LT5617 - Bilingual Reading and Writing for Translators

Offering Academic Unit
Department of Linguistics and Translation
Credit Units
Course Duration
One Semester
Course Offering Term*:
Semester B 2015/16

* The offering term is subject to change without prior notice
Course Aims

The course aims to illuminate students of the complex resemblances and interconnections between bilingual reading and writing. It prompts students to investigate the linguistic,cultural, and aesthetic contexts of the two language systems of English and Chinese through the mutually enhancing reading and writing activities. It expands their awareness of the contemporary literary and professional genres and develops the ability to analyse and evaluate functional variation in language use in these genres. And, the critical reading of some translated works will inform the students’ own writing and translating and improve their decisions about lexical choices, syntactic patterns, and rhetorical devices to master the element of writing craft in their translation activities.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Reading journals 30%
Group presentation 20%
Critical essay 30%
Translation assignment 20%
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