SS6806 - Counselling Practicum

Offering Academic Unit
Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Credit Units
Course Duration
2 Semesters (Semester A & B mode) /
1 Semester (Semester B mode only)
For students of cohorts 2014 and before
SS5800 and SS5802 
For students of cohorts 2015 and thereafter
SS5800, SS5802 and SS5841 
Two-Semester mode: 18-credits
One-Semester mode: 24-credits
Course Offering Term*:
Semester A 2019/20, Semester B 2019/20

* The offering term is subject to change without prior notice
Course Aims

The aim of Counselling Practicum is to provide practice-based instruction of knowledge, attitudes, and skills required for effective participation in the counselling profession. It is the culminating activity in the training of professional counsellors with the opportunity to integrate and to apply counselling theories, skills, and practices in real settings under the group and individual supervision provided by the Department. It aims to build up students’ confidence in one’s ability and competence to function as a professional counsellor.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 100%
Detailed Course Information


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