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Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning? What's that?

Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning

ProfessionalAs a CityU student, you should be aware that City University of Hong Kong was one of the first universities in HK to embark on a proactive plan to implement OBTL in all its academic programmes.

What does it mean exactly? It means that everything your tutor/teacher/professor asks you to do has an outcome (Intended Learning Outcome/ILO). You don't do Learning Activities without a learning outcome attached to it.

And why is it better? Because now you know what you are expected to be able to do at the end of the class / tutorial / lecture / project / programme and it gives you clear directions to improve your learning and of course achieve a super high GPA, leading to great studies and career prospects!

Our main key word here is TRANSFORMATION: from student to professional

We all know that, as CityU students, our lives will be very busy with assignments/projects/field trips, particularly during semester time.  We provide you a quick and easy to use e-learning tool called the Examples Tool (E.T) which supplies clear examples of some possible constructively aligned components that you will encounter during your studies at City University.