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Frontier Research and Breakthrough
Issue 2 - 2018

CityU seizes data science initiative

Launch of the School of Data Science and the Hong Kong Institute for Data Science at CityU

Elasticity of nano diamond revealed for the first time

CityU-led research team discovers ultralarge and fully reversible elastic deformation of nanoscale diamond

New strategy to harness red blood cell vesicles for gene therapies against cancer

Large-scale amounts of extracellular vesicles can be purified at low cost

Discovery of spin-redirection phase of sound wave

New insight for sound wave application in communications

A new capacitive coating prevents post-surgery bacterial infection

Potential application in orthopedic and dental implants

NANO 2018 explores wonders of science and technology

About 600 international scholars and researchers from 35 countries/regions and 300 research organisations exchange on latest nanoscience and nanotechnology development

MOU forges closer links between CityU and Karolinska Institutet

A move to further enhance CityU’s capacity to address “One Health” challenge

Novel bioprocess for recycling textile waste wins Gold Medal in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

Recycling mixed textile waste into value-added products, such as synthetic fibre and bioplastics

HKSTP delegation tours CityU labs

A deeper understanding of CityU’s work in science and technology research

Chengdu collaboration boosts creative media and digital technology

Opening of A+i, a public space for applied research, training and incubation for related industries

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