Global Business Systems Management
Global Business Systems Management
Degree / Award Title
Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business Systems Management
Offering Academic Unit
Department of Information Systems
Mode of Study

Aims of Major

  • Hong Kong is a global business centre that connects China with the rest of the world. According to
    the Hong Kong Stock Exchange report, the number of global technology companies listed in Hong
    Kong has overtaken the number of traditional companies since 2007. An increasing number of
    companies are using Hong Kong as a platform and a regional hub to support their global businesses
    development in China and the Asia-Pacific region. This has created a great demand for global
    technology business professionals trained in Hong Kong to manage such global technology ventures.
  • BBA Global Business Systems Management aims to prepare students to become smart technology
    business investors and global business managers with competent knowledge and skills of Internet
    technologies (e.g., social media, mobile apps, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud services), and
    global business (management, accounting, finance, marketing), with great careers of the future.
  • Our students are required to complete two semester-long exchanges outside of Hong Kong,
    including one university in Europe/North America/ Australia (e.g. University College London,
    Copenhagen Business School, Carnegie Mellon University), and another one in Asia/Greater
    China Region (e.g. National University of Singapore , Tsinghua University, Fudan University).
  • Various scholarships and financial aid packages are provided to qualified students to help them
    complete their overseas exchange studies and internships.
  • Our graduates are well equipped with soft skills of communication, problem-solving and big data
    analytics, they are in high demands with jobs like global business managers and technology business
    investors in global investment, and consulting firms.
  • GBSM is the only global business major in Hong Kong with focus on technology business like
    AAAF (Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook) and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent).

Intended Learning Outcomes of Major (MILOs)

  1. Demonstrate key knowledge and skills in business related disciplines.
  2. Communicate effectively in English and Chinese.
  3. Apply creative and critical thinking in solving business-related problems.
  4. Attain personal and team goals using individual and interpersonal skills.
  5. Demonstrate awareness of ethical and global issues in business.
  6. Demonstrate the attitude and ability to discover the best practices of global business for managing global technology ventures.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to understand Internet technologies and pursue success of Internet business companies.

Degree Requirements

Requirements Normative 4-year
Advanced Standing I1 Advanced Standing II2
Gateway Education requirement* 30 credit units 21 credit units --
College requirement* 42 credit units 42 credit units --
Major requirement

30 credit units

30 credit units --
Free electives / Minor (if applicable) 18 credit units Not required --
Minimum Graduation Requirement: 120 credit units 93 credit units --
Maximum Credit Units Permitted: 144 credit units 114 credit units --
Note 1: For students with recognised Advanced Level Examinations or equivalent qualifications.
Note 2:

For Associate Degree/Higher Diploma graduates admitted as senior-year intake students.

*For details, please refer to the Curriculum Information Record for Common Requirements.