The Project

Jockey Club Enhancing Youth Empathy Project through Immersive Visualisation enables young people to develop compassion for

1) ethnic minority groups,
2) the elderly and disabled, and
3) nature and the environment.

The project, which commenced in 2017, is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and led by City University of Hong Kong. It comprises three related programmes that utilise the University's strengths in immersive visualization technology for social innovation. Young people will be encouraged to develop their skills for social innovation through "perspective-taking" and "role-taking", and create innovative solutions that meet the challenges and problems that different groups face. Through the programmes, young people will improve their social empathy.

The project comprises three programmes, namely COSI (Companions of Social Inclusion), TEDY (Technologies for the Elderly and Disabled people by Youths) and WOW (Walking with Omura’s Whale Programme).

Project team
Project Leader
Professor Matthew LEE Kwok-On
(Development and External Relations)
City University of Hong Kong
COSI Team Programme Coordinator
Professor Horace IP Ho-shing, MH
(Student Affairs)
Director, AIMtech Centre
Chair Professor, Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong
TEDY Team Programme Coordinator
Dr LAM Miu-ling
Associate Professor
School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong
WOW Team Programme Coordinator
Professor Sophie ST-HILAIRE
Acting Head and Professor
Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health
City University of Hong Kong