TDGs/TSGs - Approval Panel

TDGs/TSGs - Approval Panel

The latest Teaching Development Grants (TDGs)/Teaching Start-up Grants (TSGs) Approval Panel was established in Sep 2010. The members were nominated by the Dean of Colleges and Schools. The Panel contributes to advise TED on the policy for distribution of the TDGs/TSGs supporting development of innovative learning and teaching initiatives. The Panel also takes responsibility to review all of the TDGs/TSGs applications/final reports to ensure a rigorous and systematic approach to the quality assurance process.



Prof. Kenneth Kam Wing LO

Associate Director, TED



Senior Teaching Fellow, SLW

Dr Andrew CHAN

Associate Professor, MGT

Prof Shuk Han CHENG Chair Professor, BMS

Mr Derwin Scott HESSELS

Associate Professor, SCM

Dr Chunhua LIU

Associate Professor, SEE

Dr Hongyi SUN Associate Professor, ADSE
Dr Matthias TAN Associate Professor, SDSC
Dr Xiaolin WANG Associate Professor, AIS
Dr Xin Sunny WANG

Associate Professor, PHY

In Attendance

Dr Patrio CHIU

Senior Education Development Officer, TED


Mr Raymond CHAN

Executive Officer, TED