The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), at its 83rd meeting on 10 May 2013, approved two new Annual Programme Report templates for Associate/Undergraduate Degree and Taught Postgraduate/ Professional Doctorate programmes respectively, to take effect from the 2012/13 reporting exercise. The templates are designed for supporting the 5-Year Review of Academic Excellence (RoE5), and for better preparing the University Grants Committee (UGC) academic audit. Therefore, they aim at standardizing information collection with trend-based evidence. The main features of the templates are:

1. Items to be Reported

Apart from the current reporting requirements, namely admissions, student performance and support, internal and external feedback, learning resources, good practices and an action plan, "DEC Evidence" and "Global Engagement" are added to showcase efforts of the programmes in these areas. The latter being one of the UGC audit themes.

2. Submission Timeline

Programme Leaders are required to observe the College/School/Departmental timeline for the report submission date, which is likely to be December each year. The QAC will consider the Board of Undergraduate Studies and Board of Graduate Studies endorsed reports in the May meeting.

3. Online Annual Programme Report System (APReS)

Starting from the 2015/16 reporting exercise, the enhanced APReS will facilitate mainly report template download and report upload. Report submission will be made outside the system (e.g. via email).The majority of the required data are provided centrally by end-November each year* via APReS.

* Click here to download the data release schedule for 2020/21.

(last updated: Nov 2021)