6 Months to Fluency - Fundamental Change in How Languages are Learned!

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Mr Chris Lonsdale | Linguist / Entrepreneur

Mr Chris LonsdaleMr Chris Lonsdale is founder and Chairman of Third Ear Publishing, the creator of the world’s first completely integrated mobile learning solution for second language acquisition. This solution - Kungfu English – is currently sold as an iPhone App, and was ranked the #4 Top Grossing iPhone App, and #1 Grossing Educational App in China in 2010 .

Kungfu English is based entirely on findings from research in modern psycho-linguistics and proven approaches from Chris’ book "The Third Ear – You Can Learn Any Language". Chris personally applied these approaches to achieve near native-level competence in Mandarin and Cantonese as an adult.

Chris is also special business and leadership advisor to CEO’s and top management for numerous MNC’s including Coca-Cola China; JP Morgan; Hayco; YUM! Brands; AIA; Merrill-Lynch; Warner Brothers; the Hong Kong Jockey Club; PPG; the Hong Kong Trade Development Council; The Hong Kong Tourism Board and Standard Chartered Bank. 

Based out of Hong Kong, and operating in the Asia Pacific and Mainland China, Chris’ practice is focused on catalysing breakthrough performance for leaders and senior teams. He has worked on more than 20 projects that have led to breakthrough results for his clients, including Coca-Cola’s Olympics Project for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Chris is a thought leader around human learning and change. He has pioneered a number of innovations, such as integrating experiential learning with processes for corporate strategy and organizational change.

A focus for much of Chris’ work is the identification of the critical skills and thinking that underpin extraordinary performance.  This knowledge is then used to help individuals and teams responsible for breakthrough performance first achieve, and then exceed, their goals.  This work has led Chris to explore many of the critical elements of salesmanship, communication, leadership, business strategy, financial management and organizational design that underpin success in the modern economy.


The general belief in society is that a second language is very difficult for an adult to learn, and that years are necessary to achieve any significant progress. But, what if this is a myth? What if this belief is unsupported either by real-life experience, or modern brain science?

It takes only six months for a normal adult to master a completely new language, essentially from zero. Of course, this outcome requires a fundamental change in the approach we take, and the tools we use.

This presentation looks at the fundamental change in thinking required to make multi-lingual fluency in adulthood the norm.