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Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA's)

Teaching and Learning Activities

Teaching and Learning ActivityA Teaching and Learning Activity (TLA) is designed by our professors/tutors to help us achieve the Learning Outcomes of the course/tutorial/lecture/project etc.




If the ILO is to create/design a professional bilingual online CV using Dreamweaver

[Action verb: Do simple procedures], the TLA's you teacher could ask you to do would be to

  • Create a bilingual CV and get familiarized with the basic features/functions of Dreamweaver. [demonstration]
  • The second TLA would be to [work in groups], check and do an [independent web-search] and compare various professional CVs, to identify trends, useful vocabulary or redundancies.
  • The third TLA [practical exercise] would be to follow the procedures you have learned to use Dreamweaver and create your professional CV rubrics.