all List A courses for the award of Minor in Mathematics.
      2.   A student who intends to take the above minor should seek approval from his/her home department and the Department of Mathematics.

      3.   Students who wish to take a Minor in Mathematics should take note that they are required to fulfill the prerequisites of the required courses which include MA1200 and MA1201.  MA1006 is an exclusive course of these two prerequisites.  According to the Academic Regulations, students will be restricted from registration in a course when they have earned credit units for an exclusive course.  In this connection, students should not have taken MA1006 before they declare a Minor in Mathematics.