Peer Review of Teaching: Policy and Practicalities

Prof Marcia DEVLIN

Professor Marcia DEVLIN

Professor Marcia DEVLIN

Professor Marcia DEVLIN is the inaugural Chair in Higher Education Research at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. Professor Devlin's research interests and expertise span higher education policy, standards, leadership, interdisciplinarity, equity, teaching and student engagement and learning. She is an active researcher, currently leading a national Australian Learning and Teaching Council-funded national research project; contributing to a second national ALTC study; and is also Chief Investigator on a three-year Australian Research Council grant. Professor Devlin is frequently invited to deliver national and international keynote addresses, workshops and seminars to provide advice on a range of topics related to policy, practice, quality, and higher education broadly. The author and co-author of more than 180 publications including books, chapters, reports and refereed journal articles, Professor Devlin also writes regularly on higher education issues for newspapers including The Australian, Campus Review and University World News. She has a weekly column in the higher education section of The Age newspaper.


Peer review of research is well accepted at research-led universities yet peer review of teaching can be a contentious undertaking. Why is this so? What role do the objectives, purpose and criteria of review play? Does it matter who conducts the review? Are the processes of review important? What happens to the outcomes of the review? This session draws on some of the lessons of peer review of research and addresses some of the policy and practical issues related to peer review of teaching. A range of approaches to peer review of teaching that may be applicable in various circumstances and contexts are considered.