ERG - Education Research Grant


Education Research Grant


The Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE) has launched a new UGC funded - Education Research Grant (ERG) in 2011. The ERG is targeted to strengthen the teaching-research nexus, and to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. UGC's recommendations in the TDGs report for the 2005-09 triennium was that the new Grant should integrate and complement inter-institutional collaboration of large scale projects that address institutional strategic goals for greater impact on institutions' teaching and learning development. The projects should be able to provide comprehensive evaluation data as well as systematic deliverables that will enhance the teaching and learning for better provision of quality education to students.

All regular full-time academic and teaching staff are eligible to apply. Matching funds provided by the Colleges / Schools / Departments may improve probability of success.

Proposals will be reviewed by the external committee and EDGE will inform applicants of the outcome of their application within 3 months after the application deadline.