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The Examples Tools (E.T) Gallery

Example Tools Gallery

Life is a journey and your time with us at CityU is an important tour on that journey which will help you grow and develop from a student into a professional.

Let me be your tour guide, I will take you to different shores and you will have a memorable City University experience.

The Examples Tool (E.T) Gallery is similar to a travel journal, a blank book or (in this case a travel blog) carried by a traveler for the purpose of documenting a journey. The journal may also include notes written by those you meet, clippings, photos, videos or tickets. Your journey starts the first day of Semester A at City University and our signposts help you to select your destination.

  • You can navigate through the various faculties in our university and discover what OBTL is and how it can motivate you to transform from a student into a professional. Along the way, you will encounter simple examples of Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO's), Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA's) and Assessment Tasks (AT's) that are constructively aligned.
  • You will also be able to travel off the beaten tracks and go directly to LASSI to see some concrete examples on how to improve your learning.
  • You may finally choose to do a stop-over in the Action verbs or Goals sections of our travelogue.

The journey starts here...