Professor Matthew LEE Kwok-on
Project Leader
(Development and External Relations)
City University of Hong Kong
Welcome from Professor Matthew LEE Kwok-on
Dr David CHUNG Wai-keung
Under Secretary for
Innovation and Technology
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Message from Dr David CHUNG Wai-keung

One of the goals of the Innovation and Technology Bureau is to utilize innovation and technology to improve the life of citizens and tackle societal problems such as environmental conservation, the ageing population, and the challenges facing the elderly and people with disabilities. But facilitating the public’s understanding of these problems is a challenge.

However, I have been inspired by the recent efforts of highly creative students participating on the Jockey Club Enhancing Youth Empathy Project through Immersive Visualisation at City University of Hong Kong (CityU).

In particular, I have been very impressed by their innovative deployment of immersive visualisation technology to encourage young people to adopt a first-person perspective of the hardships experienced by the elderly and people with disabilities today.

Their impressive creations using cutting-edge technologies promote greater empathy in our city, and bring CityU and the Innovation and Technology Bureau into close alignment in terms of goals and aspirations.

I am humbled to witness the achievements of these CityU students bringing people together in the spirit of harmony, and I commend them for the excellence of this exhibition.

Executive Director
Charities and Community
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Message from Mr Leong CHEUNG

Using technology to enhance empathy and create innovative solutions

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust is delighted to have supported the City University of Hong Kong’s “Jockey Club Enhancing Youth Empathy Project through Immersive Visualisation” over the past three years.

The project has enabled young participants to better understand and experience different perspectives through virtual reality technology. In collaboration with non- profit organisations they have also developed innovative solutions to address social issues.

The three programmes under the project – COSI (Companions of Social Inclusion), TEDY (Technologies for the Elderly and Disabled People by Youths), and WOW (Walking with Omura’s Whale Programme) – have successfully increased awareness of the needs of ethnic minorities, the elderly and disabled, as well as of nature.

Most encouragingly, the project has resulted in the creation of award-winning rehabilitative and assistive devices, empowered ethnic minority students with strengthened coping skills, and promoted environmental sustainability.

These outcomes are very much in alignment with the Club’s desire to channel youth creativity and compassion towards innovation and social progress. My deep gratitude to all participants for their keen interest and dedicated effort in creating a more inclusive and ecologically friendly Hong Kong.