LT5903 - Language and its Applications

Offering Academic Unit
Department of Linguistics and Translation
Credit Units
Course Duration
One Semester
Equivalent Course(s)
CTL5901 or LT5901
Course Offering Term*:
Semester A 2015/16

* The offering term is subject to change without prior notice
Course Aims

This course aims: (i) to establish in students an awareness of fundamentals of natural language such as compositionality, systematicity, creativity and recursivity; (ii) to illustrate manifestations of these defining features of human language in core areas including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics; (iii) to describe the relation between language, people, and society; (iv) to demonstrate the application of science of human language in various aspects of life; and (v) to promote the transfer of knowledge of language and findings of language studies into practice.

Upon completion of the course, students would be able to identify and analyse the human language in general, which is the essential defining characteristic of human beings. Students would also be able to discover, describe, and theorize how language bears on practical aspects of life such as language in use, language technology, and language pedagogy.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 60%
Examination: 40%
Examination Duration: 2 hours
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