Helping Students to Better Manage their own Learning

Administering the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

To help students become good learners and be successful in their University education, it is pertinent that we, the teachers, and the students themselves, understand how they learn and assess the strengths and weaknesses in their learning strategies. Then we can provide resources and academic support to help our students to better manage their own learning.

By administering the LASSI assessment to all our freshmen, we will have a better picture of their strengths and weaknesses in learning. Empirical evidence has shown that resources and academic support provided in the freshman year can be critical in helping students to transform into motivated and proactive learners, enabling them to benefit more from tertiary education in their ensuing years as well as remaining active as life-long learners.

With the LASSI data is collected from undergraduate freshmen during the registration days. Aggregate student LASSI scores at college, school and department levels are made available to Dean of College/School and Head of academic units respectively through the Executive Information System administered by Office of the Provost. For credit-bearing courses, these undergraduate students’ LASSI scores would also be aggregate and made accessible to respective teachers through the Class List function in CityU’s Blackboard system. The information is hopefully expected to enrich the student profile and helps inform respective units and parties to consider relevant and appropriate remedial and instructional decisions and actions to address students’ learning needs.

All academic units and individual teachers are all welcome to contact us at to discuss the use of student LASSI scores.